Would The Witnesses Be Happy To See You Come Back to The Kingdom Hall?

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  • cuckoo in the nest
    cuckoo in the nest

    I was the Hardy Kruger of the congregation, "The One That Got Away". Despite being invisible to 90% of them, I think our resident anointed, and maybe a couple of other pioneers, had plans for me. A study who you could trust to cross the street by themselves, single, self employed, multi-lingual, a member of Mensa and still with his own teeth and the posessor of a penis, I'm sure I would have been of use to them. If only they could find a way to kick my arse into the baptismal pond.

    Pretty sure my study conductor is glad to see the back of me though. I made him think too hard. When that happened it smelt like bacon frying.

  • androb31

    My mother might be, she sends me a text on my b-day (coincidentally, not to wish me a happy b-day but to say something spiritual dub-wise) with the token "I wish you would come back to Jehovah". Probably counts the time it took to send the text on her time card

    I don't think anyone else would care either way. Who knows, maybe I'd get some love bombing for a bit and the encouraging "aren't you glad you came back to Jehovah" comments. Honestly I didn't think an "apostate" could come back having been baptized and then later self DA'd to follow Christ. They would think I'm full of the Debil. They know I've been to other churches. I don't think I could stomach 5 minutes in a KH anyway.

    As a side point: I've kinda thought it would be fun to go to a kingdom hall for the express purpose of doing some worshipping (church style...hands in the air and all) during the songs and shouting hallelujah during the talk just to see the reaction I get. Haha....I'd for sure be shown to the door.

    Anyway, as it stands right now when I've seen my mother on the 2 or 3 occasions I've been tolerated to be in her presence in the last 4 years, she will barely give me a hug.....I get the hesitation and stand offishness and the bug eyes, like she's afraid a demon is going to jump off of me and onto her. I'm sure most would react in similar fasion. I remember the scary feelings I got whenever I heard of anyone being labelled "apostate" while I was still indoctrinated so I get it.

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