Chemtrails, Seeing is believing.

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    I have been watching the sky closely for the last six years and in that time I have not seen a hiatus of more than a few days no matter what season it is, so there goes that theory.

    Absolutely not. Show me your data. What days, how many supposed chem trails, how long did they linger, how you kept track to make sure you didn't mistake one for another when you went and took a nap, etc. You haven't proved anything.

    The proof is being found in everything from our lakes to the hoods of cars. If you choose to believe it's all bullshit, go right ahead. That's your prerogative.

    Absolutely it is. However, I choose to ask for data and, you know, actual evidence. Simply charter a plane to fly into a supposed chemtrail or two, collect some samples and analyze them at an unbiased reputable lab. That's not so hard.

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    Best month to see Jupiter!

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    Reminds me of that Simpsons headline "Old man yells at cloud".

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    Best month to see Jupiter!

    My new Celestron 114MM scope comes in tomorrow. I am super excited. previously I just had an old $50 Meade I was using forever. It's gonna ROCK.

    Maybe some of you wisenheimers can tell this guy that its all in his head....

    Seeing as how he's barking at the moon bonkers, he needs a doctor to tell him that. But it IS all in his head.

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    At this point in time, anyone who refuses to understand or recognize that chemtrails are indeed real - they are the conspiracy nuts. They want to live in a world of illusion where these things can't possibly be true because they don't want them to be. On the one hand those same people run out and buy light bulbs to save money because they are told to - they faithfully get rid of those nasty plastic water bottles - because they are told to - and yet, they choose to ignore all the data around them that points to other things that are causing problems because they don't want to be in the 'club' that people point to as conspiracy theorists.

    In the USA today in 2011 there was an article about geo-engineering aka chemtrails which are a result of chemical spraying. Geo-engineering is admittedly going on all over the world - ususally telling the public that it is to thwart global warming. There is NO proof it is stopping global warming but when it is okay to dump chemicals into the air en masse to play around and experiment to to see if we can use chemicals to alter the weather etc, it is just that - an experiment. If anyone still hasn't figured out that what is up there - that stuff above you - if you still don't understand that sooner or later it all reaches the ground and will have some affect on plant, animal, water life - then you don't understand how come you get wet when it rains.

    Now, to support those chemicals being shot out of planes over your head, you will also hear that most of the stuff dissolves before it hits the ground so you don't suffer from the chemicals - but - there is no proof that this really happens. We know this because of the number of people that have in fact found substances on their skin, on the trees, floating on water, right after seeing the chemtrails above them in the sky. When you hear that China was able to stop it raining for the Olympics - how do you think it was done? It was done by blasting chemicals into the air to alter the weather pattern. Today we have about 15,000 dead pig carcasses floating in the rivers there - we can say there is no relationship between the pigs dying and chemtrails - but we only believe that because our own media tells us that. There is no proof - kind of like the government in the west telling you that Fukushima radiated fish never reach your shores, even after they catch a tuna on the California coast that is 10x the allowable limit for radiation in food.

    What can you do? Not much. This has been going on for 45 or more years and people kept quiet because if they said anything they were crazy. Now it's common knowledge. If you look at the number of 'new and improved' illness - mental illness, neurological illnesses, autism, behavioral issues, alzheimers...the list goes on - start connecting the dots. When did we start playing around so much with our food and water and why do we accept that it is good for us when time and again, others come out in dispute with the reasoning.

    For a solid week there were chemtrails clouding the skies in northern NY state - counted 17 before 8:30 am in the summer on one day and it was non stop every morning. Those chemicals are landing somewhere and no explanation why chemicals are even being released in that location or that time. Nobody should lose sleep over it because it's happening whether you want it to or not....but to say it doesn't exist is playing ostrich. sammieswife


    Scientists call it "geoengineering," but in plain speak, it means things like this: blasting tons of sulfate particles into the sky to reflect sunlight away from Earth; filling the ocean with iron filings to grow plankton that will suck up carbon; even dimming sunlight with space shades.

    By Karl Gelles, USA TODAY

    Once the domain of scientists' off-hours schemes scrawled on cocktail napkins, geoengineering is getting a serious look in the political realm.

    Each brings its own set of risks, but in a world fretting about the consequences of global warming, are these ideas whose time has come?//

    Still not convinced?? What if I told you that there are patents for these very such things. This was released on December 5th, 2010 Spraying the Skies: 1975 U.S. Patent for Powder Contrail Generation with patents dating back all the way to March 1st, 1927.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg; there are so many other documents to prove such things exist.

    I myself am a pilot for over 10 years and have worked in the aviation field for about the same amount of years; from a professional point of view, I can say that there is a huge difference between condensation (con-trail) and a chemical trail (chemtrail). A condensation trail dissipates as the jet moves along; a chemical trail will stay and expand into man-made clouds used for various weather experiments loaded with toxic chemicals that we breathe in on a daily basis.

    Chemicals include:
    Arsenic, aerosol, barium, depleted uranium, high levels of mercury, aluminum and several other toxic chemicals. These are a huge cause in most respiratory breathing problems in America. I did a beta test on how many cases of an ambulance being called within a 8-hour period from respiratory problems, people of all ages infant to elderly that can’t breathe. I worked in a facility in Springfield, MA where I monitored operations and a police-fire scanner. I monitored an average of 8-13 calls every day within that 8-hour period of people who could not breathe.

    Once these chemicals are sprayed, several hours later they descend towards ground level and the human body inhales these toxic fumes. You may ask if wearing a gas mask is safe — well, you may protect your lungs, but also remember that plants breathe these chemicals in as well, affecting your foods grown and water you drink, along with the already added poison sodium fluoride and all its derivatives incorporated by your friends at Monsanto.

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    lm surprised people are still in denial that chemtrails are a conspiracy.
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    Im surprised chemtrails work on a flat earth...

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    Woe! A seven year old chemtrails thread.

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