Sept. 15th WT - Burdened with Earning a Living? Here! Have MORE Burdens !

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  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    What up my cetacean ally?

    This article invoked something that is on my mind. I don't know if this is on-track or not (if not, I apologize) but the part of that WT article that rants about putting material needs in their proper places, yada yada makes me think of many super-wealthy JWs I know. These men have estates (I've been to them) complete with outdoor hardscape porches with $7,000 Viking ranges and koi ponds with fountains as big as my car. Their FB profile picture show them riding horses in large open fields they own or sitting in their beachfront home they own in the FL keys or even riding around in their 60-ft yachts (I've seen all these pics too, lest someone think that I'm exaggerating). Now the irony here is that some of these men are high-ranking elders in the circuit, even giving special "instructional" talks at that stupid MS school they forced me to go to. And if you mention (and I have) anything about their sheer wealth and opulance in a negative light, you are immediately shot down by any one of their 4,000 fans who will defend them as "spiritual men".

    soooo.... my question here is if indeed they are as devout as they claim to be and as pious as they present themselves, in accordance with this article, shouldn't they give all their money to the WTBS to "further kingdom interests" and make due with a 1 bedroom apartment and "sustanance provided by Jehovah"? You know, "put their money where their mouth is"? Like, literally? I can't but help think of that rich young ruler who supposidly approached Jesus. He couldn't part with his wealth, so he was out. I don't know, it just seems to me that the behavior of many wealthy super-devout JWs actually seems hypocritical to me, especially in light of this article.

    Yours in Cthulhu,

    (the other) Mr. F

  • LongHairGal


    So hypocritical and nauseating that I can't even go into it. Even Solomon said man should eat and drink and enjoy his work.

    The religion is crazy and what is more, they are digging their grave with articles like this. Surely people with NO money aren't putting anything in those collection boxes. This is all a moot point to me because I am a ten-year "fader" and thankfully am not there running from needy people and the fallout from the religion's crazy policies.

    I sincerely pity anybody who listens to this insane advice and finds themselves in a desperate situation. Will the religion help them?

  • the-illuminator81

    If you stop eating altogether, the finish line will be VERY close indeed.

  • watson

    Author: Gerrit Loesch

    Almost guarantee it.

  • wasblind

    Now now everyone in the new system you won't have to worry 'bout food

    you'll be eatin' fruit all the day long. No more fish fries cause the fish will be

    your pets and you can name it little nemo. No ham sandwiches cause the pigs

    will also become your pet and you can name his ass Wilber. Yet every JW I

    know is a meat eater.

    pork chop ain't got a snowballs chance in hell amongst the witnesses

    here in the Carolina's

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    WHAT! Clothes can become a burden? What about the suits, ties, white shirts, and dark socks the brothers are REQUIRED to purchase and wear if they are to reach out for position? And sisters MUST wear dresses of a certain style and length. TotallyADD and I still have clothes in our closet that we would not have bought if it hadn't been for going to meetings and out in service. And don't forget the bookbags and the gas for our cars.

    The "important Theocratic activities" are the real burden. We are so glad that weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

    Reopened Mind

  • WTWizard

    There does have to be a balance of materialism. Too much, and you will be spending all your time working and not have any time to enjoy anything. If that happens, your health can be at risk, and you will leave your money to the sickness care system and the big drug companies instead of your children. That is one extreme.

    The other is feeling guilty to provide for one's family. People are not happiest just above the poverty line. Yes, it can be a burden--because there are a few parasites at the top of the ruling class that have to steal 35% or more of all the wealth we create (on top of fees, taxes, fines, and inflation). But, we do need to provide well for our families. If your car is a clunker, you should replace it before cutting way back on work to pio-sneer. If your house is in worn condition, it should be fixed before cutting way back on work. Clothing should be of fine quality and in fine condition, not crap quality and nearing the end of its life.

    As for the burden of earning a living, under ideal conditions (which, thanks to the parasites at the top, are extremely rare) earning a living should be exciting. If you find what you most enjoy doing, and do that all the time and make your living doing it, it never becomes a burden. You wake up looking forward to doing more work, and it doesn't feel like work. It feels more like play, because you are doing something you truly enjoy. All the while, it is creating wealth.

    Now, compare that with field circus. How many have observed someone that absolutely enjoyed doing it? And, I am not referring to someone that has been out less than 3 months, or is mentally ill and cannot differentiate between what they enjoy and what others tell them they enjoy. Most of the witlesses, even when I was one of them, genuinely hated being out in field circus. I have seen many a pio-sneer struggle to meet the group on time, dragging themselves in. Then, when it's time to go into the territory, I never see a stampede out the door or anyone speeding to reach the territory first. Now, if you really enjoyed field circus that immensely, you would want to be in and out of the meeting, race to your car, and probably speed to reach the territory as quickly as possible--which I never saw.

    What they are doing is hounding people to quit something that is only a burden because there is a Rothschild-size hole in your "pocket" draining wealth and preventing you from doing what you really want, and start doing something that is inherently a burden. You don't like it--more guilt. Not to mention, when you do field circus, you never accomplish anything meaningful. Has anyone seen anyone that actually felt they accomplished anything to even reduce the amount of work left? Even those pio-sneers that dragged 15 or 20 people into the cancer didn't even make a dent in the amount left to do.

  • WTWizard

    And yes, I agree that they add more burden with regard to clothing. To become a witless and remain in "exemplary" standing, one must keep up with ever-changing rules. A suit can cost around 100 toilet papers, and another 15 or 20 to dry clean every time. (And last maybe 6 months before needing to be replaced, usually because of a bad seam or a big hole in the pants pocket). If they decide that they don't like it a few months later, you need to come up with another 100 toilet papers (or more, if that happens after hyperinflation gets going). Shirts cost around 15 toilet papers (that was in the mid 1990s, and the cost could be even higher now).

    Compare: I went to L.L.Beans online in the fall of 2009 and bought some quality pants and shirts. Then, in the spring of 2010, I bought some summer wearing appareil. The total was around 1000 toilet papers, and the clothing is reasonably expected to last a good 10 years or more. Regular cleaning only is required, not expensive dry cleaning. And I am not subject to arbitrary rules that could change every 6 months, requiring me to replace perfectly good clothing that still has a few months' life left.

  • flipper

    AWEN- Thanks. Great points you make. I agree that if the WT society gets JW's to NOT spend money elsewhere or earn a good living they can control the Witnesses finances that way. That is why it's so scary as you said regarding David Koresh & Jim Jones tactics were similar- if you can bring the followers money under control- then you control their lives ultimately. Jehovah's Witnesses right now don't have a clue how they are being used and deceived . And that's even scarier.

    MR. FALCON- Very good point you make as well. If the wealthy and elite JW's REALLY believed that a paradise was coming soon- why don't they give up their wealth to the WT society right now and Pioneer and live in a one bedroom apartment ? Because deep down- I think many of the wealthy and elite DON'T believe in a Paradise. As you stated- their hypocritical life style betrays their claims of belief.

    LONG HAIR GAL- Indeed , it is nauseating isn't it ? The WT society and JW teachings ARE crazy and by chastising members to NOT earn a good living and even dissing clothes & food to them- it's like kicking somebody when they are already down. Eventually the rank & file Witnesses are going to get tired of getting kicked in the stomach.

    THE-ILLUMINATOR- 81 - That's one way the WT society can get JW's to think on the resurrection more- by telling them not to eat food too much. Then they'll push the raising of the dead. Really weird.

    WATSON- That sounds about right. Wasn't Gerrit Loesch the GB member who said it would be better to off ourself than go to college ? Or some such nonsense ? Would stand to reason he'd diss earning a living and feeding & clothing ourselves as well.

    WASBLIND- I've often thought of that as well- how in the world would most JW's be able to go vegetarian if they eat a lot of meat right now ? I never wanted to go all vegetarian either. So I'm glad the paradise ain't real . LOL !

    REOPENED MIND- I hear what you're saying. I detested having to buy ties, dress clothes, suits , etc. Then gas in cars for assemblies, rooms at hotels, gas for field service. I think we should all send a bill to the WT society for our lost expenses on their behalf for all our years of service.

    WT WIZARD- I agree with you that not only the WT society but MANY corporations want us to spend our money so we are all broke . It's part of controlling the masses . The Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, & Rockefellers want to rule the world. So does the WT society. So ANY form of control on JW members lives, i.e. - regarding clothes, food , entertainment, earning a living, using the toilet, having sex- you name it- WT society will make detailed rules regarding these things to control Witnesses deceiving them into thinking that God is the one telling them these instructions- not the WT society. It's total control and micro-managing totalitarianism

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I too was thinkin of when we were at Bethel and the GB. How they had new cars at their disposal anytime they wanted one. They had nice rooms, granted if they were outside the cult they probably would have had huge homes so I guess they feel they are sacrificing. They have all the food they can eat cooked and served to them. All their laundry is done for them. While the normal kid that comes to Bethel off the street gets a one room studio that he has to share with a total stranger they as a couple get three to four rooms with a kitchen, bath, etc. They get tons of green handshakes. They have very nice cloths to wear.

    But yet we are scum for wanting to have just the necessities of life. Well maybe if everyone stopped giving them money it would help.


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