Chemtrails, Seeing is believing.

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  • MrFreeze

    Lets say its true. What do you want me to do about it? Are you planning on toppling governments or just sitting on your computer trying to persuade ex-jws?

  • ProdigalSon

    Personally, I've written to my Congressman several times about this issue.

    Aside from that, MrFreeze, I'm fully aware of the power of collective human consciousness. Being mentally cognizant of what is going on around us is crucial, but then the verbal and physical, non-violent expression of our rejection of these violations of human rights has the ability to topple them and change our reality. Take a look at how tyrannical regimes have been falling all over the world in recent years. It's part of a shift in consciousness prophesied thousands of years ago by numerous civilizations.

    This is the main gist of the message I try to get across here. It isn't Jesus or any other saviour coming back to save us, we have to do it ourselves. Jesus tried to teach mankind how to overthrow the Pharisees 2,000 years ago, but his teachings were suppressed and anyone practicing them were killed. Their writings were destroyed. Now we have another opportunity, bigger and better than ever, with 7 billion people on the planet, to make our decision and enforce it: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We're taking back our beautiful earth. Each of us has our own little role to play, and each of us is equally important. We are each a little piece of God.

    In the words of MUSE, it's time for the fat cats to have a heart attack.

    Wouldn't you like to get on that bandwagon?

  • pedal power
    pedal power

    Bohm and Botch, We are like two old boxers going around and around, with neither of us able to land a knockout blow, lets call it a day, for now ?

  • bohm


    Are you that mentally challenged that you can't read? How many times do I have to point this out?

    Asked whether such tests are still being carried out, she said: 'It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research.'

    Non-denial is basically the same as admission that it's still going on.

    what is still going on? the cadmium trials?

    You say X is going on, X being the collective phenomona known as chemtrails which is not even well defined. We ask why. You say A happened, A being a set of experiments in the 50-60s on chemical warfare it seem gardian is blowing out of proportions.

    So why does A imply X?

    I guess thats where i am "mentally challenged" because if I (for instance) wanted claim something as silly as clouds being seeded puffs of radiation meant to sterialize us all, or that many contrails contained chemicals meant to kill a large fraction of the earths population and i could tell the difference just by looking at them from the ground (you know, something that would make even new born babies would facepalm), I really do think just arguing

    • A is true (today)
    • therefore X is true

    would be insufficient, but i would need to argue:

    • A is true (today)
    • A implies X
    • Therefore X is true

    And copy-pasting the first 50 pieces of random crap i found by typing in "chemtrails proof" in google (without understanding the parts which are more complicated than someone gawkin at airplanes from the ground, no less!) would not constitute proof. In fact, crapfloating a thread with things i didnt understand, then continuing to copy-paste more crap rather than engaging critisism leveled against said copy-pasted crap, would be what i would consider a failure on my part, and i would be quite embarassed if i found myself doing something like that.

    For the record, i am glad you are calling me mentally challenged.

    Not that i think making personal remarks are very becoming of either of us, but because it demonstrate yet again what a total hypocrit you are, for first calling other names, then doing an absolute epic whine that we should not even say the moronic bloggers you copy-pasted from were moronic bloggers, and now once more, calling names.

    Congratulation! .

  • ProdigalSon

    Yes bohm, that was yesterday.... they're all reformed now, totally committed to the health and welfare of each human being.... and they are truly sorry

  • NomadSoul

    I walked outside yesterday and I saw a Chemtrail.

    After a few minutes I had a craving for fast food.

    Coincidence? I don't think so. I think they're trying to make me eat more junk food so I'll get fat and die, and they can take over the world.

  • bohm

    PSON: riiiight. The brittish (and no doubt american military) examined the effects of releasing biological agents from planes on the population in a manner which today would be deemed unsafe and unethical, but nevertheless had extremely little ill-effect of the population and (we must remember) was carried out in a time where little knowledge was avaliable as to the danger of various substances we today know are dangerous.

    So there are at least two potential conclusions which can be drawn about what they were doing and wanted to do:

    • Preparation for biological war: For both offensive (but certainly also defensive) purposes it was vital to understand how biological agents was spread and how likely and effective airplanes was as a vector for attacking the country with biological agents: The people would simply not have been doing their job without making such experiments.
    • Preparing to exterminate the population slowly by spreading biological agents from airplanes in 2011. God knows why these people would like to do that.

    Now, i ask why you jump to conclusion #2, and I get to hear i am mentally challenged and you post a bech video along with some inane, ironic bullshit which is nowhere related to that obvious problem.

    FFS, even if this was the special olympics for arguments, the judge would be screaming GET THAT RETARD OUT OF HERE!. You would do better by drolling and pissing your pants as it is.

    If this was a safe mode of argument, evidence the military investigated the implication of a nuclear blast in a major city would need to be taken as evidence they was planning to blow up a said major city by a nuclear bomb, or preparation to avoid food poisining by a restaurant owner would need to be taken as evidence he was trying to kill his guests by food poisening, or a girl who was taking self-defence lessons could be accused of trying to kill random people by karate -- if you are unable to grasp why such a major jump in logic need to be substantiated by more than a Bech video, you are actually better off crapfloating this thread by videos of people gawking at airplanes and going "uuuhhhhh... i am scared of that cloud".

  • shamus100

    ** sprays mace at everyone in the room, runs out ** :D

  • ProdigalSon

    Suuuuure bohm.... use people as lab rats for their own good. I like that.

    Actually, they don't really want everyone dead..... keeping people sick is much more profitable.

  • shamus100

    If anyone is into cholita wrestling, let me know. It's the new 'best way' to win on a thread. ;D

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