Chemtrails, Seeing is believing.

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  • sizemik

    shamus . . . you are doing Lysergic acid diethlamide a grave disservice . . . it has no adverse effect on me whatsoever.

  • ProdigalSon

    if government admission isn't proof, what the fuck is?

    hey monkey, go fuck with somebody else. Calling me a moron is out of bounds. Fuck off.

  • talesin

    we live with the maybe's

    I totally agree ,,, the author of this thread, though, if you read the OP, was merely wondering and asking for comments, not ridicule. This thread, to me, demonstrates perfectly why Granny is disgusted with the board at this time.

    No kindness, no discussion, just mocking and ridicule for someone who is honestly wanting to discuss something that is freaking them out... who cares if it's a bit off the wall? Do we need to be so F**KING MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • sizemik

    Agreed again tal . . .

    However . . . the OP did take a fairly intansigent position from the outset . . . which puts those with an alternative view in a defensive position straight away. Not a very wise way to open free discussion IMO. Also some of his apologists have taken on an equally mocking tone thereby inviting further scorn. Some seem to like to debate in this manner.

    But I agree with your sentiments. What would our Granny think now? A bit of humour is fine and can be taken as such, rather than cause offence . . . but meanness and abuse is no badge of honour.

  • sir82

    I keep tellin' youse guys......

    It's all a plot, an insidious nefarious plot, hatched by the lizard-eye reptilian overlord alien grey Bilderberger Illuminati cabal, to turn us into slaves mining gold from FEMA camps. Creating the Federal Reserve was the first step, fluoridating our water was step 2, and step 3 is the chemtrails.

    At least that's what the voices in my head keep telling me.

  • talesin

    We're not all great writers, size, so I get your point, but engineers are not famous for their communication skills ... thus, my understanding for his/her shall we say 'bluntness' in the OP.


  • pedal power
    pedal power

    Hi I am just up running late for work, I have not had time to look at the thread from yesterday, but it looks like things got messy ? The reason why I was so adamant in my O P was, 1, I knew it was more than likely that we would get into a debate of Contrails/Chemtrails, rightly or wrongly I assumued, anyone intrested in this debate, would be able to understand the difference between the two. Secondly I had just witnessed Chemtrails sprayed over the City I live in, I also mentioned, that I Know the two flight paths used, depending on the prevaling wind,Niether of these were being used,Hopefully I was able to demonstrate, my knowledge of the skys around here,We have a single runway airport, the flight paths are very predictable, the aircraft doing the spraying were on flight paths I have rarely seen if ever. And lastly when you have watched something happening, with YOUR OWN EYES, its kind of difficult, not to be certain, and again rightly or wrongly, I know what I have seen.Be honest, If You have seen something hundreds of times, and ,somone says you have not, who do you believe? You believe the evidence of your own eyes.

    I had hoped for a genuine debate, Maybe that was niave ? Will catch up later !

  • sizemik

    You may find some genuine posts of interest . . . there's always plenty of weeds among the wheat in threads like this.

    You seem very convinced . . . so may I ask . . .

    What altitude were the aircraft at? (best guess)

    Could you identify the aircraft type?

    Did the same aircraft make more than one pass?

    Was the pattern of emission defined (start, continuous, finish).

    Over what period of time does it occur.?

    What time of the day or night does it happen?

    Do the passes form a pattern of coverage or are they random?

    What are the wind conditions when it occurs?

    Have you checked NOTAMS for the period(s) in question?

    This is not a challenge . . . I'm just wanting to get a handle on exactly what you've observed in more detail.

  • sizemik

    I checked out the map prodigal son . . .

    The image from Canada is of an aeronautical display showing aircraft in formation performing aerobatics . . . these are prop-driven aircraft and the smoke is generated by releasing a fuel oil, normally diesel, into the exhaust manifold prior to emission. Technically, it can be called a chemtrail. But apart from a small amount of air pollution, I can assure you it is harmless.

    Apart from a couple of vibrant sunsets, the majority of the others appear to be normal contrails. Those that linger and dissapate slowly are simply responding to the atmospheric conditions. In fact slow dissapation is more a characteristic of water vapour than any chemical. The vapour, once introduced at that level, takes on exactly the same characteristics of natural vapour (clouds) which take a similarly long time to dissapate in the same conditions.

    Cirrus clouds form at a similar altitude and assume unusual shapes which are slow moving and linger for many hours . . .

    You are free to differ of course.

  • ProdigalSon

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