Sept.15th WT - Submit to the WT Society or Jehovah Will Not Know You

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    KURTBETHEL - I enjoyed your Barbara Kruger-esque 'Obey' sign. Very nice!

  • flipper

    KURT BETHEL- Exactly. Love your picture. Now THAT is cutting to the chase !

    NANCY DREW- It IS terrible that the WT society tries to tell people HOW they should feel. I mean, who the hell do they think they are to do that ? It's intrusive bullying and mind control at it's worst. And they do use threatening consequences and coerce JW members to perform to AVOID those negative consequences. It's just barbaric.

    SHECHAIYAH- Actually in my opinion I feel Charles Taze Russell , R,F, Rutherford, Nathan Knorr, and the rest of the WT society presidents felt they were God actually . They wanted complete submission and obedience from Witnesses . They all put themselves in God's position to judge really.

    ZIDDINA- I had heard that rumor as well that Russell was a mason. So the rumor is unfounded then, good to know.

    PAMS GIRL- Hello Pam , good hearing from you ! I share the same hope that you do - that more JW's will exit this dangerous cult and baptism numbers will go down so people will free their minds. I also especially hope the trend continues of young people exiting the JW cult. By young I mean the " 18 - 35 yr.old " group. LOL ! It would be great to not see these young people burdened the rest of their lives with man made rules from an uncaring organization.

    BILLY the EX-BETHELITE- That's an interesting comparison you make that the JW's God is needy, demanding, neglectful, and insecure. It really does fit the model of cult leaders for sure ! Good point.

    BLONDIE- Thanks for the link to Barbara's research regarding Russell not being a free mason, I appreciate it.

    BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS- Kurt bethel is a great humorous, informative poster. He comes up with some cool pictures and ideas ! Another good one from him

  • shechaiyah

    Flipper, I agree with your assessment of the situation.


  • flipper

    SHECHAIYAH- Well, I appreciate that. I just try to look at situations realistically and call it like I see it. I had too many unrealities and false hopes for 44 years in the Witnesses to have any patience with how the WT society deceives people

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Honestly, I cringed when I visited a hall with my boss a couple weeks back.

    I cannot believe how far I've come from this slop.

    It appears to me now to be very simplistic and shallow how the articles are written and the questions presented.

    It reminded me of at most the sixth grade.

    There's nothing deep in it at all.

    Sooo controlling!

  • shechaiyah

    Sixth grade? Yeah, that's about it.

    The WTBTS already knows the younger generations have been deliberately dumbed down by academia (Rockefeller Institutes)

    so they just "play to the crowd."

  • flipper

    WHITE DOVE- I agree. If I went and attended any meetings now after almost 8 years out- I'd definitely cringe also. I believe it would nauseate me so much I'd have to visit the restroom. The WT society definitely dumbs down the Witnesses by writing at what seems to be a 6th grade level . I'm glad we are out !

    SHECHAIYAH- Good point. I do believe the WT society realizes Witnesses were already dumbed down before they even started indoctrinating them . And then the WT society furthered the damage that the Rockefellers already started

  • shechaiyah

    Yes, the outcome was known EVEN before the Watchtower ever wrote its articles.

    I do believe the WT society realizes Witnesses were already dumbed down before they even started indoctrinating them . And then the WT society furthered the damage that the Rockefellers already started. Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • flipper

    SHECHAIYAH- It's amazing how much history came before the WT wrote their articles. None of the WT presidents knew anything. Absolutely nothing. Just con men

  • shechaiyah


    What they did know was how to set up an Occult Hierarchy, keep secrets and confidentiality, and invest other peoples' work in what they wanted.

    None of those "skills" was derived out of the Teachings of Jesus Christ. This is clear.

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