Well the dirty piece of trash got off.

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  • Berengaria
    At least one prominent Republicans directly criticized Perry, who is being courted by conservative activists to enter the 2012 presidential race, for failing to intervene in the case.
    "I think his position is a parochial position," said John B. Bellinger III, the State Department's top attorney under President George W. Bush."It's undercutting the ability of the State Department to protect all Americans, including Texans, when we travel outside the United States."
  • sooner7nc

    Perry should have granted the stay. There's a lot more at stake here than his Prez run.

    Now about that hug; I want you both to know that I'm a groper when I've been drinking and it is Friday afternoon so...

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Of course she got off. There was no proof that she murdered her child. There was not even any proof that she was a bad mother. She went partying, yes, but consider this; could her child have died by accident, and she covered it up because she was afraid, and still is afraid? That has happened MANY times. And perhaps she went out partying to put on a front or because that was her way of 'coping'- and it numbed the pain for her.

    It's completely unfair of so many of you to call her such terrible names and say such cruel things when we don't even know that she did it. And unless any of you werepart of the jury, none of you can really know what they knew. I understand why you are saying it, I have said the ssame thing in many other cases... but please be reasonable.


    If she did, she deserves to punished terribly. I feel horrible for that poor little girl. Whoever murdered her- IF she was murdered- needs to be hurt badly. But we don't know what happened.

    So many different things could have happened. None of us really know what happened.

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