Samuel Herd a Murderer?

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  • Damn The Watchtower
    Damn The Watchtower

    Hello Folks,

    I feel like a fish who has been struggling for oxygen so long he's almost dead. Time to grow some legs and get the hell out of hell. So, now what? Oh yes, I remember, preach the word, advertise, advertise, advertise the pseudo Governing Body and its kingdom.

    Some background: baptized about 60 years ago, served full time, married, we had no children, served when servants were called "servants". Was serving as the congregation servant when the elder arrangement came along. Fine with me. The more hands the better or so I thought at the time. Then the Governing Body came along in full swing, that was fine I thought, again the more hands the better. What a mistake that kind of thinking turned out to be. Br. Knorr and Br. Franz had problems but at least they were able to put together something that for us at the time could be respected. Respect comes first, trust afterwards. But what do we have today? We have a Governing Body that does not know its left foot from its right. The leaning tower of Pisa should be on the cover of the Watchtower magazine, that would represent more accurately what the leadership truly is. And so, here I am, still in and not in. Not serving, not commenting, just watching the clock tick until the leadership, the leaning tower finally falls.

    But enough about me, on to the advertising.

    Is Samuel Herd responsible for the deaths that result from the FORCED refusal of blood transfusions on his watch? Absolutely! He has blood on his hands and I believe he knows it. Anointed brothers do not allow wrongs initiated by the leadership in the past to continue, they stand up and are counted as being willing and able to take the heat and to stop the deaths from the forced refusal of blood transfusions and to stop the maligning of Jehovah's name. But, no, Br. Herd smiles, nods, and leans back in his chair, allowing others to decide his conscience for him. Meanwhile brothers and sisters who trust that he has their best interests in mind and that he is truly guided by Jehovah continue to risk everything on his word even the lives of their children.

    Murder most foul! Eating blood was NOT always a capital offense in the Hebrew scriptures but the Governing Body does not read the Hebrew Scriptures they read the past publications of the Watchtower, thus the leaning toward oblivion.

    From Damn the Watchtower and all those who are hypocrites within it!

  • NewChapter

    Welcome DTW. It sounds like you have a lot of stories and have experienced a lot of WT history first hand.


  • james_woods

    Uhmmm...wasn't the JW blood policy thought up by Freddy Franz in the 1950s - not by Samuel Herd?

  • Damn The Watchtower
    Damn The Watchtower

    Hello James Woods,

    If my father decides that a certain course is good though it forces people to kill themselves I am just as responsible as he is if I continue in it. More importantly, Jehovah's Witnesses should follow the Bible not Br. Franz. I have heard that Samuel Herd is frequently troubled by this but he says nothing. If that is true then he is responsible for his own actions. To put it on those who are no longer alive is rather cowardly. He should stand up and do what he, it seems, believes.

  • snowbird

    I believe the no-blood policy is Clayton Woodworth's baby.

    If Herd is troubled, that is probably due to his medical problems - he's a diabetic.

    Once you get seriously ill, you become sympathetic toward all who are faced with health problems.

    I agree, though, that if he disagrees with the doctrine, he should stand up and oppose it.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Are you African-American?


  • Damn The Watchtower
    Damn The Watchtower

    Hello Snowbird,

    No, I'm not African-American.

    There have been several families in our circuit who have had to deal with refusing blood though they themselves were not sure it was necessary to do so. It is a damnable thing to force people to kill themselves and I've about had it.

  • james_woods
    It is a damnable thing to force people to kill themselves and I've about had it.

    Especially when the bible itself says absolutely nothing about blood transfusions - just as it says nothing about organ transplants, which were also once banned.

    EDIT - maybe it is time for someone to again put up that detestable Awake magazine cover which proudly showed kids who died over the no-blood doctrine?

  • Magwitch

    Welcome DTW - you sound like you have a lot to add.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the forum, Damn The Watchtower.

    You sure said a mouthful. I couldn't agree more.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you


  • Gayle

    BTW,,glad you are here. Samuel Herd,,wouldn't know where to go,,easier and more comfortable to stay put in his possible misery.. Sadly, the GB only see themselves as priority and not their struggling people and only as a group demand unquestioning obedience of poor, hurting people. All the GB are despicable, I feel that way about 'all' of them since their beginning. They have only 'used' the people for their pride and 'grandeur.'

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