Sept. 15th WT - Burdened with Earning a Living? Here! Have MORE Burdens !

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  • flipper

    AS if the other Sept. 15th WT thread I started weren't controlling enough - in another study article titled " Run ..... that you May Attain it " were you aware that just eating and wearing clothes on your body - might be a " stumbling block " to you ? Put your crash helmets on , and get your Pepto Bismol - you may need it for this article.

    In a prior article on pg. 12 , paragraph 6 the WT society sets up what they are trying to get across by stating, " People of the world tend to seek personal interests first as " men of this system of things, whose share is this life. " With no regard for their Creator, many devote themselves to making a comfortable living , raising a family, and leaving behind an inheritance . Their share is this life only. " Translation : Living this life is shallow and unacceptable if you make a comfortable living, raise a family, and leave behind an inheritance ! How dare you !

    In the previously mentioned " Run that you may Attain It " article it starts out by saying on pg. 21, paragraph 5 , " We need to make a living and to take care of ourselves and our family. That can occupy a LARGE PORTION of our TIME, ENERGY, and RESOURCES. Especially in economically challenging times, it is easy to become anxious about life's necessities. As dedicated Christians , we also have important THEOCRATIC responsibilities. ( Meetings, service, personal study, etc ) Surely, keeping the WEIGHT we have to carry to a minimum , as well as AVOIDING taking on ANY UNNECESSARY burden, is vital if we are to run the Christian race to the finish. " Translation : Your theocratic responsibilities are more important - if you have to shed the weight of your burdens and responsibilities - you need to devote less time to earning a living and less time to providing for your families in a material way - and spend MORE time in theocratic responsibilities.

    It continues, in paragraph 6 , " Jesus words about (never being anxious about clothes and food, or shelter ) ; imply that even SO-CALLED NORMAL things like FOOD and CLOTHING can become a BURDEN or a STUMBLING BLOCK if NOT kept in their proper place. " O.K. I have to comment here. How many of you wake up each day saying, " Gawd, I hate to eat ! I can't STAND food ! And these clothes I'm wearing ? I wish I could just ditch them and walk around naked !! This food and clothing is just dragging me down !! " I would venture to say that most of us enjoy our food & clothes ! And what's with the WT society's loaded language " SO-CALLED NORMAL things like food and clothing " ? Don't most people call having FOOD & CLOTHING normal ???? What the hell is THAT ? So is the WT society suggesting that viewing food & clothing as normal - is not appropriate ?? It's mind boggling to say the least.

    Then in order to FURTHER the guilt trip over indulging in food & clothes , paragraph 8 continues, " The FINISH LINE is just ahead. What a pity it would be if we allowed ourselves to be burdened down with unnecessary weights that could impede us when we are so close to the end ! " Translation : If you aren't starving & naked entering into the Paradise- then you are NOT worthy to inherit it !

    Then the WT society lowers the boom in paragraph 12. It states, " Over the years, the faithful and discreet slave class has been reminding us to be careful about WHAT we watch and LISTEN to, that is to say, what we set our hearts and minds on. We have been warned about the danger of getting entangled in the pursuit of money and possessions. We might be sidetracked by the glitter and glamour of the entertainment world or by the endless parade of new gadgets. It would be a serious mistake to feel that such counsel is OVERLY RESTRICTIVE or that it applies ONLY TO OTHERS, while we personally are somehow immune to the DANGERS. Subtle and deceptive are the entanglements that Satan's world puts in our way. CARELESSNESS, OVERCONFIDENCE, and DISTRACTIONS have been the UNDOING of some , and such things could affect our hope of attaining the PRIZE OF LIFE. Day in and day out , we are EXPOSED to people who promote the goals, values, and THINKING OF THE WORLD around us. " Translation : If you buy gadgets, entertainment, possessions, and pursue money you will be overeached by Satan who will lead you to your death ! Satan controls the THINKING of worldly people and if you get overconfident and get distracted you will NOT be approved to gain eternal life !

    How much fear mongering and scare tactics can one organization use ?? If I was a Jehovah's Witness right now - I'd be paranoid and fearful to earn a living, buy clothes, eat food, enjoy entertainment, buy electronic gadgets, actualy even to BREATHE - to be honest ! No wonder these 7 million JW's are looking exhausted, beaten down, and buying medication for depression ! It's because they ARE being beaten down- psychologically ! So what do you folks think about it ? As always I look forward to your takes, opinions, and observations. Peace out to all of you. Mr. Flipper

  • Dudu

    As i posted before ... i am doing good at work and starting my own business, my jw mom is paranoic about it, always looking down at my achievements, always saying i will become a selfish and proud person if i have financial success...

  • Adso

    Don't the wankers that write this stuff realize that it's through the hard work and sacrifice of the ones in the congregations that enable them to eat and be clothed stress free giving them the ability to sit back and indulge their delusions.

  • ziddina


    Flipper, I LOVE that article!! Can you think of a BETTER magazine to show to people when attempting to explain the cultic attitudes and behaviors of the Watchtower Society??

    Well, along with that "Awake!" covered with the photos of all the children who died because of the Watchtower Society's insane edicts against medical blood treatments!!! And maybe the July 2009 "Awake!" on "Is It Wrong To Change Your Religion?" - but the article you've quoted is much better!!

    Day-yamm, I would LOVE to have a copy of that mag!!


  • ziddina

    Oh, and that article, "Run ... So That You May Attain It", gives a great deal of insight into the Watchtower Society's tendency to discourage marriage and children...

  • still thinking
    still thinking
    " Jesus words about (never being anxious about clothes and food, or shelter )

    Why are the WTS trying to make people anxious about this then....Ass***es!

    Just another example of them taking something that is supposed to be helpful to help relieve the stress and anxiety in peoples lives and making it the reason for stress and anxiety.





    everything.....bad bad bad

    trust US....we are here to guide you....we know the truth....the truth will set you free!....or in their case...the THEIR TRUTH will imprison YOU.

  • rebel8

    Wow, there's a 1st time for everything--I actually disagree with something flipper said!

    How many of you wake up each day saying, " Gawd...these clothes I'm wearing ? I wish I could just ditch them and walk around naked !!

    Sometimes I do wake up thinking that. Particularly on August days when I'll be wearing bras and pantyhose.

  • ziddina

    Just for a second, I wish I was a guy so I could "wolf-whistle" at Rebel...

  • flipper

    Thanks for the comments !

    DUDU- That is good for you that you are becoming a financial success and starting your own business ! Good job ! I know the feeling regarding your mom not recognizing your accomplishment. My older JW dad an elder has never paid me one compliment all these years about being successful in business- though I've been self employed almost 30 years now ! Just be proud of yourself my friend ! Those who understand how much it takes to run a business will be proud of you.

    ADSO- Exactly. Very good point you make. The GB wankers don't appreciate the hard work of rank & file Witnesses that's enabled them to sit in leisure at Bethel with free medical and lodging. That's why they are such jerks. It doesn't cross their minds.

    ZIDDINA- This article really DOES show the cult like attitudes ! Very true. The magazines you mentioned also were very cultic. I think you can download a copy of this magazine on the JW website, whatever the site is called. LOL ! I never go there. A friend sends us this drivel in the mail for my use to make threads on . If you'd like I could copy some off for you and mail them to you ? Just PM me your address. And yes- WT society definitely discourages marriage and having children indeed.

    STILL THINKING- Good points. The WT society's version of " truth " DOES imprison people. And they scare people to death by claiming EVERYTHING is bad like you wrote ! It's insanity at it's worst.

    REBEL 8- LOL ! Well- I agree with you Rebel 8. I like walking around naked as well ! My wife likes it as well ! It might get a little uncomfortable trying to go to work naked and I might scare some of my customers away though ! For the sake of picking up more clients - i'm served a little better doing it clothed. LOL ! Bu with this heat- I definitely know what you mean. I wish we could ALL walk around naked . There's too much stigma in America about nakedness and people get too hung up about it. It's just natural ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • OnTheWayOut

    I actually wouldn't mind simple articles of "keeping your eye simple" as far as extravagences go. But WTS is so self-serving when it follows up with so much of their theocratic responsibilities.

    "With no regard for their Creator, many devote themselves to making a comfortable living , raising a family, and leaving behind an inheritance . Their share is this life only. "

    It's awful that they try to poison such a noble thing. Demonizing making your family comfortable now and into the future is wrong because it is really a wonderful thing. Most religions suggest it, then add that the members also remember their creator.

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