Sept.15th WT - Submit to the WT Society or Jehovah Will Not Know You

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  • flipper

    AGONUS- You're right- they've always been this bat$hit to a degree , very true. However it seems the last few years they are amping up the pressure to " Obey the faithful slave even if you don't understand the reasons " type of pressure and they seem to emphasize serving the " faithful & discreet slave " even MORE in most of the articles. They seem to always get their point in about NOT questioning the " slave ".

    There have been times they've lightened up, yes. The early 90's like you say, also from about 1976 through 1979 a brief period while Ray Franz was on the governing body more emphasis was being put on developing fruitages of the spirit, love, kindness, mercy, etc. But THAT all got chucked out the window when the $hit came down in 1980 with Franz and Dunlap and others being ousted from Bethel. Then from then on a mostly hard line stance came to the forefront with Ted Jaracz leading the way. Before he died he handpicked some of these current GB members like Anthony Morris, thus you see the continuance of the hardline stance he implemented still going on among most of these 50 - 60 yr,old GB members. Pretty twisted. More control & power and I think it will get worse as time goes on

  • WontLeave

    Jesus is the greater Moses, according to Acts 3:20-22. The Society has attempted to usurp Christ's rule of Christianity, just as Korah did with Moses. Yet, the Society liken refusing to reject Christ in favor of them as being like Korah. The analogy isn't even close, trying to apply it to members of the congregation.

  • flipper

    WONTLEAVE- Good points. The WT society not only has tried usurping Jesus position - they actually think they are God himself- in my opinion. And the WT society makes many analogy's which don't make any sense for sure

  • kurtbethel

    Might as well get to the point. ALL HAIL!

    All worship the watchtower governing body

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    It's terrible how they tell you the way your supposed to feel and if you feel different in any way there's something wrong with you spiritually. Then there's the threatening consequences Jehovah is a terrorist and if you don't meet his demands heads will roll and he will continue to throw people out onto the tarmac till you stop him. Your service hours prevent him from his murderous activities.

  • shechaiyah

    Don't forget: Charles Taze Russell was a Freemason, and he believed in HIERARCHY.

    Jesus didn't establish a hierarchy; He sent disciples out to use their own judgment.

    So, there's a conflict right there.

  • ziddina

    Ah, C.T. Russell wasn't a FreeMason...

    He had studied briefly with the movement, but he never became one.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Thanks for a great thread Mr F, *waves*......

    My wish is now that numbers of those leaving the org are rising, and baptism numbers are falling, the latest WT will serve to make more individuals wake up and leave altogether. Maybe they will simply snap under the pressure of it all?.......

    I remember when I was studying...they always used the quote...."...and yet they were not burdensome".....talking about Jesus sorry I cant remember the scripture.....but my point is the WTBTSs rules and regulations ARE burdensome and those in must be feeling the noose tighten around their necks.....

    Love, Paula x

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    For JWs, god is very needy, demanding, neglectful, and insecure. While Jehovah easily forgets us and needs constant prayerful reminding, Satan is portrayed as attentive and provides for his own. It's the only way they can acknowledge the fact that's clear to outsiders... JWs are victims of a controlling and oppressive cult.

  • blondie


    Some good research done by Barbara Anderson, a professional researcher.

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