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  • Quandry

    Welcome to the forum.

    My husband and I were JWs for over thirty years. He was an elder. We are not disfellowshipped, but no longer go to the Kingdom Hall.

    I wish I had known so many things about the Witnesses years ago. Did you know that at one time they said that taking vaccinations was like taking pus into the body? At one time they did not allow organ transplants, and many died as a result. Their founder, Charles Russell, got the date of 1914 from the pyramid at Giza. One of his early books has the Egyptian symbol for Ra, the sun god, on the front.

    Since you have a university education, you know how to study and apply yourself to research. Please take the time to do research on Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Ask questions now. You are in a unique position, as you are studying and not baptised. After a person is baptised they MUST NOT question any doctrine, no matter how many times it changes. (even changing back and forth, as some of the JW doctrines have) To do so invites disfellowshipping for apostacy and total shunning.

    Please be patient and stick with us. Learn all you can so that you can make an informed decision. Everything is at stake.

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  • Chariklo

    Thanks everyone for all this very helpful input.

    leavingwt, great questions! I think they will put on a long face and say how sad they feel about former members who've gone elsewhere. That was their response over their "friend" who was disfellowshipped 3 weeks ago. That really shook me. His daughter was at the meeting in tears.

    I know what their answer is about when they think Armageddon will take place. They'll say no-one but the Father knows the hour...entirely Biblical, of course, but somehow raising questions about all the calculations.

    You wrote ...I don't yet know how to do the Quote thing..."Please ask them if Jehovah is going to kill tens of millions of Asian children at Armageddon?" Interesting question. Before I ask it, I'd like to know why you put it, please. What's behind it? Am I being thick? What's special about Asian children as opposed to other children?

    I wasn't searching and didn't have a loss, except I was devastated by the revelations of what had been happening in our church, as were many others, who have left and gone all over the place.

    Yknot, thanks for your input. I think you're in the US. I'm in the UK so maybe a phone call isn't the best idea, but thanks a lot! You ask "What was going on in your life when you became involved?" I'd been taking the magazines for about 3 years. It was when some really bad stuff was going on in our church that I really paid attention to the JW's and accepted a study. I argued very hard on some points but eventually saw the points that were raised. Yes, I have got a copy of the ministry School book, also a lot of other books including Reasoning and Organized as well as the Proclaimers book and some other things. There are lots of good things among it but also big leaps in reasoning that they know I don't yet find proved, eg 1914 and 1919 and also Jesus identical with Michael...possible but by no means provable.

    Quandry, I have certainly done a lot of research, especially in the first 6 months of studying. I was dubious. I researched the history of the organisation, and also and especially the origins of the teachings, original texts, early church history etc. I found much that seemed right, and then these extra things that weren't provable along with the good stuff.

    I am quite clear that I do not trust my study conductor and his wife. He doesn't have a mind of his own and she is a control freak. There are many people who are very nice. Some of that is true of all groups of society. What I haven't been taught much about and what I'm finding alluded to on here is the difference in attitudes to and requirements of a person once they are baptised,. All I know is that you get to clean the loos and vacuum the carpets!

    Because I'm new here I'm allowed only 2 more posts in the next 12 hours, which is basically overnight, so I don't think we need worry too much. My fiirst two posts were blanks by mistake! Thanks everyone for all your advice and help and also those who pointed out, correctly, that the Guidelines were just below this area of the page...all I needed to do was open my eyes wide and look, though you were all to polite to say so!

    Could that be a metaphor trying to tell me something, I wonder?! ;)

  • godrulz

    chari: what was your former church background? Catholic? Nominal Christian? Evangelical? Anglican, etc.?

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    oh, good. godrulz is here. I was afraid we wouldn't have any representatives from new and upcoming cults.

  • godrulz

    My group is 2000 years old. JWs and Mormons are just over 100 years old.

  • yknot

    Please indulge me some in my questions .... if you don't want to waste a post then you can PM me but either way I am just really really really curious:

    Really you did research and found much was 'right'?

    So your telling me that you really believed that Jesus was enthroned in 1878 1914 and his parousia occurred in 1874 1914.

    And in researching you just happened to find that these dates were swapped to 1914 well after 1914 but still true.

    Further you felt that our kingdom message which is connected to 1914 and not the same as the apostles taught to be true?

    You felt it was just peachy keen that 'holy spirit' was 'removed' or 'taken away' by Jah in 1918 (okay it was in 1932 but retrodated back to 1918) and the direction of the WTS was under 'angels' until early in the Knorr administration?

    How did you reconcile it to Gal 1:6-9?

    How did you feel about the contents of the 'ks91 and recent ks10' (elder manuals which are not viewed by rank and file JWs) ---- If you haven't read these books please click the envelope by your username at the right hand corner of your screen. Click on the message I sent (if you get an error message hit the back button and refresh message page and click the message again..... in the message you will find links to both manual (we only go the ks10 in Oct/Nov last year and the ks91 has lots of notations including instructions to call Branch headquarters in cases of sexual abuse before any police officials are called)

    How do you feel about our No man can be an MS or Elder if he promotes, supports his child going or is himself attending college?

    I am sorry, converts (even though you were just a potential) fascinate me...... most have some emotional distress going on when they accept studies or they are just searching and a nice, clean cut JWs walks in with all the answers......


  • godrulz

    WT answers are formulaic, simplistic, wrong. They prey on those with biblical ignorance. Don't assume that God sent the JWs to you or that Satan is trying to pull you away from them. In fact, Satan is more likely to have sent them and God is the one saying to run away.

  • Ding

    You might ask, "If I get baptized as a JW, will I be free to disagree openly with the WT organization if I think they are wrong about something?"

    If they say yes, come back and tell us!

  • Lozhasleft

    Hello and welcome to you. This friction that has developed is giving you insight into a future in the JWs. Few things ever get resolved properly. But I think you should see it as an opportunity for your freedom. So many of us here will think that because of the pain and scars from our involvement in the Organisation.

    Now is the time for you to pursue the 'truth' about it all. I too recommend you get hold of Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz. A wonderfully written book by a lovely honest man who was on the GB. An inside story. Invaluable and life changing information. Treat yourself.

    I can imagine that you wont want to hurt or offend the ones in the cong that have become friends, but be assertive perhaps and say you'd like some 'time out' for private thought about what you're doing. They'll panic and believe that Satan is attacking you. In reality though you are just having a gut instinct reaction that things are not as wonderful as they may appear in the WTBS. Trust your instincts.

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Loz x

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