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  • sizemik

    Welcome Chariklo . . .

    I've also left my church, and I know word has got round about that, so I've already taken a huge step out of my former life and into the WT

    This may well be true . . . but it ain't nothing compared to the rest of the journey. The deeper you go, the harder it gets to pull back . . . that is what is supposed to happen . . . it's a classic symptom of cult indoctrination.

    If you were looking to buy a used car, and the salesman wouldn't allow you to speak with the previous owner, would that make you suspicious?

    In spite of their "sadness" . . . JW's cross the street when I approach . . . they ignore a simple pleasant greeting . . . they drive past my house and peer at it but never stop to say Hi. Many long-time friends have told me they will never talk to me again . . . ever. They have spread lies amongst themselves about me to paint me as evil . . . which I am not. I have simply rejected their religion . . . after nearly 30 years.

    I would have given my house to have the opportunity you have at this stage. Use it wisely.

  • psychiatric

    i know how you must be feeling right now. Were all supposedly satan, trying to stop you having a relationship with God! LOL! Come on man, your sound like a clever enough person to NOT BE MISLED.

  • diamondiiz

    I didn't read through all the post so it might have been repeated already but do a lot of research.

    You said your former church did a lot of bad things around the world, well so did watchtower but members know very little about it or just deny it as false accusations by the world, satan or former members. Their typical reply.

    They found you in a weak state and they used this against you. I was a Catholic at a young age when I was conned into this cult as well so I sort of know where you're coming from as I too didn't like the catholic child abuse coming to light. What happens to a new one usually is they show you beautifully packaged dream where you would like to live forever and ever young. If this appeals to you, you won't think too deeply about this Utopia as everything will be solved by God..... You get a "bible study" going, you go to the meetings and everyone tries to encourage you - you feel like these people are the best friends in the world. Soon enough you "know" your non-jw friends are bad association, you former church is controlled by Satan so you find home amongst the "true friends" the witnesses. Now that they are pushing to to get baptised and you don't like this push, they scream that it's Satan testing you and it's always before or right after baptism that Satan test's you just like Jesus in the bible...... Well, if you stop studying now, you will be encouraged for a while before they write you off and you will lose all the so called witness "friends" while you left your old friends. Your old friends will still take you back while witnesses will not unless you return to studying and eventually get baptized. Old friends will also forgive you for your arrogance that many show when they leave old friends behind and attach themselves to witnesses - humility does help.

    Well, here you are. Lucky for you, you aren't baptised and doesn't sound like you're family are witnesses which is A BIG PLUS. At this point I assume that you still are leaning towards Watchtower teachings which may take a bit of time to deprogram out of your system once you realize you've been conned. You are free to ask anything you want here and you will be guided in the right direction. Here are some few points you may want to research yourself and come to know you've been conned as most witnesses are also by a concept that is based on a false hope and fraud.

    Fall of Jerusalem to Babylonians 607BC vs 587/6BC as everyone outside Watchtower believes. Without 607 there is no 1914 and there is no choosing of Watchtower's faithful and deiscrete slave. (important even if you don't know the watchtower's history)

    1874 - Watchtower taught this date as Jesus return for some 50 years!!!!

    1878 - taught that Jesus took heavenly power and changed to 1914 in 1922

    1799 - they taught this as beginning of the last days until 1920s

    1914 - was simply end of gentile times and supposed to be end of the world calculated based on totally different ideas than it's implied today

    1925 - another end of the world prediction when was taught that bible faithful would be resurrected

    1975 - another date very strongly implied in publications and at assemblies to be the end of the world while people at the time spoke of the end of the world.

    You can also research non date scandals like:

    Brooklyn eagle vs Russell lawsuit, Beth Sarim story, Olin Moyle lawsuit, Tacoma parking lot scandal, UN affiliation through NGO, Child Abuse Lawsuits, Mexico army bribes oked while Malawi party cards not oked scandal.

    There is more, and all this within 130 years history within a relatively small group of people claiming to be God's chosen representatives on earth.

    a good side you should check out is jwfacts.com where you can find resources for your research. Good luck

  • jwfacts

    Welcome. It is good that you are starting to re-examine things prior to baptism. If you think the pressure is on now, wait till you question anything after baptism.

    I've certainly learned a lot in the Bible that I didn't know before, even though I have extensive Christian background in a church.

    Funny, I knew Watchtower doctrine inside out, and yet when I left I came to learn a lot about the Bible that I didn't know before. I now see the Watchtower teachings as simplistic and based on Eisegesis.

  • finallyfree!

    willkumem!! if you really want to know if they are your true friends, tell them u dont believe in the wts anymore. but tell em it doesnt change your friendship with them. see their true colors come out.

  • Chariklo

    What a great series of posts! yknot, thanks very much for the message. I've replied. :)

    Please can someone tell me how to do the Quote thing? I don't understand all the little icons above this space. Is there a how-to anywhere? Nothing happens when I click on the i for information button. I'm on the latest version of Firefox.

    I've got a huge amount to read from all your input already, and a lot to do today, but I'll try to keep coming back here to report. Yes, godrulz and diamondiiz (nice name!) the background is Catholic.

    "I can imagine that you wont want to hurt or offend the ones in the cong that have become friends, but be assertive perhaps and say you'd like some 'time out' for private thought about what you're doing."

    Loz, yes, you have me exactly, that is just where I am, and I shall say exactly that, adjusted to my own situation. Thanks a lot for your reply, and also to everyone else. I've read everything here probably three times over. yknot, I hadn't researched into everything you've mentioned because I didn't know about it, but I shall do so.

    Diamondiiz, tnhanks for the chronology. I know that they deal with all this by saying "the light gets brighter", and I have to confess, sorry to be such a wimp, that I'd kind of let myself be persuaded on that. I've never been convinced about 1914, nor about the fact that to have eternal life you have to be a JW, and in fact had a discussion about just this yesterday.

    Part of me has, I realise, stood outside it all and raised a quizzical eyebrow, and now I shall pay attention to that part of me.

    jwfacts...Eisegesis! A new word to me, and just the very word I need to describe theprocess I observed from the very beginning, the slanted insertion of opinion into apparently "spiritual" writing. That insertion of opinion-forming words into what is otherwise very interesting literature has been sounding warning bells to me, but because some of the literature is genuinely interesting, I've allowed myself to overlook it.

    Thanks again everyone, and I'll be back shortly.

  • godrulz

    Many Catholics are nominal and biblically illiterate. JWs also attack the contra/extrabiblical beliefs of Catholics, as do I. Catholics do have a sound doctrine of God/Christology, so many do know and love Jesus, while others are merely ritualistic/religious. JWs come along seeming to know the Bible and attack the errors of Catholicism, so a person who realizes the Bible is truth and simplistic answers are given may get sucked in. They are actually further from the truth than when they were Catholics. The better choice is to find a Bible-believing church that honors Christ (vs cultic organizations like Mormon/JW/Christian Science, etc.).

  • sizemik

    Chariklo . . . to quote other posters . . . cut and paste into the reply box . . . highlight text and select quote under "Styles"

  • Chariklo
    Chariklo . . . to quote other posters . . . cut and paste into the reply box . . . highlight text and select quote under "Styles"

    Aha! :) Eureka! Thanks, sizemik!

    Godrulz....yes, you are no doubt right. Catholics are biblically ignorant, so discovering the Bible for oneself is like finding treasure. On the plus side, maybe my fairly good knowledge of Christology, and Catholic theology has allowed me to withold full acceptance from some WT teachings.

    Hey ho, busy day, back later!

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Chariklo, welcome. I've read the whole thread and can tell you these eye opening statements:

    It's a CULT.

    You are lucky and have caught yourself in the nick of time.

    I was born in and baptised at 16 and have only recently in the last 2 1/2 years or so done PROPER research into my religion and discovered it's a CULT and have now finally left this year in my 40's. Many others here are similar some even in for many decades more. We have to deal with the realisation we have wasted our best years on a false premise and faulty chronology.

    Call it a lucky break and be thankful you have the chance to THINK properly and do your research before commiting.

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