Sept.15th WT - Submit to the WT Society or Jehovah Will Not Know You

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  • punkofnice
    punkofnice we go again! Guilt, fear, phobia ala the GB. This typical WTB$ writing style is a propagandists paradise!

    Practically every sentence is loaded with the same propoganda stunts...........................

    Do they do nothing but rehash the same mantra of OBEY THE GB OR GOD WILL KILL YOU SOON?*

    *(Terms and conditions apply and are subject to 'overlapping')

  • wasblind

    Mathew 7:8" .......and everyone seeking finds...."

    this religion don't want you to find out that it's a controling' CULT

  • sir82
    " If a human overseer in God's organization provides you with instructions that seem extremely detailed, you might at times feel frustrated. Jehovah, however, is a perfect overseer, who delegates generously and TRUSTS his servants. When he gives many details, he does so for good reason. Take note, though, that Moses did not become irritated with Jehovah for giving that level of detail , as if Jehovah were DEMEANING him or STIFLING his creativity or FREEDOM. "

    Couple of thoughts on this:

    -- Anything which shows up so explicitly in a WT is due to "reports coming in". Evidently, there are lots and lots of people complaining to COs, or maybe even directly to the Society, about micromanaging elders.

    -- Wait - if "Jehovah trusts his servants", then that would mean he wouldn't have to give "many details", doesn't it? Well, which is it - does Jehovah "trust his servants" or does he think they are incompetent idiots who will royally screw up unless every step is spelled out?

    -- All the micromanaging elders (our congregation seems to have an oversupply) will take this paragraph and run with it. If they previously supplied a 12 page document on the "do's and do not's of how to hand out magazines at the counter", they'll work hard now to transform that into a 30 page document.

    <Face palm> Congregations will now become even more micromanaged, and frustration levels will increase.

  • wasblind

    Hello there Sir82 :)

    you just gave me a thought, if everything they recieve from Jehovah is so

    detailed, why do they need "NEW LIGHT" all the time ??????

    just a thought :)

  • cantleave

    Congregations will now become even more micromanaged, and frustration levels will increase.

    Well let's hope more of the congregation get pissed off and start questioning the level of control they are being subjected to.

  • punkofnice
    Well let's hope more of the congregation get pissed off and start questioning the level of control they are being subjected to.

    Mrs Punk won't! She'll continue to thet them bully her becuase her imaginary friend in the sky might have to lovingly murder her SOON*

    *(Terms and conditions apply and are subject to 'overlapping' or New Light TM or the greater of the two)

    It fits her persecution/martyrdom complex!

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    Pleeeaaassseee, Watchtower tighten your grip on the rank and file as tight as you can, strangle them with "truth". Cramp and Press them together like the grapes in a wine press, so they can with stand any storm as a block like ship, on Star Trek. The more Borg like you make it the more of a paradise it will be......

    Board Comment:

    Ok, so I would just love it if the WTBTS did the following:

    Create a central bank for all witnesses to use exclusively, for their personal, business, and investment banking.

    Eliminate all "worldly" TV viewing to include movies. Replace this with WTBTS approved videos, to be requested at your literature counter.

    Software has been created to limit Internet viewing to approved internet sites only, every household should install this on all computers within the household and business.

    All babtised publishers should limit their work week to 40 hours so that more time can be dedicated to Organizational Activity. Counsel should be given to those who do not.

    Starting with the new service year, the service overseer will be visiting households during their family study night once every 3 months to offer encouragement and suggestions to improve the arrangement within the home.

    Implement these things and watch those on the fence leave in droves.

    I love the new high control tactics being implemented now.

  • wasblind

    LOL Punkofnice,

    there will be no need for Newlight , she'll be murdered lovingly with " DETAILED " instructions

    no new light needed with "DETAILED" instructons

  • punkofnice

    LOL was blind.

    The DEVIL is in the DETAIL!!!

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    It just makes me sick to hear this.

    Where I live there is a major road race that draws people from all over the world. About 50,000 people run or walk the race every year. When I was a teenager this one elder went on a rampage forbidding anyone in the hall to join in the fun, after all he reasoned you were putting yourselves around the world for no good reason.

    Well many of the "friends" bulked at this elder and ran the race anyway. The elder was upset that his word was not being followed as law and went to the CO. The overweight CO joined him and there was a talk to the circuit during the assembly about not running the race. I still did it anyway, I always got done in time to make the meeting that day and never felt it was anyone's business if I ran the race or not as it never affected my meetings.

    Just this last year another elder from the east coast (I live on the west coast) told me that I was disobeying Jehovah by my stand on insisting on running the road race. I was OMG so I shot back to this elder so what about the child abuse issue that is going on should I follow the elders on this also. This elder just lost his nice to suicide over being molested and it not being handled right, it really affected him but not enough to take a stand against evil. He was like well of course not but we do need to follow the elders in all other matters. This was just last September that he told me this.

    I just cannot believe the control they insist on for its member, it all points so clearly to the one fact that it is a CULT.


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