If Men Could Menstruate

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  • talesin

    a clear and obvious bias

    EXACTLY! Against the white, paternalistic power elite.

    Phew! Lime, finally, you got it. Good stuff.

    and snowbird - that's it, in a nutshell. rebel8, please write that and post - you could make it so funny!

    sorry, didn't mean to highjack the thread :(


  • WontLeave

    Death to whitey!

    ...and to maley.

    ...and to heterosexualey.

    ...and to Christianey.

    The world would be a better place without them. There would be no war, greed, crime, hunger, suffering, or sadness. The white, heterosexual, Christian male is the sole source of all of humankind's problems. Exterminate them all! Bloody bastards; I hate the lot of them.

    Ooh! Espeically the American ones. Those are the worst!

  • HintOfLime

    I could never view menstruation in a negative light . . . no matter who got the responsibilty . . . so long as I still get a few days off.

    Opportunity goes to those who are there when opportunity knocks. It is a simple fact of probability. Those who are available and consistant in performance will inevitably 'get ahead' of those who aren't. It's just the way it is. (Perhaps not individually, as there may be too much other 'noise' in a single person's life.. but as a whole, a pattern is likely emerge.)

    The article goes through a lot of trouble speculating and pointing fingers to avoid that reality.

    - Lime

  • snowbird

    Won'tLeave, I'm asking you as you asked Godrulz: You haven't lost your mind, have you?


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    She found out about this famous essay from me. It was written in Ms. magazine when Gloria was on every TV talk show, promoting the women's movement and Ms. magazine. She was one of the top three mainstream feminists. I recall when it was publshed. Ms. always devoted their back page to showing ads or articles that were outrageously antifemale and stupid. It had a special name.

    This essay made the rounds like wildfire. I wonder if younger women are aware of the essay. Women were having consciousness raising groups then. I attended a NOW one. Women being women was taken very seriously. It had never happened before, Maybe, during the Suffrage Movement with Alice Paul.

    Moshe made a comment that it was off-topic since it wasn't dealing with a hot button issue like blood or disfellowshipping. I assert that domination over people and women in particular is the very issue and blood and disfellowshipping are minor manifestations of the brutal authority.

    I believe I am plain spoken. It is hard to read websites thoroughly, something about the screen.

    I ran into Gloria several times in DC and NY. People today prob have no clue how famous she was.

  • mrsjones5

    Wow, those reading a hatred of white men (which I do not have) in what I posted are going a bit far and need to get a grip (pun intended, you know what I mean you need to get a grip of).

    Gloria Steinan, the author of the piece is white for goodness sake.

    Just because I HAPPEN to be BLACK does not mean I meant it as a slam against all white men. I do not hate white men nor do I hate any other color of men.


  • HintOfLime

    EXACTLY! Against the white, paternalistic power elite.

    We will never have a world free from racism as long as there is the special case. As long as it's ok to hate one group - the world will always be an evil place.

    The balance of power can swing far faster than people's attitudes. When it does, the children of yesterday's victims become tomorrow's genocidal lunatics.

    - Lime

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I'm a black man, and I'm offended by this article. I didn't even read it, but the thread title alone warrents a deletion. Where's LadyLee, this needs removed ASAP. As a man, I'm offended by this. This is as bad as that song that went, "If you were the woman, and I was the man." Real disturbing and offensive. This thread should be deleted, and I'm PMing Simon ASAP.

  • snowbird

    Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, women who kicked butts and took names.


  • snowbird

    Misery, go somewhere and sit down and shut your yappin' mouth!


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