This convention blows

by Anony Mous 122 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • godrulz

    True revival brings repentance, love, power, good. Godlessness brings evil and destruction. If the saints are revived, people are loved, served, and won to an eternal destiny change. You are still confusing God and Satan (and failing to appreciate that the God of love is also holy and a responsible Moral Governor who must deal with evil and triumph over it).

  • RayPublisher

    Atheist Alert! Run for your lives lol! Anyway I believe in G. O. D. despite the WTO so tear me to shreds if you want haha.

    @Mr Freeze - "Yup it blows but this is the best convention ever!" THAT MADE ME LOL FOR REAL- Thank you dude you are my bro, apostate or not...

  • steve2

    Any one who believes they can harmonize the cruel universal brutality of the Old Testament with the lovey-dovey revivalism of "modern" if-it-feels-good-it's-real Christianity can do greater gymnastics with their prefrontal cortex than I ever could do with mine. I take my humble hat off to their elastic, stain-resistant higher reasoning powers.

  • godrulz

    God is loving AND holy, merciful and just. He is a responsible Moral Governor of the universe. Who are you, godplayer, to question the Almighty (Job; Rom. 9-11)?

  • ambersun
    They actually had the nerve to say that Jesus appointed his apostles as the governing body of JW in the first century and the governing body is the successor to those apostles.

    Good grief! I have been like this after reading about most of the stuff that is coming from the platform at this convention, but this statement just about takes the biscuit!

    I am SOOOO glad I no longer have to go. I don't think my already high blood pressure could take the strain lol!!

    The explanation for tigers no longer in the paradise pictures: They're going extinct and it may be that we're not going to be able to play with them in Paradise (that's from a Bethel-vet, no kidding).

    Thanks for that bit of information Anony Mous! And I presume that explanation was given in all seriousness without his tongue firmly in his cheek? I was in need of a good laugh today and that little gem has certainly given me one

  • godrulz

    Sounds like Catholic Apostolic Succession or Mormon version?

  • Chariklo
    In revival, people are swept into the kingdom in large numbers without months of indoctrination (Pentecost all over again).

    Or, to put it another way, no teaching, they don't need to think, they can just give in to mass hysteria.

  • steve2

    Who are you godrulz to sweep encrusted violence-soaked religious Old Testament blood under the carpet? Oh, yes, when all else fails, leave reasoning behind a closed door and revert to good old-fashioned threats of what the "Good"' Lord will do with people who question the Biblical record of extermination of entire peoples, including babies and old people. And you quote Job to keep me in my place. Well, you are uncomfortably close to the Old Testament mentality - so I shouldn't be too surprised.

  • NewChapter

    Who are you godrulz to----

    No, just who are you? ooooo are you trying to exert some authority over Steve? OOOO, tremble. JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT TO BELIEVE AS I DO??? Fear inspiring. Arrogant putz.


  • godrulz

    When people encounter the risen Christ, they can fall at his feet and be transformed with the reality of His presence and relationship. Discipleship/teaching follows conversion and does not have to proceed it. WT conversion is indoctrination, not an encounter with Christ in relationship. Christianity is one beggar showing another where to get bread. Cults are slow mind control into group think with no spiritual reality.

    In the OT, God was patient for decades or centuries before he dealt with the cancer that would ultimately destroy his people, their children, etc. It was not a fickle, capricious judgment without repeated offers of mercy and grace. In this Church Age of 2000 years, we see God's restraint, patience, and mercy. The coming 3.5 second half of 7 year Trib. will be great wrath, but there will still be mercy and many saved during this time. Those who impugn God's character and ways do not understand His love, holiness, justice, mercy (yet they think our flawed legal system has the right to deal with evil in justice, not just mercy or sentimental luv divorced from truth and righteousness).

    God is not in the dock. He is the Judge and He is not arbitrary. It will be clear when you stand before Him that His ways were right, good, true, no other way. The issue will be His perfection/holiness/love contrasted with your sin/rebellion/selfishness/foolishness. The OT will not be an excuse to get you off the hook. Hypocrites in the church or deceptive cults will also not be an excuse. There will be no excuse in light of the cross, the provision for our mess. The passion of the Christ demonstrates God's great love (while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us Rom. 5:8) and His holiness and the awfulness of sin (it necessitated a substitute for the penalty of sin/death so God can uphold governmental issues as He extends mercy; the issues were not personal/retributive...He is full of grace and mercy, but must also be just to the impenitent).

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