The "WOW!!" moment...Theocratic Ministry School was a sham!

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  • designs

    Hey! We dressed better than the Fuller Brush Man.....

  • thetrueone

    The suggestion by the WTS. that the WTS. is god's chosen channel to all mankind and that all of their members are representatives of this important

    and lofty position, thats why its important to dress appropriately, keep clean shaved for men with short cropped hair and so-forth.

    This has nothing to do whatsoever with sales appeal .

    uuuuuuummmmmmm thats Good brain washing

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Terry you have a PM.

  • pirata
    To Pirata..... your completely forgetting that the WTS for more than 80 years requested payment not only from people who bought the magazines and books at the Kingdom Halls, but also the from the people in the door to door ministry. The business aspect of this religious book publishing cult really took off after J Rutherford took control of the publishing operations. Are you forgetting the advertising on the back cover of the Awake magazines, where numerous different items produced by the WTS were sold for at a set price, a price that was well over 400% of the actual production costs ? The WTS has always been a publishing company, the established doctrines were devised to support the WTS circulation and proliferation of its own produced published works. For some people being exploited and duped is just to hard to accept and realize. For most people they can see the exploitation in working process, for some not so obvious.

    @thetrueone, I don't argue that the Watchtower has built up a huge publishing empire, and that they have profited from it in the past to expand the organization. But I think that, at least currently, the worry is more on control that it is about money. You have to keep Witnesses busy with meetings, service, and reading literature to prevent the "world's spirit" from infesting the mind. Even if their expenses are larger than donations, they can probably continue for a long time off the profits from selling the Brooklyn properties.

  • WTWizard

    I realize I can use the Bible better now, as an apostate and being against God, than I could as a witless. I understand the true message of the Bible now better than I ever did as a witless.

    As a witless, I never would have been allowed to see the Old Testament as proof that Jehovah is a tyrant, Satan as our first attempt at freedom, and Jesus as the second attempt at freedom. Or that Jesus and Satan actually had the same message and objective for mankind--freedom from Jehovah's tyranny. And that Tyrant David, often exalted in many a washtowel article, was about as righteous as Osama Bin Laden.

  • godrulz

    WT wizard seems to be in even more darkness than as a JW. Curse the WT for turning people off of God Himself.

  • VM44

    Perhaps this is the reason that The Watchtower puts so much emphasis on the JWs' personal appearance, grooming and dress?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    when i was young, i got recruited into Amway

    of course all my uplines were also JWs!

    i found a few things 'interesting' but unfortunatley i was way too dumb back then to make much of it.

    1. The sales meetings we had were exactly like demo's at the meetings

    2. They had conventions just like the JWs

    3. They produced literature and cassette tapes to motivate 'singles in Amway' as well as couples.

    Looking back, i too concur that the TMS ans Service meetings were/are 100% sales meetings.


  • 1975

    The late Will Rogers made an intersting comment, he said, "The more I travel and the more I meet people, the more I realize how little I know."

    If this organization is "directed" by God, why the many changes throughout their history? Are they serving a confused God or are they just plain presumptuous? My understanding is that the Creator made "living" things not robots.

    Yes, what does one learn from the ministry school? It's nothing more than a school of repetition, that's education, that's learning?


  • cantleave

    1975 - welcome -why not start an introductory thread?

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