The "WOW!!" moment...Theocratic Ministry School was a sham!

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  • Terry

    What churches don't teach is argumentation.

    This is ALL the Theocractic Ministry School really is.

    Mental Ninja.

    Cherry picking and quote mining are the arsenal of weaponry.

    A string of IF...THEN.......IF....THEN scenarios are staged on the platform to demonstrate OVERCOMING objections.

    No argument from the other side is ever considered to HAVE A BASIS in fact.

    The TMS gives you a black and white recipe to follow. You learn to bake lead biscuits and drop them on people to stun them with your TRUTH.

    Pathetic and intellectually vapid and dishonest.

    Counterpunching is the skill most really good JW's learn.

    The OTHER person puts something out there to consider and the JW throws a counter-punch.

    The framing of the issue, the contexts are all in the CONTROL of the JW for the discussion to move forward.

    TMS motto: My way or the highway.

  • Honesty

    Fifteen years as a JW and I had never heard of either hermeneutics or exegesis until I left.

    Same here.

    I have learned so much since I rejected the self appointed false prophet organization and its demonized Governing Body.


    Good story Terry..

    I came to loathe the ministry school..

    I told a few jokes on my last talk..That was the last talk I was assigned.

    I never had to worry about Ministry School again..LOL!!..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, it is pathetic that JWs see themselves as 'bible scholars' when in reality their knowledge is paltry and inaccurate. I would have felt stupid as well if I were in the presence of real bible scholars.

    I realized that the only reason JWs appear as if they have "knowledge" of the bible is because the vast majority of people they come into contact with today have little to no knowledge of the bible. Most people today are bible illiterates and it is only because of this that JWs sound educated by comparison and thus gain converts who are impressed with what they see as great "knowledge".

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Terry, your experience brings to mind one of my daugther's. She was required to take a comparative religion course in college, and was blown away by the wealth of Bible-related information and background. "I learned more about the Bible in the first three classes, than in years of going to meetiings!"

  • clarity


    I think most of us were tape recorders with legs lol.

    Eighteen months ago when the lite went on for me ... something as simple as the way jw's study, blew my mind.

    I critically said to my brother, "...geez they're giving you all the answers right in the paragraph......."

    Only this time my eyes flew open and I saw for the first time that they also give you the Questions!!

    Love your stuff Terry


  • snowbird

    Bravo, LongHairGal and Room 215.


  • LV101

    Terry: so interesting/insightful -- i've not read about other religions being so educational. you don't have to answer this, but in your opinion, what church/religion would one attend for knowledge - real study of the Bible and not just social structure. i visited a small, neighborhood, baptist and it was great (corporate setting -- in a bldg.) but they stand and sing like forever. great kids w/the guitars, piano, etc., (i loved the music) but it was a tad long. i probably should have checked out a bible-study group but decided to visit other churches and haven't. guess the brainwashing of the w/tower was stronger than i imagined re/their education being tops and no one had the literature/study aids they made available - duh!


  • Jankyn

    This says it all:

    "I learned more about the Bible in the first three classes, than in years of going to meetiings!"

    This is precisely why all students should take a comparative religions course. There's nothing like an unbiased, fact-based view of religion to shatter dogma and clarify thinking. Once students have learned to recognize similarities and differences between the religions, they're in much better shape to make their own decisions about what they believe---or don't.

    And that's precisely why JWs won't take those courses.

  • journey-on

    They have a scripture to explain their kindergarten knowledge, don'cha know? (something about becoming like children. I think it's in Matt.)

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