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  • Violia

    In the mid 90's at a DC I heard this from the platform . They were laughing and saying "we hear there is a rumor going round it's OK to celebrate your bd..." ( word to that affect). the audience laughed and snickered. Jws aren't going to change this teaching b/c they just have to stick out like a sore thumb and be different. Most of what they believe is just based on being as different as possible from everyone else. so no you can't celebrate your bd but you can get creative and a lot of jws do and celebrate anyway.

  • bnybyt

    Sir82: " seem to recall posts stating that forum predicted radical changes to the DF procedure, elimination of COs, all kinds of sensational claptrap that never came close to being true."

    That forum is and yes some rumors are shared there. The fact that changes to the DF procedure and the eliminationof COs have been discussed in the higher eschelons of the WTS is well attested by some who have connections to these meetings and the information discussed there. Whether something is discussed or not doesn't mean it is definitely going to be implemented.

    One rumor that has been brought up at the Spanish forum is the new Bibles that are underway, for which design, the WT brought in a "worldly PR agency" to help out with sprucing up the literature and the image of the WT.


    They are leather covered in new colors, with not only gold but now... silver edging.

    These prototypes are only given out for a six month period and will be claimed back by HQ from the CO's and their wives who now showcase them in the congregations to those who are of the more privileged loyalist inner circle of good dubbies.

    If it shows up in the forum, it's because the forum owners have enough good reason to believe the source.

    BTW there are some things which the forum owners have heard which they've held back from making public knowledge right away for the sake of keeping the identity of the source private.

    Belive it or not, time will tell, and sooner or later most things come to light.

  • cattails

    They are leather covered in new colors, with not only gold but now... silver edging.

    Okay! I want one, light gray-blue leather with silver edging for my BIRTHDAY!!! :-)



    Moreover, witnesses all celebrate and attend baby showers, no? Is a baby shower not the celebration of the birth of a child?

    God does not forbid a party to celebrate the "birth day" of a child before it is born, while its exact equivalent celebrated annually after the child is born is offensive to Him!

    Every single ritual and tradition that comprise the baby shower becomes the sum total of what comprises a "birth day" party (even after said "baby" has accumulated a substantial number of such celebrations!): guests, presents, games, food, cake, assorted merry-making activities.

    Not only is it not scripture-based, but it is nonsensical and, frankly, an insult to the intelligence of any thinking JW to be expected to gullibly swallow that the ludicrous prohibition against birth day observances---before or after a person's birth date has arrived--- proceeds from God and not simply the hindquarters of WT Corporation Pharisees for the cynical purpose of brandishing of their power over intimidated little JWs whose fear and worship they demand.


    captive 7/1972-2/2001

  • straightshooter

    I can't see that the WTS will allow birthdays. The gb has intertwined this into too many of the jw teachings.

  • laverite

    I gotta see that to believe it.

  • DeeDubs

    There is coverage in the current Pioneer schools and book that a christian can observe a birthday privately sans the pagan traditions of blowing out candles on a cake or singing. But if they were to promote it they could be disfellowshipped for causing divisions or sects.. If someone has the pioneer school book that would be great.

  • clarity

    So let me get this straight .... celebrating wedding anniversaries is OK, because god invented it. Even tho there are many bad biblical examples of adultery and killing of people who are married and evidently have been, no doubt right in the middle of an anniversary party at the time!!!!!!!!

    But children's birthdays must not be celebrated even tho they are the culmination, the fulfillment, the fruit of the reason that god invented marriage and intercourse, in the first place!!!!!!!!


  • Rabbit

    AND...*if* the WT ever did say, "...birthdays are now a conscience matter..." any True Jehovah's Witness would see immediately that "Jehovah" thru his 'Earthly SpokesMEN' has just issued another -- Test. Another, Loyalty Test...a 'winnowing the wheat from the chaff'.

    To my horror, a close jw relative, said, "That's why she and others decided to go with the strictest "No blood products of any kind...", with all the changes on the blood policy -- it was a TEST from Jah."

    Just because the Watchtower said "...your Bible Trained Conscience 'could' did'nt say 'should'...".

    So-o-o...just how good of a JW are you ? Ya' wanna bet your life on it ? Always another Koolaid test.

    PS: These same JW's watched my JW mom slowly smother to death...she needed blood. How screwed up are their minds ???

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