Chemtrails, Seeing is believing.

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  • bohm

    PP: Hi bohm, You dont happen to be the proud owner of a pair of dark glasses a white stick, and a friendly dog that leads you around ?

    Hi pedal power. Nope. BTW, I think all that chemtrail killed your "and". Perhaps if you are really quick you can perhaps get the guilty cloud on camera? (you just know its guilty if it does not disappear after a minute or two).

  • bohm


    Airplanes have been observed turning the chemtrails off and on at will, so it has nothiing to do with altitude or atmospheric conditions.

    The GOVERNMENT can make the motherships go visible/invisible on command. The other day i was out driving, and suddenly BOOM a white mothership!. No motherships for miles and then BOOM there it was. That proove it got nothing to do with altitude and atmospheric conditions like some sheeples like to believe.

    As I said, this is a subject that isn't even debatable..

    sure aint! the motherships of doom are real.

    you bozos come in here and try to make us believe that we don't see what we see with our own eyes.


    The only thing that's debatable is whether they are trying to kill us, trick us, or just dumb us down.

    you must be living in a particulary well-covered area...

    You desperately want us to be blind like you... you should all go back to the Kingdom Hall where you belong...

    no i want you to OPEN YOUR EYES and not be blind like a good little sheep. (insert random insult about you and the kingdom hall here, i rally cant make myself type such drivel)

    as for me and those of us who choose to see what's being done to us, our intent is to take back our planet from these f**kers... and reap the fruitage of our own labor instead of them.

    your the person who is buying the official story hook, line and sinkers. Im the guy who are seing the REAL TRUTH and has realized the motherships are real. I intend to take back this planet singlehanded from my command center in my basement by writing warnings on blogs, message boards and yahoo chat. you can thank me later unless the motherships get you!

  • sizemik
    As I said, this is a subject that isn't even debatable.. you bozos come in here and try to make us . . . etc etc (prodigal son)

    If the subject isn't debatable . . . then why are you here debating it? . . . just to call everybody who has an opinion slightly different to your own a "bozo"

    You come across as having some kind of emotional problems . . . unless you are enjoying yourself . . . then it could be more serious.

    It doesn't lend a lot of weight to your closely held beliefs prodigal son . . . it could be worth giving it some attention . . . I'm sincere about that.

  • bohm

    Proof the motherships are real:

    • i got thousands of hours of videotape i made myself showing how the omniously float around over major urban areas.
    • they dont dissapate in minutes, but can stay for hours. you just cant explain that.
    • The evil overlords (the UN, vatican, wallmart, US government and the local pup) pretend they are not real, unlike "chemtrail" which is a coverstory clearly endorsed by governments, like PSON has documented.

    Proof their influence is real and evil:

    • they are equipped by high-energy weapons they use to zap opposers and terrorise the sheep. For instance they zapped my uncle Bob because he was on to how the government use clothers to make us all go infertile.
    • Many stories document how their toxic liquid chemicals can destroy entire fields of grain. They also control us to stay indoor.
    • Sometimes they release so much chemicals it float basements. Clearly an offensive move to get us who are on to them out in the open!
    • They use mind-control. Notice how even sheep will say they feel down when the sky is covered with motherships.
    • + 100 extra proof.


  • ProdigalSon

    You come across as having some kind of emotional problems . . . unless you are enjoying yourself . . . then it could be more serious.

    Thanks for the psychological evaluation....

    I wasn't referring to you sizemik, because you bring balance to a discussion, but mostly frick and frack, the two bozos who have nothing on their agenda except to ridicule... bohm with his fucking motherships is a real hoot... but he has nothing else to offer. People like him help to keep the human race enslaved and my job is to fight ignorance so we can all wake up... it's our only hope, and the sooner the better.

  • sizemik

    Here's one that appeared over our city the other day . . . blew us all to hell!

    Now you can freely call me a "bozo"

  • sizemik

    Hey . . . I don't actually mind anyone calling me a "bozo" . . . it's no big deal, honestly.

    But go back and read pedal powers opening post . . .

    He states unequivocally that chemtrails are a "fact" . . . OK?

    Now read the rest of it and see how many questions he asks . . . fundamental questions that without answers destroy the fact.

    Presenting a "fact" as indisputable . . . and then asking a whole heap of questions that have no obvious answer . . . makes absolutely no sense.

    Answer the questions first . . . then draw the proper conclusions . . . it's the scientific method.

    To try and debate from such a position is plain stupid . . . sorry, but it is.

    EDIT: And when you've done that . . . read the first two replies . . . they say it all . . . end of story.

  • ProdigalSon

    I'm using the scientific method. I see white lines all over the sky that I didn't see 20 years ago. They linger for hours and turn into wispy fake clouds. They are like no clouds I've seen before the white trails. I did the research and came to the conclusion that there was an agenda, then they admit it. So tell me, what are we debating?

    Chemtrails ARE a fact... end of story.

  • sizemik

    I'm feeling helpful tonight . . .

    If you want to find some answers, you can begin by accessing information on Aeronautical Manouvres in your area (NOTAMS). All aeronautical manouvres require a NOTAM . . . even the military. Operating with a NOTAM is required in order to avoid mid-air collision which is a high probability with the volume of air traffic today . . . and covers travel to and from the point of origin. Look for any suspicious NOTAMS . . . particularly military ones.

    You can access the UK ones here . . .

    If you still draw a blank, you can hire high resolution optics to identify the aircraft . . . including identifying marks.

    You can hire optical equipment from here . . .

    Or here . . .

    Or you can purchase from here . . .

    To be thorough you may wish to chemically analyse air composites in the area.

    You can hire air analysis equipment here . . .

    You can learn how to collect samples and have them analysed here . . .

    If a real threat exists, you will be able to identify it . . . the technology is available.

    Good luck.

  • Leto

    You know, there are plenty of jets in private hands. Why hasn't someone just gone up there and collected a sample of these chemtrails you know, like for proof of whats going on? It's not like it would be hard to come up with concrete evidence if indeed we are being sprayed with chemicals.

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