Is there a Logical explanation for the spooky things happening at my daughter, Ali's house?!?!!!!

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  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask
    Who knows maybe there are things that will forever be beyond science's grasp. There are things for which science is not the best tool but what caused the events that are the subject of this thread is not one of them.

    Or it's all a bunch of crap. If it exists, come forward with proof.

    What is it with the Dawkinites always have to be such sarcastic dinkers? Are y'all really arrogant enough to believe that the only reason someone could possibly disagree with you is because that person is stupid and/or nuts?

    I don't think anyone used the word "stupid". But if the shoe fits ....

  • coffee_black

    mamalove, Not all bungalows are the same. Ali's is one story with a very shallow attic. The bedrooms and bath are all on one floor.

    Ali is going to have the locks changed, and use a device that will let her know if the doors have been opened in her absence. She is going to set up a video camera and a tape recorder. She doesn't own one of either so it may be a few days before this can be done.

    She is also going to make a list of everyone who has been in the house since she changed the locks...and see if there is someone who might have a motive to play mind games with her. The good news is that she has not been alone when any of these weird things have happened... in each case, someone witnessed the same things.

    Lion Cask... Why are you so hostile? I hope I'm reading you wrong... I'm not saying here that I think ghosts or spirits are involved... just relating something that has happened... started this thread for some brainstorming...and suggestions for getting to the bottom of this.


  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask
    Lion Cask... Why are you so hostile?

    There is no hostility in my words. The problem with text is that it is devoid of vocal intonation and facial expression. I am by no means worked up about this. If people want to believe in things they have never personally seen themselves, or believe in things they say they have seen but nobody else has seen, or believe in things for which there is no proof, then I will be skeptical and I will call them on it. If you talk to anyone who has exited the WTS you will find a common thread. At some point or another they chose not to believe what other people were telling them with great conviction was true. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. No matter how much you believe something to be true, it isn't true unless you can prove it.

  • coffee_black

    Iron cask.. I agree... the written word doesn't always convey thoughts accurately.

    I can't prove what happened to my daughter. I wasn't there... but my 3 grandchildren were... and they witnessed it too. I have no reason to believe they were not telling the truth. I know my daughter...and I know my grandchildren. I can read my daughter's voice... and there was fear there. There is reason for that fear... especially if someone is breaking into her house to play mind games.

    You don't know me... and you don't have to believe me when I relayed my daughter's experience. No problem.

    I've talked with literally thousands of xjws... I manned the 800-why-1914 helpline on and off for 8 years... I know that most go through many phases and emotions..anger...denial... grief etc... and yes, skepticism is a healthy thing. Most xjws do not become followers of others. That's a good thing! I've been out of the borg officially since 1993... on my way out for 2 years prior to that...


  • White Dove
    White Dove


    I've been accused of the same thing, saying things that someone else proposed. Got attacked for their words on my thread. Crazy.

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    White Dove has is right. I wasn't calling you on anything, CB, just a couple of the well meaning folks who contributed to your thread.

  • flipper

    COFFEE BLACK - I'm sorry about your daughters heart condition my friend. It sounds as if to me that your daughters house has a spirit or invisible entity inhabiting the building. I.e. Ghost or whatever. It also could be that the landlord knows the history of the house but is not telling her as he needs the income from the rent. One way you or your daughter could find out is to do research online regarding the history of the house. Some real estate website perhaps, or Net Detective .com. Legally I've heard before that real estate companys are required to inform prospective buyers that a house is haunted or has a history - if any murders occured there or someone died in a disaster or fire.

    In 1998 before my divorce from my adult kids mom - we rented a house in an old west town out here in California. My children started feeling creepy vibes and heard noises at night in their bedrooms. Long story short - our landlord confessed to us AFTER we rented the house that his elderly mom had been murdered in the house just 5 years before we rented it. Apparently she ran a foster child home and one of her former foster children in his mid 20's on drugs came back and killed her. Very sad. She was about 80 when she died.

    So- the point I'm making - is unless your daughters landlord coughs up the truth about what he knows on the history of the place - you and your daughter may NEVER know - smart move in my opinion is if Mr. Landlord won't talk- you and your daughter do your OWN detective work - if you get my drift. Good luck, and Peace & love to your daughter

  • wasblind


    try not to let yourself get stressed to much, you've been through a lot

    and anyone who have read your post can see that you are a straight

    forward no nonsense person. whatever it is, I know that you and Ali

    will get to the bottom of it. It will be cleared up one way or another

  • Terry

    I have heard people I know and trust engage in ___uh-hem__ pious fraud when it comes to demon talk!

    The temptation is just too great, I suppose.

    A simple happening gets launched into a wild, uncanny rendering that excites people as you tell it and ---suddenly--the tale takes a twist.

    Pious Fraud is not malicious. Just human.

  • Judge Dread

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