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  • jair_irwin

    Good point Angharad...I didn't actually mean that Lawrence Hughes WAS, or could be, Johnny the Bethelite. I just meant that like Johnny the Bethelite, someone could say they are "Lawrence Hughes", or say they are in Bethel, when in fact it isn't true. But you are right, it is quite an insult to refer to someone as the epitome of falsehood and charade, namely, Johnny the Bethelite. Will be careful in future.


  • designs

    The Protesters at the Conventions just made Witnesses want to stay in the Org., most looked they they needed to be on medication...

  • Mary

    When I was a kid going to the summer ASsembly, I distinctly remember some 'apostates' standing out front holding up the NWT and a 'worldly' bible. The guy was yelling at the top of his voice "Why did you change God's Word the holy bible?!" and "The Governing Body are not the Faithful and Discreet Slave!" and---well, you get the idea. I was actually scared to walk past him given his demeanor and no one paid them the slightest bit of attention even though in hindsight, he had some valid claims.

    The point of the matter is: even if you have a legitimate beef against the Organization (and I believe Lawrence does), it simply does not do any good going to assemblies to protest like this. When it comes to dealing with people who are under mind control, a direct assault rarely, if ever, works. If the main objective is to make Witnesses wake up and smell the coffee, you don't hurl a 50 lb. bag of beans in their face----you brew a pot and let the subtle aroma reach them. Sites like JWN or Freeminds or people reading CoC have all produced far greater results in getting people out of the Borg than any demonstrations at the summer assemblies........I think Simon should turn in a Field Serve-Us Report and write down how many people his website have gotten out and then send it in to Crooklyn.

  • designs


    And seriously who wants to go from being a Witness to being a Fundamentalist.........yikes

  • straightshooter

    Mary I remember those days and I had a fear also of the protesters when I was young. The protests did not change anyone at that time.

    I think Simon should turn in a Field Serve-Us Report and write down how many people his website
    have gotten out and then send it in to Crooklyn.....Mary

    I`m sure it`s alot more people,than Six Screens has "Chased Back to the Watchtower"..

    Come back here you Cowardly S.O.B!..

    Don`t you know how to hold up a Six Screens WBT$/JW Protest Sign?..

    Bow before the Great Rick Fearon,your New Lord and Master!

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • lovelylil

    I don't understand why Rick of all people keeps calling others "moral cowards?"

    Rick you have claimed several times on this forum and on your conference calls that you are attacked for no reason by people on this forum and that you NEVER resort to the same line of name calling that they do to you. But here you are on this thread calling names.

    Lawrence is a big boy, let him defend himself. I do agree with Rick that people shouldn't be harsh with Lawrence for God's sake the man lost his lovely daugther due to the WT's policies. But I don't like the way you go about things Rick calling people names to stir the pot and then pretending that you have NO IDEA why people are upset at you?

    Stop making all these thread about YOU, and join in the conversation like an adult will you?

  • coffee_black

    Mary.... loved the coffee analogy

    I remember seeing picketers at the assemblies when I was a jw too. I remember thinking they were working for satan. I don't know of a single person who got out of the borg because of a picketer. They get out when they are ready to examine their beliefs, and not a moment before...and definitely not because someone holds up a sign or yells at them.

    When I was manning the 800-why-1914 helpline, I once had a call from a jw who attended an assembly in CA that was picketed by xyws. Someone had put the helpline number on a sign. She screamed at me and told me that she had seen me picketing...even told me what I was wearing... and proceeded to tell me that I was nuts. Funny thing...I hadn't ever picketed in my life...and I was in Florida at the time, 3000 miles away. She didn't believe me, of course, and continued to be abusive until I finally hung up. My take away from that experience is that all xjws can be dumped on because of the careless actions of others. Whoever put the help line number on a sign didn't have permission to do so. BRCI doesn't want to be associated with protesting.

    I have picketed once in my life... the Silent Lambs march on Brooklyn. I wouldn't do it again. I don't believe it is effective. The average jw will not pay a bit of attention...and if they do, they will just think you are crazy or demonized. That does nothing to help them see the truth about the truth. It just pushes them further away.


  • lovelylil


    That is a nice pic of you. You are a beautiful lady. Peace, Lilly

  • coffee_black

    Aw, Lilly....thank are so sweet.


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