So..... are you apostates enjoying your mansions and private jets?

by Mr. Falcon 66 Replies latest jw friends

  • chickpea

    guess if there was a monetary value to assign to
    the happiness and content factors of life just now
    i am FILTHY rich.... but actually i am just filthy cos
    we are doing a ton of renovations ourselves to
    save money and keep from having to extend
    the mortgage!

    does a lake view and a sighting of two foxes
    running through the red pines have a value?

    how about an escape from feeble
    black and white reasoning skills?

    how about not having to listen to fallacious
    inaccuracies that cannot seem to help but
    escape the mouths of WTS company men?

  • av8orntexas

    I'm stable, happily employed, car paid off, and I fully enjoy my NFL weekends without interruptions.

  • badseed

    I was hoping on grabbing one of those christian mansions last saturday but my plans didn't pan out.

  • aquagirl

    Yeah,its been great,really.Buyt I sure miss clipping coupons,feeding everyone all week on a dozen eggs.% people shring a car.Bad clothing,food and sex.yeah,I am at times,Oh so wistful....

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    G-5 player all day er'y day

  • Satanus

    I like the sesna for just cruising around in the province. It's easy to land on small runways near some of my homes. The lear is great for when i want to hit a party or special event in places like britain or india, for example. The stonehenge gathering was supperb. You could feel the spirits rising. Afterward, everyone is welcome to come back to my mansion for a relaxing evening.

    Different cars for different events is great fun, too. There's the bently for posh affairs w some of my women, the porsche for fun blasts down the highway w the boys. Then there's the hummer for when i wanna bushwack w the gang. AAh, ain't it the life, being apostate!


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    gawd I think I got into the wrong line-up

  • MrFreeze

    Where do I fill out my application to receive said mansion and jet?

  • Satanus


    As an apostate, you can come directly to the front of the line:)


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    As an apostate, you can come directly to the front of the line

    Now you tell me

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