So..... are you apostates enjoying your mansions and private jets?

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  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita

    Mr Freeze:"Where do I fill out my application to receive said mansion and jet?"

    The local Apostate Welfare office.

  • ziddina


    "... and I gotta a solar-powered laser beam guitar..."


    Well, another thing I have as an 'apostate' that I didn't see much of while I was a Jehovah's Witness, is my sense of humor...

    Such as it is...

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I'm stable, happily employed, car paid off, and I fully enjoy my NFL weekends without interruptions.

    That's because you're single

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Let's see if I can get everyone......

    Massey - not to mention that your gas mileage will decrease from not having to drive 40 mentally-disturbed and cranky pioneers around.

    Reality79 - That's what I thought, but apparently there is a consensus that your wicked father the Devil blesses you evil apostates with rich material blessings for leaving God's organization.

    Unshackled - you looking for a bass player?

    Honesty - now THAT would be Paradise TM for me!

    wobble - Then you are rich in life, my friend. You can't put a price on freedom. History has proved that time and again.

    Terra - I believe that was the original apostate sign-on bonus. A baby and a crib made of money.

    Robert7 - Good point. They "can't see the forest full of trees" so they must rationalize in their own brainwashed terms why you left.

    sooner7nc - Damn that sucks. Perhaps you should rejoin the JW and then leave again. 2nd time is the charm.

    chickpea - Well said. How much would you pay for a soft pillow at night, free from coganative dissonance?

    av8orntexas - C'mon, be honest. You don't miss waking people up to give them magazines at all?

    badseed - Sometimes I wish the rapture were true and God would just take people like the JWs. I know so many rich-ass JW who literally live on estates and when they vacant, you better believe you and me gonna be drinking on their built-in, custom-designed patio bar.

    darth frosty - hahahahaha yup, rich ass J-dubbs are the worst.

    moshe - if that's your life now, where the fack is my invite???

    Satanus - Do you offer adequate docking for my fleet of yachts?

    LL - nah, I think you chose wisely.

    ziddina - Yes! Well put! It's a valuable thing to be able to actually take the blinders off as far as thinking and even be able to laugh at things that are genuinely funny. Witnesses really have no sense of humor.

  • punkofnice

    I'm enjoying staring at my 10 toes and wondering if they really are 10 and if they have any significance.

    I'm enjoying a quiet spot of 'overlapping' with my contempories now that the big 'A' didn't come in 1975 or before the 1914 generation all died out.

    I enjoy being the UK's arch-angel apostate and all the benefits it brings.

    Actually, I'm in a crap job because I wasn't allowed an education because I was raised in an antichrist big business corporation that pretends to be a religion.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I guess as a fader, I don't quite qualify for mansions and private jets. I bought a new small SUV while I was an active DUB and I still own it now that it's 8-year-old. The second car for my wife and I is a 14-year-old little 4 cylinder that's been with us since before I went inactive.

    I remember, as a younger JW newly appointed as an elder, people started whispering about how I was getting "materialistic" when I ditched a 15-year-old car for an 8-year-old Buick that looked like a luxury car. I got a deal on it because it had serious paint cancer all over it, so it was luxury on the inside but fugly on the outside. I suppose that was the first time I really tasted the silliness of gossip. "Materialistic my ass." The same gossipers were driving new cars with payments, but they had always been doing that so it was okay for them.

    Apostates that are successful are materialistic and servants of Satan. Apostates that are not successful are those that lost Jehovah's blessings or they are drinking excessively and gambling.

  • punkofnice

    I'll settle for Beth Sarim and 2 caddys!

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    OTWO, you WERE bring materialistic! Don't you know that only Circuit Overseers are allowed to have Buicks?!

  • NomadSoul
  • kimbo

    I am not a very good apostate then.

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