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  • Hortensia

    recently in a class a student told me she knew I was a "farmer's daughter from Alberta" because of the way I pronounce my words. Since I'm a life-long southern Californian, I was a little surprised! How do farmer's daughters from Alberta talk?

  • cantleave

    Gee-og-graphy not Jography

  • Farkel

    "Frisco" No one from that city says that. "Cali". No one who is a long time-resident says that. At least I never did.

    "OreGON." No one from the great Pacific Northwest says that.

    "La Jolla". No one from San Diego uses a hard "J" to say that, and no one says "El CaJohn" and no one says "Pooway". either Likewise no one names the main east-west drag from I-5 to Pacific beach in San Diego as "GARnet", like the gemstone is pronounced. It is "GarNET."

    There is a dam in the great Pacific Northwest called "The Dalles". It is NOT prounced like the city Texas. It is "the Dalles." One sylable and pronounced exactly as it reads.

    "Interesting." It is NOT interESTihg". "This is of great interest to me". There is no emphasis on the "est" part of that word. "I paid interest on that loan and was interested on how much it would cost me. Interesting."

    My blood boils when I hear people say "interESTing." I need to work on that. After all, there are a whole bunch of illerates in this Country.


  • noni1974

    My dad says worsh for wash and it drives me nuts. He also says crick instead of creek and sUrp instead of syrup.

    My mother says pacific instead of specific. I tell her the Pacific is an ocean and she still says it like that. Grrrrr

    I speak in a very general accent and many people can not tell where I'm from. I've lived in Cleveland for almost 27 years and I never developed a Cleveland accent. Although, when I moved to Kentucky last year the people could tell I was a Yankee. They could not tell which part of the North I am from though. LOL

  • sir82

    Can't believe no one has mentioned this in 5 pages...

    "Kin I axe you question?"

  • donny

    I used to be pretty good at keeping up with slang, but no more. The other day I heard a youthful co-worker state, "I'm headin to the cave to split the Y with the tax deduction and intake the breeze."

    translation - I am going home to have sex with my wife and smoke a joint.

  • sizemik

    @Low Key Lysmith . . . the correct english spelling for Alooominum . . . is ALUMINIUM and is pronounced Al-oo-min-e-um. Dropping the "i" in the spelling is a distinct americanism prompted by mis-pronouncement . . . and quite a recent one at that.

    I've noticed American Presidents (GW comes to mind) pronouncing Nuclear as Nucular . . . maybe the spelling on that will change soon too.

    @watersprout . . . "enounciate" . . . isn't it spelt and pronounced enunciate?

    Ha ha . . . these threads are great to pick the eyes out of . . . now someone will find something I've mispelt too LOL

    My current "fingernails on the chalkboard" moment comes when folks say "I could care less" when the saying really goes "I couldn't care less" If you "could care less" . . . it means you care.

  • watersprout
    @watersprout . . . "enounciate" . . . isn't it spelt and pronounced enunciate?

    LOL! Yeah it probably is but what can you do when you have been FINELY educated and now hold a coveted ''Awake'' degree! Sometimes these mistakes just happen.....


  • Chariklo
    "Interesting." It is NOT interESTihg". "This is of great interest to me". There is no emphasis on the "est" part of that word.

    Oh yes there is, in the UK!

  • Farkel

    LOL, folks!


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