Would The Witnesses Be Happy To See You Come Back to The Kingdom Hall?

by minimus 71 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Would you get a huge response if YOU ever went back to the Hall?

    Would nobody care??

  • designs

    Not really, I have long hair and a beard.

    Moses returneth............

  • minimus

    It's funny. You're right. Your "look" would bother them.

  • tenyearsafter

    My family would be happy...I doubt the rest would even know or remember me, so I would just be a "weak, fallen one" being given another chance at salvation...I am sure I would be "marked" by restrictions and passive-aggressive actions by others.

  • minimus

    Isn't that something? Your reward for coming back is usually restrictions because we all know that once you leave the Organization you most likely will get involved with something "wrong".

  • pat1060

    A good question.I'm almost done with my 3erd month of missing meetings and not one person has called to see what happen to me.Even the sisters that I was friends with.Real loving...I'm glad I decided to speed up my fade...

  • cantleave

    Don't think I'm the right material any more.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Not if I came back in a Hawaiian shirt, dockers and sneakers. (If they required faders to go to at least one meeting a year, that's how I would dress, and it would be during the C.O. week.) If I came back in the JW outfit, they would act thrilled, love-bombing like as if I were a new recruit.

  • chickpea

    nah... i have made too many public statements (published)
    and public appearances at events for the local PFLAG chapter
    in support of the LBTQ community and equal civil rights to
    not have become despised amongst them.... boo hoo, right?
    and i have the nerve to mention "a door-to-door evangelizing
    cultish religion" i had to leave, at the risk of being shunned by
    the community i had devoted my services to for 2 decades, in
    order to support my FtM son

    pretty sure my status is persona non grata

    (the KH i attended is in a small town on a big bay with
    congro members from several smaller towns; there is
    one daily paper and one weekly.... virtually the same
    news and same reporters so anytime there is coverage
    of the PFLAG chapter events, there is a better than even
    chance my name or my son's name is in the article)

  • minimus

    Pat, obviously you are terribly missed. LOL

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