Samuel Herd a Murderer?

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  • Joliette

    Do birds fly?

    They might not literally murder people with a knife or gun, but first and formost, they break families apart, and they know their blood policy is wrong, but they stand by it. Thats a murderer in my book.

  • Bangalore

    Welcome DTR.


  • minimus

    I'm sure many of the GB members may question certain things. Big deal. They do nothing about it. Just because you heard Herd (I like that!) was on the fence about this, why center on him? I think ALL of these guys stink. Period.

  • WTWizard

    They are all murderers. And not just for the blood issue.

    The whole body that makes up the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger is responsible for policies that result in untimely deaths. I don't know how many of them end up getting cancer or diabetes and die in their 40s through early 60s as a result of the stress the religion puts on them. The witlesses rarely get enough sleep, and all too many of them eat a pxxx poor diet. (Like Big Macs and Whoppers every day for lunch.) And what about the ones that die trying to get to the boasting sessions when it is not reasonable and prudent to do so? Or that catch tuberculosis at the door because they have to reach those people under threat of destruction? Or that die because the boasting session comes before safety? Not taking precautions when it is excessively hot or cold outside?

    And on top of that, the witlesses lose the use of their lives. You start with a person that has a nice variety of activities, and introduce the religion. It seems exciting at the time, since they seem to be learning the truth and it adds to what they can do. Before long, however, it displaces what they did--like a cancer, it takes control of their lives. Ultimately, they waste their lives pio-sneering and running around for a religion that hates when people get to do things for themselves. The use of their lives is thus lost. Those born into the cancer find their whole lives are shot, not even getting the chance to experience real freedom.

  • Intel

    I know Samuel Herd - personally - he used to stay with us! Believe me, don't expect too much of him....he couldn't do it (and with that, I am not excusing anyone of them)....

    ...myself being an Atheist and truly free of confusing/conflicting thoughts about the WT Org.......

    I welcome you to this Forum!!!!

  • james_woods
    DTW, I like you more with each passing post.

    I second that, Sylvia.

  • Gayle

    don't expect too much of him I guess he's about 76 yrs old now..

    I think of Mandela being 76 yrs old when he became president and changed much in his country, changed the racial injustice there for so long. Of course, he had not been a pampered man all those years previously when he was in prison.

  • minimus

    I know Nelson Mandela and Samuel Herd is NO Nelson Mandela.

  • undercover

    So if Sammy Herd is the current main proponent of banning blood transfusions for JWs and the majority of JWs go along with this, does this make them guilty of a Herd mentality?

    Nevermind me.... I have too much time on my hands today...

  • minimus

    I heard that was true.

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