What is the most offensive/idiotic piece of WT literature you've read from the past 20 years (approximately)?

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  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Life-How Did it Get Here...is hilarious.

    And one day I'm gonna go to meeting without wearing outer garments, and tell them that I'm very literal.

  • rebel8

    Just be sure to braid your pubic (internal) hair.

  • orangefatcat

    Discreet slave dude, I adore your posting, those two quotes from the watchtower mag. were perfect.

    w8/15/2011 The article "A History Making Meeting"

    Brother Lett noted a number of
    exciting developments in the visible part of
    God’s organization in recent years.
    For instance, a number of branches are being
    merged and consolidated,
    which will allow
    many who were formerly serving in
    Bethel homes in those countries to focus on
    the preaching work. Brother Lett urged the
    audience to keep praying that the Governing
    Body, as the representative of the slave
    class, continue to be not only faithful but
    also wise, or discreet.

    What is so exciting about losing your job?

    same magazine Question from readers

    Memorial partakers. This is the number
    of baptized individuals who partake of the
    emblems at the Memorial worldwide. Does
    this total represent the number of anointed
    ones on earth? Not necessarily. A number
    of factors—including past religious beliefs or
    even mental or emotional imbalance
    cause some to assume mistakenly that they
    have the heavenly calling. We thus have no
    way of knowing the exact number of anointed
    ones on earth;
    nor do we need to know.
    The Governing Body does not keep a list of all
    partakers, for it does not maintain a global
    network of anointed ones.

    it is fasinating to see how quickly the GB is at there explaination as to the increase in the numbers of partakers and then to say that the may be person of mental or emotional imbalance and or past religous beliefs. Can you stomach this, how dare they presume to consider one of mental and emotional imbalance what are they a bunch of doctors with degress now or mystic knowing the minds and hearts of persons in the organizaiton please this sets them up above Christ and how dare they do that. This is so presumptious,and hypocritical. NO ONE or GROUP, has the right to judge the heart of another none what so ever. It is a pitiful situation within the Ranks of Jehovah's witnesses and the upper echolons. I fear for my sisters and my mom who are so caught up in this web of deception,but they are so brainwashed over time they can't see it as it subtle and slowly indrocrinated like a person who is introduced to a new drug it is not given quickly in high dosages but slow dosages til the body becomes accustomed to it and that is what has happened to every last Jehovah's Witness, slowly dilibrately fed in small dosages the falsehoods and gently they are eased into a life style from which there is no escaping because the withdrawls are deadly or extremely fearful. How we pity them, and how much more so does Christ pity them. They are like the lost sheep with out proper teachers to lead them to Him and the His tender love and kindness forgiveness and exceeding mercy. Oh woe to the Wts lying men and their coverup for they will be exposed and their shame will become enlightened for all to see. How much mercy will our Lord have for them.? Will it be as their mercy was to us? Only time will tell us the answers we all seek to know and see.


  • orangefatcat

    what ever i did above, orangefatcat humbly apologizes for the messy quote box mistake. mwah!!!!!

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    rebel8: But of course!

    Good quotes, orangefatcat.

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