Chemtrails, Seeing is believing.

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  • pedal power
    pedal power

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  • pedal power
    pedal power

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  • ProdigalSon

    My Osteopath's Bio-Chemist friend in Washington State, noticed these unusual trails and decided to take a sample of the dust that had covered his car after a day of tic-tac-toe skies. He said he found alluminum, pestisides, 'manmade virises', and 3 perscription seditives. This is early 2000's

    Thank you for that, eva. I know about the prescription sedatives too. Yes it is part of the dumbing down process.... its turning up in the drinking water, as is fluoride, which was used by the Nazis on the German people.

    I do wonder, if it is true about the Chemical trails, why there isnt a huge outcry, and exposure of this.

    There IS a huge outcry, but this thread is a good example of how the people who try to expose this are shouted down as insane, called "conspiracy theorists", "morons", "nitwits" etc. If people were better educated about their own consciousness they would understand what the agenda is: keeping people in a coma-like state. I've mentioned in other threads about the power of the human mind. The people who have been dominating this world for the last 13 millennia certainly know how it works, and this is the main reason for the chemtrails. You can take away their minds, just don't mess with their Big Macs, porn, Walmart, American Idol....

  • botchtowersociety

    As for aluminum, that is not surprising. Aluminum is one of the most common elements in the Earth's crust. Hence it is present in the soil, in airborne dust, and rainwater.

    Virtually all food, water, air, and soil contain some aluminum.

    We know that a small amount of pesticides are present in air and rainwater:

    This is a result of agricultural use, not mysterious chemtrails.

    As for "man made viruses," and prescription sedatives, that is hearsay. I'd like to see the evidence.

  • bohm


    i f so could you PM him to move on,

    it would be more fun if you send the pm i think...

    or else I are going to be moving round and round in ever decreasing circles, until I disapear up my own arsehole.

    Its a pity you didnt go into medicine.

    Now on to the science!

    weather conditions ? I would say that the weather conditions when spraying are fairly benign, 20mph and below.

    tell me the 20mph is NOT the windspeed at ground level. You DO know that weather conditions very often vary GREATLY in the atmosphearic column?

    I think the points raised here are good, and may help to eliminate naturally occuring phenomonon, such as differing types of cloud formation, and whether atmospheric conditions could be a determining factor,

    the burden of evidence is open you to determine that what you observe (which is entirely consistent with cloud formation) is NOT just seeded cloud formation.

    As many have stated, saying that contrails allways disappear in minutes is equivalent to saying clouds allways disappear in minutes. the weather is not allways the same. i dont understand how PSon and PP are able to duck such an obvious objection for 9 pages and still take themselves serious, but here we are...

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Here's my take on the subject:

    Folks like bohm seem to trust their governments so much that they refuse to believe that said governments could possibly be up to anything covert or nefarious.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you have people that believe that the only thing their government is up to is selling their people down the river and using them as lab rats in all types of evil experiments.

    I would say that the truth is likely somewhere in between these two poles. World governments have been shown throughout history to be up to questionable deeds when it comes to the welfare of thir citizens.

    But, if a government ultimately ends up sickening or killing off all of its citizens, then you would cease to have anyone to govern, no?

    One thing is absolutely certain, however. Just about everyone involved in this ridiculous debate has behaved with the utmost in juvenile, petty jabs and name calling. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • ProdigalSon

    i dont understand how PSon and PP are able to duck such an obvious objection for 9 pages and still take themselves serious, but here we are...

    Nobody's ducking it. Your arguments are about as relevant as a photo of WWII bombers making contrails.

    Try watching this a few times. I know it's really, really deep for you, but I have confidence you can get the sense of it if you really, really try....

  • NomadSoul

    LOL I made two small comments on the first page and he's still butthurt.

    I think it was my comment about hitting him upside his head that threw him over the edge.

    Oh well.

    Just for you.

  • ProdigalSon

    But, if a government ultimately ends up sickening or killing off all of its citizens, then you would cease to have anyone to govern, no?

    The elite have made it clear that they would like to reduce the world population to an "ideal" 500,000,000. The rest are just "useless eaters". This is not even a conspiracy, it's openly admitted.

    I agree with you that the truth is somewhere in between. Why? Because not all the "dark elite" are totally evil. They don;t necessarily agree with each other. Some are more benevolant, others are just plain brutal. What we need is disclosure, and we can make that happen. But pulling rationalizations out of our asses to cover up this diabolically criminal behavior helps no one but them.

  • bohm

    LKL: My argument does not rely on "trusting the government" at all. folks like bohm rely on the following:

    • i find it quite unlikely there should be a global chemtrail conspiracy. extraordinary goofy actually. and how old would it be? the pictures posted would suggest pre WW2.
    • there is no damn evidence.

    so thats that.

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