Well the dirty piece of trash got off.

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  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I swear man, people get way too emotionally invested in this tabloid crap.

    That's about the long & short of it, right there.

    People die every day, including children. In this case, the media got hold of a juicy story and ran with it. Nothing new there. As a result, people want their eye-for-an-eye revenge.

    Sure, she was pretty much proven to be a disgraceful parent; an irresponsible, selfish party girl; and a liar. This is why everyone wants to see her burned at the stake.

  • JRK

    AGuest seems to be pissing on a few people's Wheaties.


  • NewChapter

    I recently did a research paper on female defendants at jury trials in the late 1800's, early 1900's. They absolutely convicted women on their character alone, regardless of the evidence. Only back then, they did so openly and in full agreement with all male juries. We don't "technically" do that anymore, but culturally it's still there. Repeatedly people arguing her guilt point to her lifestyle. It's disturbing, but predictable. We just seem to be wired that way.


  • noni1974

    The same thing used to happen in rape cases before they passed laws to stop defence lawyers from bringing up a raped womans sexual history NC. It's sick, but acceptable still.

  • ziddina
    A Guest: "...But the TRUTH is that fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, neighbors, teachers, family friends, clergy, and more have been molesting little girls for millenia. ..."

    Yes - and I suspect that the SAME thing has been happening to little boys, too - only because of the cultural perception of males as "stronger", that problem has been ignored, even more so than incest/sexual molestation of little girls...

    I hadn't watched the trial - just picked up on bits and pieces. I wonder whether Casey will ever feel safe enough to finger the real killer - if she didn't do it, that is...

    I suspect that Casey will have to be on "suicide watch" for quite some time, at any rate...

  • AGuest

    Grace and Dagney... peace to you both and my sincere apologies for offending you, for misstating "granddaughter" (vs. daughter), Grace, and for forgetting what you posted and who posted what I was responding to, Dagney. Both were mistakes and I ask you forgiveness. By way of explanation, my hard drive crashed a few weeks ago and so it takes close to 10 minutes for me to even get online (through a backdoor method) and another 10 or so to get onto JWN. And that's if my computer doesn't just up and close the internet connection down (which it sometime does and did during this post so that it takes 3-4 tries before I'm on). Usually, I respond almost line by line in order to prevent what happened today from happening; unfortunately, I went off "memory" because it was just too hard for me to get online and then try to scroll up and down in the post. That was entirely MY error, though, so, again, I apologize for misstating either/both of you.

    I know about the duct tape; I do not know that Casey put it on the baby.

    I do not believe nor did I state that ALL people who have been molested act out/become bad parents. Many, though, do. Many. If you were to interview much of the people in prison, on drugs, engaging in outrageous conduct, living on the streets, diagnosed with schizophrenia or dual-diagnosed, you would find that more of them than not were molested as children... and the "coping" mechanism was, primarily, creating a fictitious "life" in their minds. And... lying.

    Just one example in my life was a former boss who lied more than anyone I've ever known (I think). I mean, not even good lies. Just... lied. Even unnecessarily. All of my peers knew it, but no one knew why. I inadvertently found out on a trip out of town. He and I had dinner... and a little too much wine... and he started talking. I though he was a homosexual (big deal, so what?)... but he wanted me to know that he had been married to a woman early in his life and was actually bisexual. Okaaaaaay. Then he told me that he had been molested by a male neighbor as a child. Ummm... why did I have wine??!! He said I was always "so easy to talk to" and he just wanted to "share." He said he felt "kind of relieved" since moving from Texas to California because here he could "be himself". He was in his late 30's. He said that he'd learned very young "how to hide" which is why he got married (his mother wanted him to because she was "afraid" he was gay). When I asked him HOW he hid, he said he would tell people what they wanted to hear. I realized then that in order to "hide" he learned to lie. And very well. But what was most revealing is that he didn't even know he was still doing it. Even when he didn't have to. And about practically everything (some of his lies were just over the top!).

    That was one example, but I've met MANY people who have such circumstances; usually, though, they're not professionals but street urchins, homeless, delinquents, single mothers, hookers, etc. When you manage the projects, these are the kinds of people you meet. Them and their children/grandchildren. And you eventually start to learn just what's going on in a household... after you've responded to a few domestic disputes (mothers throwing hot oil on fathers/boyfriends for touching/molesting/raping daughters), met with CPS a number of times, and given statements to the police, etc. Problem is, it's "expected" in the projects. But apparently a bit difficult to buy when it occurs in "white bread" America. And no, that wasn't a racial slur. I meant it to imply affluence, regardless of the race of the family.

    The conduct and behavior is classic, as I said. I can't really care if you ladies can't "see" it. But I would wager that if you asked any domestic/child abuse counselor, therapist, or psychologist, they would tell you the same thing.

    I just think it's even more a pity... and indicative of our society... that this young woman was a victim herself... and just underwent trial for something that was probably done by her own abuser. Yet, no one stepped up. Of course, not. Too many "skeletons" would come out of THAT closet, and we can't have THAT... not right in our own backyard, not with a family we respected. But folks are so caught up... and blinded... by the sensation... that they just can't see past it. Can't bring themselves to even consider the POSSIBILITY that someone else was literally responsible, with Ms. Anthony only being indirectly responsible and part of a cover up.

    But believe as you will... judge as you will. And I did not judge you or anyone else, Dagney. True, I misstated what you posted, but that truly was an unintended error, not a judgment. I simply included you in my question because you appeared to agree with Grace. I notice, though, that neither of you answered the question. But I am not surprised.

    The Pharisees were certain that Christ was a blasphemer... and so executed him. While I realize that today we have the Bible to help those who need it understand that that was NOT the case, apparently his responses... and conduct... led the majority of the Jews to believe he had indeed blasphemed. So they got caught up, supported the "sensationalized" propaganda against him... and ultimately called for his death, too. I have to wonder how many of us here would have gotten caught up then, too. Because, in the end, only a very few actually stood by his side.. Even his friends deserted him. One openly denied him.

    Bottom line: the prosecution didn't prove it's case. Because they COULDN'T... and jury saw this (thank God!). Because they were there and SAW much more than we who weren't there could ever even hear. They saw body language, expressions, people's looks at one another, reactions, etc. They heard whispers and low voices. We didn't. And as to what we DID hear, it was only bits and pieces, snipets... from which the media attempted to get us to pull together an entire picture. They did this... ON PURPOSE. They made MONEY off this. Low ratings don't make networks, news shows, and newspapers money.

    Yes, it just might look like a duck, even quack like a duck. But the ugly duckling wasn't actually a duck... was he?

    I stand by what I posted... and feel absolutely NO illwill if someone disagrees. It's all opinion, after all, which we're all entitled to, even if it's of absolutely NO consequence in this matter.

    Again, I bid you both peace!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Berengaria

    Soooo I have not read this thread, I have not seen any of the trial, I have not read the story of this woman or the child or the possible crime etc. Basically I know nothing about this story. But, I did hear that she was found not guilty of the main charges. Yet, she has been found guilty in the media, guilty in the eyes of most of the country. Is that really how our justice system is supposed to work?? Is the media really supposed to try our cases for us?? I have no idea if the woman is guilty or not, but the media circus that has surrounded this trial seems to me will ruin her life guilty or not, and doesn't seem like a trial by 12 of her peers.

    Anybody ever see the Oxbow Incident?

    Now I'll go read the thread.

  • NewChapter

    Beks, Rush Limbaugh managed to turn this case into a partisan issue.

    He says liberals don't care about the life of children. I was waiting for it to happen, just wasn't sure who would strike first.


  • Berengaria

    Holy cow!!

    The point is that Liberals actually care about the constitution, unlike the loudmouths on the right who try to use it as a political weapon, but don't really give a damn. There. I turned it in to a partisan issue too. Hell, I'll go one step further. I have no clue if this woman did it or not, I don't know enough about it to have an opinion. I do know that the media is nothing more than a collection of FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS. You think it would have been news worthy if she was just some dumb ass that cut the crusts off the kid's sandwiches, cleaned house and worked at the factory all day?

    And just what about the hundreds, thousands? of kids that go missing or get killed or abused, what about the rest of them? What was it about THIS story?

  • NewChapter

    Ahhh Beks. I've posted a lot on this thread about that. I didn't follow the trial but tuned in for the verdict--it was hard not to, they interrupted everything to announce it.

    I don't know what his point was. He is just always snarling and we are the boogie man. It's reached such unbelievable proportions. We have income caps and liberals releasing murderers. What next? Can't we even agree that both liberals and conservatives care about child murder? Really--has he demonized us that much? It's just not balanced.


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