Sept. 15th WT - Burdened with Earning a Living? Here! Have MORE Burdens !

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  • designs

    There must be an Inheritance Department at Bethel, those guys can sniff out a Will before the body is cold...

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    Well i quit donating to the world wide work years ago. Recently quit donating to the local congregation fund because they were just sending the surplus to the society. After conventions or assemblies I drop in a penny just so when my wife ask if I put money in I can say "yes dear".

    Also since I am a janitor they won't get my inheritance since there won't be one. Maybe enough for a funeral?

    P.S. a few years back a good friend died from cancer and he left everything to the society. Nothing to his kids which I found out later that he had molested. Maybe he felt absolved?

  • flipper

    DESIGNS- " There must be an Inheritance department at Bethel, those guys can sniff out a Will before the body is cold..... " . You've got that right. I'm quite sure millions of $$$$ has been donated to the WT society as WT legal reps lurk like vultures as some older Jehovah's Witnesses die. It's preposterously evil.

    MAN OH MAN- I know. It's ridiculous. Why send or donate money to criminals duping the masses of Jehovah's Witnesses with false illusions ? They won't ever get a plum penny from me anymore either. And the child molester left nothing to his children , but his whole inheritance to the WT society ? Why am I not surprised anymore ? Disgusting

  • cameo-d

    Flipper, you are so rebellious. Obviously this article was not written with you in mind. Evidently, this WT article was slanted toward the annointed ones.

  • flipper

    CAMEO-D- Damn right I'm rebellious bro , and proud of it ! The only reason this WT is printed with " slanted " information - is because THAT'S the only way it will fit into JW's " slanted " mind controlled brains. " Anointed " or " other sheep "

  • flipper

    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Botzwana

    Hey Flipper! I just bought Flipper season one on DVD. I love it! Brings back so many memories!

    Yes the WT is disgusting. So sad some of my friends are still in. One friend hasn´t been able to marry in 20 years so far. His wife left him who was a sister and just moved to Florida but still attends. So he is following the WT´s command on that. I feel so sorry for him.

  • flipper

    BOTZWANA- You bought Flipper on DVD ? Wow. I didn't know the Flipper show was ON DVD ! Good for you. How sad that your friend hasn't been able to marry in 20 years. So sad that the WT society still keeps him in fear. I feel sorry for him as well. Take care my friend

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