Would The Witnesses Be Happy To See You Come Back to The Kingdom Hall?

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  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    Well I went to my old congregation a few months back and some people smiled, but the Elders put this hard line stance ( my old congregation is very "old school" ) . Since I'm a social pariah ( my ex fiancee really did a number on my reputation ), I was at one point one of the most popular young brothers in Los Angeles. If I do come back I would just come back to tell my side of the story and clear my name ( kind of like that "show Burn Notice").

    My ex-fiancee is a another story of my life I will post later.

  • mouthy

    Well when I did go back to the assembly( just wanted to hear what the evil slaves had to tell)
    two very loving brothers? escorted me out!!!!! They had seen me on Sally Jessie Rhapheal

    & the "Shirley Show" They said LEAVE NOW!!!! your NOT welcome here.I didnt think that
    was very loving DO YOU?

  • minimus

    They stink! I don't like them!!

  • aquagirl

    They escorted you out! Wow,I thought that since they are a taxexempt organization,that they HAVE to let anyone in unless they are causing a disturbance..That is awful! If they are going to be a private club,they should have to pay taxes.

  • Violia

    wow Mouthy. Are there some things one does that they will not forgive ? I know you did not want to go back, but what if you had? So they decide for Jehovah if you can go back?

    Aquagirl, you are probably just pretty, that's why you got 4 brothers to help you.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    They are, notwithstanding that designs and I share the same hirsute aspect ...


  • BluesBrother

    By the expression "Come back" I take it that you mean return to the fold...not stand there as an avowed opposer..

    So to come back....I am sure they would be pleased. I believe most dubs are basically decent people. But would their interest be sustained long? not in my experience. Someone might be assigned to "Study" with you. That would last as long as they can count their time on their report. Once you found your feet and turned in reports of your own they would say that you no longer needed it and their interest would fade.

    Christian love has never run very deep in the K Halls as far as I have seen

  • mouthy

    Well Blues brother you should have come to mine,If you never saw love in yours
    there were a few of us sisters. that used to get bible studies & clean their houses,
    We used to get food for some in the congregation that was poor, give bus tickets to
    Pioneers, buy sweaters for those that were poorly dressed .We were a loving BUNCH

  • Little Imp
    Little Imp

    My husband and I were only talking about this the other day. We think that we would be "love bombed" and asked the usual 20 questions etc. etc.

    However, we said we would love to go back and arrive just as it starts so no-one would have a chance to ask us anything then leave after the first meeting! They would be so annoyed at us leaving before any of them could ask the usual nosey questions!


  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    @ Mouthy

    Wow there not suppost to do that. There only allowed to do that if you cause a disturbance . I could see my old congregation doing that.

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