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  • steve2

    • Are protests an effective means of helping witnesses open their minds? On the basis of the words of many ex-JWs, probably not.
    • Do protests inadvertently bolster JWs beliefs about being singled out for persecution and the need to avoid apostate literature? Yes.
    • Does that mean protests are a complete waste of time? No. Protests may serve other purposes such as help the protesters come to terms with painful losses - that may take longer for some ex-JWs to work through than others.
    • Do protests alert the wider, non-JW community to what is going on in the JW organization? Probably not. By far, most "outsiders" don't really give a tinker's cuss about the JWs - unless the non-JWs have already formed anti-JW beliefs.
  • wasblind

    " SIMON, I will will make further posts in a more gentleman like way...... I will tame down my posts as not to create controversy "

    This statement was made by Rick Fearon on 5/7/11

    " Lawrence you are a hero, I applaud your efforts, you are a man of action. You are not some anonymous fictitious bufoon sitting behind a computer screen pretending to be some internet therapist helping Jehovah's Witnesses."

    This statement was made on 5/8/11

    " Excuse me.......... Any person reading this post will quickly draw the conclusion that Lawrence is being attacked by indirect , underhanded means. Some posters are attempting to subvert one of the only ways Lawrence can release some justified agitation he has toward The Watchtower Organization. Am I reading more into this than I should? Am I running ahead "

    This statement made on 5/9/11

    Rick it didn't take you long to fall back into old habits, you have made yourself clear on what you think of the posters on this site but the addiction to JWN is too strong for you to break.

    Simon gave us the right to join his site without giving out private information but yet you have a problem with it

    You yourself have claimed that due to your conference calls, the WTS is hemorrhaging members, something you cannot prove

    yet Simon have new members joining everyday of the week, let alone people lurking that have not joined

    and he has proof of the members joining that everyone can see

    Rick, being credible is based on the things you can prove, what can you prove rick

  • yalbmert99

    We are also organizing a protest in Quebec city,(Que) Canada :

    Protest saturday June 25th 2011 from 7h am until 1h pm in front of the Pepsi Coliseum In Quebec city against the Watchtower bible and tract society
    (The Watchtower is the cult that governs Jehovah's Witnesses) We will protest against the psychological and financial abuses from the cult. Come in great numbers with your signs to support us!

    Address : 250, blvd. Wilfrid-Hamel, Quebec, at the district assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Contact me by email to confirm that you will come.

    [email protected]

  • wasblind


    I wish you the best in your endeavors, just be sure to be able to prove the things claimed

    against the WTS because if you can't you will do more harm than good

  • lovelylil

    I think if people like Lawrence Hughes want to protest at the conventions they should do so. Yes, it will probably not help any active Witnesses leave the organization but maybe it will help some people by keeping them out of this cult to begin with. Sometimes people bring those they are studying with to these conventions and sometimes the news media does a story on them.

    Also, I am sure for Lawrence protesting must have a theraputic effect, helping him with his grief over loosing his daughter. who here would not want to do something, ANYTHING they could to bring attention to this cult and its deadly policies if it were thier daughter who had died? I have a daugher, I can understand WHY lawrence does what he does.

    What I have a problem with is people like Rick calling others cowards because they maintan a differing opinion than he does on the subject.

    And if Rick is going to continue to act like a BUFFOON, he better learn how to spell the word.

  • wasblind

    " And if Rick is going to continue to act like a BUFFOON, he better learn how to spell the word."

    OUCH !!!!!

  • yalbmert99

    We can win! Protests around the world succeed to overthrow governments. We can do the same against the watchtower.

  • ziddina

    What Broken Promises - and others - said.

    Protests worked on the U.S. government during the '60's when protesting an unpopular war.

    But as Broken Promises, Steve2, d, and Prodigal [among others...] said, usually protests merely reinforce the illusion that the Jehovah's Witnesses are being 'targeted by Satan' or that the 'apostates' are angry, miserable people who want nothing more than to drag "good lil' JWs" away from the "truth"...

    But I liked Moshe's idea... And going along with that idea, I'd like to suggest another one...

    Have a few well-dressed ex-Witnesses stand around (during PEAK traffic times only) with placards or signs declaring the college degrees they've earned since leaving the Witnesses, and an approximate income level they've achieved, also after leaving the Witnesses.

    Though this tactic might generate a superficial response of "Oh, those people are nothing but MATERIALISTS!", it will probably get quite a few of the JWs thinking - especially the young ones.

    After all, the Witnesses have always had a love-hate relationship with money; they pretend to eschew a good income while simultaneously craving it...

    But this approach wouldn't salve the horrific pain that Mr. Hughes must feel. If he believes that he will be more effective by protesting, especially by pointing out the tragedy that befell his family due to Watchtower edicts, then the man must do what the man must do.

    Best results to all who do protest, whichever approach you choose. But please - choose wisely!!


  • lovelylil

    Moshe and Zid, great advice!

  • snowbird

    Great idea, Ziddy!

    Hmmm ...


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