Sept. 15th WT - Burdened with Earning a Living? Here! Have MORE Burdens !

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    It's my experience that many of the pencil-necked bozos who write this stuff are pretty self-sparing when it comes to meeting attendance and field service. After all, Bethel service comes first, right?

  • punkofnice

    Thanks for this Flipper me ol' dolphin! It just shows what mind control Mrs & Daughter Punk are under. Such hateful pressure from the 7 headed beast in Crooklyn!

    Strewth. All the ‘weasel words’, ‘US vs: THEM’, guilt, fear and phobia inducing propagandist language used! It is so visible in this controlling tool!

    ‘’ It would be a serious mistake to feel that such counsel is OVERLY RESTRICTIVE or that it applies ONLY TO OTHERS,’’

    Here we go! = OBEY THE GB or Jehovah will lovingly murder you SOON*

    *(Terms and conditions apply and are subject to 'overlapping' or ‘New Light’ TM or the greater of the two)

    ‘’Day in and day out , we are EXPOSED to people who promote the goals, values, and THINKING OF THE WORLD around us.’’

    Uh, oh! US vs: THEM. Retreat for the hills the ‘worldly’ people are a coming.

    Do the GB REALLY believe their own hype?

    Don't get an education. Devolve into a thickie that the GB can control. Don't slave for your own needs, slave for the needs of the 7 headed beast and propagandists in the WTB$.

  • cantleave

    THe finishing line is sooooo close.

    For some it is........

  • Scully

    Oh that's swell advice, coming from a handful of men who have all their food, clothing and shelter needs provided by the financial donations of the very people they are verbally and mentally abusing. /sarcasm

    Maybe it's time for the waters of Babylon to dry up in Brooklyn.

  • Pistoff

    Things I noticed, again:

    1. Are the rank and file so stupid that they need to be reminded to keep their life simple, to not overspend? Who has any credit left in the US?? Those days are gone.

    2. You have to worry about a group of people who have to be reminded not to be overly distracted by entertainment.

    3. I get an allergic reaction to that nagging, negative voice these articles are written in; I imagine a crusty old nun screeching the words, or the retired old neighbor who pines for the old days, always full of bad advice.

    The chimps who write these articles obviously have never taken a writing class. I recommend they ignore their own advice, and send a few of the writers and editors to CLASS.

  • TotallyADD

    Hi flipper. All I can say is a cult is a cult because it is a cult. I forsee in the near furture. Groups of JW living in shacks lined with Wt. Maz. out in the middle of nowhere running around wearing rags for clothing yelling it's all still a burden, it's all still a burden. Beating themselves on their backs with WT approved whips crying out that they are not doing enough. So the WT sends them a new Wt. Maz. article on what to do. Now they are still doing all that they were doing before but without the Wt. Maz. lined shacks. LOL Totally ADD

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    If everything you might find enjoyable in life is bad just think for a moment why would this concept suddenly change in the so called new system? Many witnesses are dreaming about having a pleasurable life in the future why would everything that is wrong today suddenly be right? Give us everything you have now and we'll triple your earnings in the future.

    I don't think so

  • flipper

    ON THE WAY OUT- It is awful how the WT society tries to make earning a living for your family seem evil, or bad. It seems the WT society is doing a lot of that these days- making normal living conditions seem wicked. It's really just insanity on their part.

    OPEN MIND- Yes the writing style does have a" Star Warrrish " feel to it, doesn't it ?

    STAR TIGER- WT society is very unethical and self serving for sure. I hope you are right that more JW's will leave by 2014.

    YOURMOMMA- It is insane, isn't it that in the 1990's JW's were warned about adultery, drugs, stealing, etc. Now what is put out there as evil is making a living for your family and retirement. This JW cult HAS gone crazy - absolutely.

    EXWHYZEE- Good points. The WT society DOES use and take advantage of all the " worldly " advances in medicine, printing, Internet technology- yet at the same time they try to limit or control how much their own JW members use these. It's so hypocritical.

    BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS- These WT leaders ARE F&cking idiots - definitely ! How dare they tell rank & file members to watch out how much they earn and use material goods and such- when the GB sits in the lap of luxury having everything provided for them. It's the epitome of hypocrisy- while you and I who gave years of service to this confounded organization- struggle to even HAVE a retirement, even make a living ! I feel ya brother.

    QUANDRY- I can only imagine how expensive it is now to gas a car up and go out in service regularly. I remember those old days as well- and I remember NO fellow JW's contributing for gas when I took my car to Timbuktu either. I totally understand what you're saying.

    WING COMMANDER- I am truly amazed how degraded and sick this WT cult has become as well in the last 15 years or so . It's like they don't have a conscience. Well- They NEVER did anyway- it's just becoming more glaringly evident now. To squeeze all the money out of old JW's retirement and then chastize younger members for earning a living ? There are some insane people running this organization- period.

    AGONUS- I was amazed as well that the WT society called having food and clothing " so-called " normal things. What the hell ? I wonder if someone in the Writing department is undercover and slipping this subliminal stuff in to get the JW's to think ? My wife asked me that question.

    MRFREEZE- WE can only hope that more JW's wake up out of their stupor and see that they are being used.

    SMIDDY- Good points. WT society has said the end was coming how many times now ? If people had waited all that time to earn a living- they would have all starved by now ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    ROOM 215- I think the pencil neck bozo's who write this stuff are actually as crazy as the GB personally.

    PUNK OF NICE- I don't think the GB really believe their wn hype. They just use it as a tool to control the masses of 7 million JW's. I feel sorry for your wife and child. The control of the WT society is going to get greater and increase as time goes on without any Armageddon on the horizon. WT society HAS to clamp down control on members- or they'll lose them. It's caled survival of the fittest. And WT society makes the Witnesses think they hold all the cards. It's a big game- that's really not a game at all- it involves wasting lives.

    CANTLEAVE- Finishing line is so close. That's how the WT society strings these people along like a carrot in front of the rabbit. Sad really.

    SCULLY- It is sad and ridiculous that the WT society has become a multi-billion $$$ corporation based on donations from people they have duped for 130 + years. It's really unethical and immoral on the WT society's part. It makes me sick with anger that my family was duped.

    PISTOFF- I think the only thing the GB think about or WritingCommittee thinks about is HOW they can CONTROL the Jehovah's Witness members by USE of what words they write. They could care less about the writing style- it's all about power and control to them.

    TOTALLY ADD- You may very well be accurate Totally ! Groups of JW's living in shacks soon due to the control of the WT society. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    NANCY DREW- Good point. How COULD the Paradise be any better with leaders of the WT society telling Witnesses NOT to enjoy life ?? It's insane

  • Awen

    Thanks Mr. Flipper for yet another excellent post exposing WT hypocrisy.

    I think what the WTS is trying to do is get people to donate more money. If they're not spending it on expensive clothes, gadgets, cars or a bigger house then they (the JW's) will have more money to donate to the Society. It smacks of Jim Jones and The People's Temple in that they gave him everything they owned and he used that money to purchase property in Guyana where he could control them directly. Or like in the case of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, same scenario. Give up everything you have, give it to us and we'll take care of you. Problem is history has shown just how good the WTS isn't at taking care of it's own.

    I also think that admonishing people to spend less time in work will ultimately by the undoing of the WTS as people will be forced to choose between their family and donating money to an already vastly enriched publishing company who will abandon them at the slightest sign of insubordination.

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