Would The Witnesses Be Happy To See You Come Back to The Kingdom Hall?

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  • Ding

    They would probably welcome all of us back PROVIDED we repented of our rebellion and grovelled to the elders AND they thought we were sincere.

    That's a lot of IFs...

  • Apostasyrocks

    I think I would be kicked out since I just sent out an "apostate" email to the majority of the active cong. It was under a fake name but I think people suspect me.

  • villabolo

    Would you get a huge response if YOU ever went back to the Hall?

    Let me see?

    I was disfellowshipped for apostacy.

    A few months later I overturned the Memorial table with all the Matzo plates and wine glasses falling and breaking on the floor. (It did not have to do with my disfellowshipping but was provoked by the attempted suicide of a teenage witness girl.

    Many years later, when the Jehovah's witnesses and JW manager of the large JW dominated apartment complex I live in irritated me beyond what I could stand (She had been trying to get rid of me for years even though I had been a nice boy so far) I sent a photocopied advertisement of half a dozen apostate books to every resident.

    Throughout that time period I have had elders address me in morbid fear and quavering voice; non Jehovah's witnesses run away at the mere sight of me; elders run from cover to cover, taking pictures of my car while I was sitting in it, because the car engine was smoking badly...

    Yes, I think I'd get a huge response from them if I were to show up again at the ding dong hall.


  • factfinder

    @pat060- you are 100% right about witness friendships being fake

    @mouthy- I am sorry they were so rude to you. The convention is open to the public. Unless you cause a disturbance they can not tell you that you have to leave. You have every right to be there as anyone else has. The brother who told you to leave the convention later left the truth himself? That is funny!

    @minimus- I am not very sure what would happen. I'd guess a few might say hello to me. There are newer ones there who did not know me and the elders are very judgemental. You are right that they would think I am doing something wrong so I'd be under restrictions. I guess it would be as it was when I left, I felt alone and was always being left out. I'd be largely ignored and "marked". My jw brother would be happy, however, if I told him I was returning to the hall. He'd tell me to overlook how the cong treats me and concentrate just on improving my relationship with Jehovah.

    I had wondered over the years what it would be like to go back to a meeting. Would it feel "normal"? Would there be a sense of peace? Would I immediatly think:it's the same crap all over (or worse!) and immediatly want to leave? I would not get dressed up- I've gained weight over the years- none of my dress jackets still fit and I will never waste my money on buying a new one. If anyone did notice me and remember and welcome me it would not last long. I'd be all alone again. But I have no relatives or friends there and I know what they teach is not the truth, and yea, the new generation teaching and worship of the GB- I could never pretend to accept those things. How could I ever go back? There is nothing there for me.

    I guess the cong. would rather I not come back.

  • MrFreeze

    They would be happy to see me back. Is it mean of me to not want to give them that joy?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I'd get love bombed. Not being dunked makes me recruitment material.

  • transhuman68

    I would be welcomed back, as I just drifted away without being baptized or causing any trouble. But its been twenty years, so only a handful of the old lags would recognize me.

  • Piercingtheveil81

    In all honesty, I actually think they would like to see me back. I didn't leave on bad terms and I had good relations with everyone. I just didn't believe the same. I left pretty abrupt and didn't inform anyone of leaving, accept my family a few days before turning in my letter of DA. PVT81

  • mouthy

    Yes Factfinder .He DID leave the lie. He posts on here very rarely though, his name is Uzzuh

  • WTWizard

    They would be glad to have what they could get out of me back. That is, the time I wasted in field circus, whatever money they could extort out of me for the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund, and having me limited to just plain men (as they did to me to get me to leave the damn cancer in the first place). As for me, they couldn't give a fxxx.

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