If Men Could Menstruate

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  • Snoozy

    I expect the next thread is going to be "Can women pee standing up?"..


  • Violia

    in a similar vein as BOTR's post:

    I really think the movie " Fatal Attraction" set womens rights and issues back a lot. There was so much sympathy for Michael Douglas and none for Glen Close. The character was written to portray women in the worst possible light- unless they were like his long suffering wife and forgiving wife who would even kill the evil woman for her husband. I was surprised Glen close did the movie, but I read later that she did have grave misgivings about portraying the character with no empathy for the character at all. I see FA as the biggest "get back" movie guys ever did in mainstream. Women were just getting out of hand, womens liberation , all that sexual harassment stuff. Guys got even- they made a movie and now any woman who won't "follow the rules" will now be called a "bunny boiler". This was the biggest Guy movie of my generation and I hated it b/c it portrayed women so badly. Michael Douglas however was just a guy who wanted to have a fling,

    and blasted what is a guy to do- can't even have a fling without worrying about running into psycho bunny boiler .

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Fatal Attraction bothered me greatly. It would have been much richer is she were not evil incarnate. I must confess thought that it was some thriller.

    My menstrual cramps would be so severe I would screech my head off, vomit, have chills and then sweats. It was the dominant theme of my life. I was rendered a screeching mass of agony. I could not do anything. My prayer was to have an onset early in the am of a KH night. It was the only way I could duck meetings. A friend told me about hormones to stop the cramps. My local Roman Catholic doctor told me they did not exist. I was driving to Boston with friends to check out Harvard and other schools. There were liberal/hippie bumper stickers all over the car. I was dressed in counter culture garb with a funky, used raccoon coat. I kept driving despite the pain to not disappoint my friends. Finally, I pulled over. I had ruptured overian cysts that burst. The police refused to call lan ambulance, telling me to confess my drugs. My friend screeched at them to help. The sounds of the ambulance were so sweet. I was rushed into emergency surgery. Massive amount of blood were sucked out of me. Still, no birth control pills.

    I started Columbia and became ill the second day. They scheduled an appt with the md. He gave me birth control pills. I finally knew what normal was. Night and day difference. I was freed from pain that was completely unnecessary. The sexual component was so obvious. Men thinking women are drama queens. I doubt if childbirth is as bad as what I endured. Parents who did nothing to help. Relatives told me I was practicing for childbirth. My pain was culturally determined. My life was transformed for the better.

    The explanation that I had to be at death's door every month in order to have a child was their justification. Why can't God make us ready only when we truly want a baby. I started at 11 so maybe I go through this prep for 25 years. Lunacy. The idea that God is a man appals me. Perhaps he really is.

  • Pika_Chu

    I think it's safe to say menstral cramps are, quite literally, pains in the ass and back.

  • minimus

    If men could menstruate, the whole world would be in a bloody mess!

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