Sept.15th WT - Submit to the WT Society or Jehovah Will Not Know You

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    Hey Flipper - Did you keep a bucket to vomit in next to you while you read that bile? I commend everyone here who can actually sit down and read their publications without seriously getting physically ill, or just getting physical with someone else like punching out the next person that crosses your path after read all that BS.

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    Good observation Flipper, totally agree

    And I think it might very well be that their member base is shrinking particularly in Europe.

    GOD is with this organization only, so this what you must do to meet his approval before the great destructive day of Armageddon falls before mankind.

    Or you could join another religious organization of the many that are out there and be killed violently by the hand of god , the choice is perfectly yours to


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Good thread, Flip, as always. This kind of material reinforces to me a few things, one of which being Jehovah's Witnesses are not the happiest people on the earth LOL. I already knew that, even before becoming conscience of the WT's unscrupulous history. I remember being in the back seat of my folks car going to the meeting and thinking to myself, why aren't we smiling like all the people who are not going to the meeting tonight? Now I'm driving to the meeting myself and I'm irritated, and I have the same observations!!!! It all goes back to articles such as this which are designed to keep JW's attentions away from natural desires such as making a living and providing for oneself and their family, or single ones who wish to have a long term relationship with someone, to be in love, or God forbid a relative is in the hospital with a life threatening situation and their companion wishes to make the best decision for them, etc..

    All of these natural desires and aspirations are skewed by the Watchtower, and in many cases, if not all cases, they've overstepped their authority and here's the kicker in my opinion. I used to believe that the WT was overly concerned about keeping the congregation clean. That's NOT the case in my opinion. They're concerned about a lawsuit over all the lives lost because of their erroneous policies, not doctrines, but policies. Policies that have aided premature deaths due to an incorrect view on abstaing from blood, or lives wasted in full time service as pioneers, lost oppurtunities to make a decent living, lost oppurtunities at falling in love. All because of some freak like Freddy Franz or Judge Rutherford, by the way, who the hell calls themselves The Judge? Tell me he wasn't an egotistical prick, you can tell by the name alone, the Judge LOL. I wish I had the power to resurect him so I could stomp him out with my old butter 10 1/2 Timberlands. The current GB and other Branch Heavyweights find themselves between a rock and a hard place because they can't simply rescind these policies and alleviate the social pressure that's cost so many JWs their physical lives, increased financial responsibilities, and lonliness due to a skewed view on marrying only in the Lord.

    One last thing, this article is hand in hand with the current baptism vows, one of which is whether the person recognizes that this is God's spirit annointed organization which is nowhere to be found in the Bible. Then those pricks have the nerve to print articles about "not going beyond what is written."

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    Where the F* do you get those pics from ?? the One above ranks itself in the Top Five of all the ones you've posted !!

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    Forgot to ask - Is that the entrance/exit to this years Circuit Assembly ?

  • ShirleyW

    I MEANT DISTRICT ASSEMBLY, but it applies to all their gagfests !!

  • clarity

    Hi Flipper, this Sept 15 wt is a doozy for sure! Their assumed power is a bit scary!

    I go back a long way and don't remember anything as vile as this.

    As I read your words I couldn't help but think of the parallel teachings of the 'latterday saints' ... with the guilt, fear, intimidation and punishment. Maybe also because of the Warren Jeffs case going on and ex latterday Brenda Jensen's interview on Sunday morning radio!

    Found this experience on jwn ... thought you might find the similarities interesting

    Re: The Watchtower guilt machine is indeed a powerful tool posted 7 years ago (6/15/2004)

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    Since 6/11/2003

    To help put things in perspective, it may be helpful to know that people leaving other groups deal with the very same issues. I've found some interesting stories on Here are a few quotes:

    "Until a person leaves Mormonism, they have no idea how painful it can be. When I left Mormonism (the last and final time) I was filled with fear and guilt.I was angry at a huge religion that had taken so much of my time, energy and money for so many years. I wrote my letter asking to be removed from the records of the church and was asked to come to what I call an exit interview. Actually it was a summons to my excommunication.I asked ... "How can you excommunicate me when I already quit?"

    "We officially left the church in March of 1994 through a letter requesting our names be removed from the church records. Since that time, in all too typical mind control like fashion, members of the church have avoided us. The Regional Representative even came up from Alabama and spoke out against us in a Sacrament meeting three weeks after we left and told the members that if they ever talk to us or if we give them materials, they are to contact their Bishop. Only an organization that had something to hide would be paranoid about the truth being revealed about itself. It is interesting that we would be considered such a threat. We had done nothing except request our names be removed from the records of the church. That was all. We learned that we really had few friends within Mormonism."

    "After he has taken his vows as a priest, how shall he dare to violate them? He knows that if he loses his faith on a mission--in other words, if he dares to make any inquiry into the authenticity of the mission which he is performing--he becomes a deserter from God in the very ranks of battle. He knows that he will be held forever in dishonor among his people; that he will be looked upon as one worse than dead; that he will ruin his own life and despoil his parents of all their eternal comfort and their hope in him." From, "Under the Prophet in Utah," Frank J. Cannon and Harvey J. O'Higgins.

    "It has been difficult to get past the idea that if I'm wrong (about leaving the church), my eternal salvation is at risk. It has been difficult as I have watched my friends walk away."

    "I wrote down some thoughts about the Mormon perspective. This has helped me see why it is so difficult to leave the LDS Church. These points are all official doctrines of the Church and perspectives that are regularly ingrained into the membership:

    (From his list:)

    "Anything written by a former Mormon must be false or, at best, unreliable. Bottom line, you believe that former Mormons have evil intentions."

    "Former Mormons leave the Church because of serious sin. Those who leave the Church in reality know that the Church is true and are liars just like the Book of Mormon anti-Christs."

    "Not we, but you" are "evil." Again, on the surface, Mormonism wants you to believe that you are still an individual, but when their Words fail, the disappointed one is accused of self aggrandizement ... of even being above those who are above you ... self assertion becomes "aggression" against the members of the Flock; you became the exception, therefore, you are "guilty."

    "Today, I still attend church periodically with my wife and children. The bishop, my friends and my family know where I stand. I don't hide my beliefs from anyone who asks. I don't allow home teachers in my home because I'm tired of being treated like a sick patient by them."

    "The bishop called me in for an interview just a few weeks ago. He told me he was inspired to call me as the gospel doctrine teacher for our ward. I declined and he of course asked me why. I repeated to him many of the questions that I have shared in this letter and he had no answers other than the standard cop outs that I refuse to accept, such as "God's ways are not man's ways" and "someday we will know the answers to these questions". He cautioned me from doing to much critical thinking and said we had to "live by faith alone". I'm sorry, but if there is a god and he created me with my brain, I expect that he would expect me to use it..."He then went on to threaten me with a "disastorous event in my life or in the life of one of my family members that would bring me to my knees and back, weeping to the church" if I didn't repent and come back willingly ... [he went] From concern to the lowest form of manipulation."

    "Mormonism keeps its hold by suggesting that the elect will discount the assaults on logic, and remain faithful. Obedience, worship, and sublimation of willare the earthly tests for eternal companionship with the Cosmic terrorist known as Eloheim. Mormons are fighting for your eternal soul, and in the process, they cause many people to experience a loss in the richness of the here and now of this life."

    (His decision to leave the mission field through the regular channels:) "The mission assistants ...tried to persuade me to stay. ...I couldn't explain all my doubts to them, but simply told them I didn't believe and I couldn't be a missionary any more. They didn't understand..."We returned the next day because President Lee wanted to speak with me on the telephone. The missionaries that had been friendly and cajoling the day before were stone faced and tense. A definite wall had gone up between us. President Lee called ... He started with reminding me all that Jesus Christ had done for me, he lived and died for me -- and now I was turning my back on him, and kicking dust in his face. That's what he kept saying over and over -- that I was kicking dust in the face of Jesus Christ. That hurt -- but what could I say?...He asked me why I was leaving -- and I told him. He didn't believe me -- told me that that was just and excuse. Wanted to know why. He couldn't accept that I just didn't believe in what I was doing. He said that Satan had led my father away, and through my father was leading me away...He told me that I was making things worse. He warned me against planning on repenting later, that I was almost throwing away my chance to go to the Celestial Kingdom and become a God.

    ....Events took a definite turn for the worse. He said "It sounds like your mind is already made up -- before you even talked to me." I said "I think it is President." He then said something that still rings in my head -- and will for a long time. "Elder Hudson, by the authority of the Melchezedic Priesthood, and in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you not to leave the mission. And if you do, something will happen." Stunned, I flatly said "What?" (pause) "I'm not telling you Elder, and I say it in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." Click....My brain exploded and my soul cried out that this was wrong. This shouldn't be happening. The only thing this man of God had used to "persuade" me to stay were guilt and fear. I told the assistants what had happened, and they were stunned. They said I must have misunderstood."

    "Once I made my break with the church, I thought that I should not "hide away." On the contrary, I intended to meet with all of my Mormon friends, family and leaders ... answer their questions straightforwardly and bluntly. I wanted to accept their right to their own beliefs and would consider their views. I only hoped that in return my views might be treated with equal respect. This was quite naive on my part. All future communication "elevated" itself to an official level and became a sort of "one-way street." They felt free to bear their testimony ...but responded angrily when I would bear mine. They crossed my beliefs and I respected their difference of opinion. When I stated my beliefs then "I was trying to hurt people."

    Hope this helps.

    M.J. Everytime I do this the print seems to flt all over, hoping for the best..............c

  • thetrueone

    Does this really come at a surprise since most of their set doctrines have gone all awash for the last century.

    To make matters worst ail of these failed prophecies which were really endeavored commercial frauds, have all shown up on the inter-net.

    Exposing the truth about "The Truth" as they say.

    Cranking up the fear to stay with the organization to even higher aggressive cult controls is what they see out of dire necessity to hold on

    to their acquired power and money.

  • wasblind

    The bottom line is: DON'T TEST, DON'T ASK, DON'T SEEK

    if they do they will find out that this religion is full of false


  • cantleave


    Thanks for once again showing us what our families are reading. No wonder they are too scared to contact us, they will be smited by the loving creator, just like Korah!

    I don't know if this is any more overt than in previous years, but it does prove that GB II are not releasing the bonds of the previous despots at the helm of the Borg.

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