Sept.15th WT - Submit to the WT Society or Jehovah Will Not Know You

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  • flipper

    WAnted to bump this thread up one more time before I go to work. Won't be back until tomorrow. Any and all comments would be appreciated. I feel this is an important thread for newbies to read about HOW the WT society controls JW's through fear and uilt. Your comments will be most appreciated on their behalf ! ( The newbies that is ) Thanks ! See ya tomorrow ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Flip, once out we can truly see the manipulation. We see the madmen clearly. The further away the more controlling they seem. They seem even more controlling because we have become increasingly released mentally from their clutches. Those in do not see the reality. For them its always been this way, submit or die. It is what gives them (false) hope. I think the articles are just variations on a theme.

  • flipper

    ZIDDINA- Hopefully less young men will reach out for Ministerial Servant positions as you mention so in future years there will be less men serving as elders down the road. The more that even leave the JW cult would help as well.

    WASANELDER ONCE- Very true- the further out and longer we've been out of the JW cult their methods of control appear even more obvious, true . However many of the people I am trying to reach are lurking still attending JW's who are sitting on the fence and having doubts initially. I hope to pull them off the fence by showing them what is REALLY meant by posting these JW WT articles. If even a few Witnesses exit the cult- it will have been worth the effort

  • flipper

    BTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Btt. Great thread.

  • flipper

    CHEMICAL EMOTIONS- Thanks. Glad you like it. It shows how demented the WT society REALLY is

  • Snoozy

    If anyone here still watches Spongebob.. There was a segment where Plankton put hats on all the people in Bikini Bottom and it made them all worship him. Everyone was going around saying "Hail Plankton"..Hail Plankton"..this so reminds me of that episode..

    Who says you can't learn anything watching cartoons..

    ps..No need of a reply Flipper..

  • shechaiyah

    Oh my goodness. I feared you're not kidding; I wish you were.

    I think and feel Yahweh (YHVH/Jehovah) is larger than the life of a single hierarchy.

    Yahweh didn't establish a hierarchy, only a King and a Priesthood, in Israel.

    Jesus didn't establish a hierarchy, only sending out disciples to use their own judgment. I don't mind being counseled about behavior that affects other people; but -- I guess I have a very very bad attitude, when confronted with a hierarchy trying to tell me what to think. It's not going to happen.
  • flipper

    SNOOZY- I'll always reply to you because you are special like everybody here ! I remember Spongebob from some years back when I dated a lady whose son watched it. It was pretty funny actually . I love cartoons ! I learned a lot of my personality traits from watching Bugs Bunny growing up ! One of my modern day heroes actually !

    SHECHAIYAH- I wish I was kidding as well, but these articles from the WT society are serious as a heart attack. Bottom line is the WT society has for years overstepped their boundaries and has exercised authority over 7 million Witnesses when they have no right to do so. You don't have a bad attitude for standing up for what you think is right- the WT society has a bad attitude for dominating human beings in slave fashion to just promote their own financial empire . Be thankful you are out of it and have your freedom ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • agonus

    Is it just me, or were they not always this batshit? It seems to me like there was a brief period of respite in the early-mid 90s where they seemed to be finally lightening up a bit (and I don't just mean for the sake of public consumption)?

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