You ever go through extended moments where nothing satisfies you, to the point you wouldn't mind dying?

by miseryloveselders 73 Replies latest jw friends

  • MrFreeze

    misery, you have described my situation perfectly. Except I'm in my early twenties. And it's not for a lack of trying to make things better. It just seems like everything I do screws things up more.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    All the pills in the world won't solve your problems, Miz.

    You need therapy/counselling. You need to be able to talk to someone in real life who is neutral and can offer professional help.

    I strongly suggest you seek this out.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Moments like this will pass. And even if they last a while, eventually they lift.

  • Botzwana

    I go through that sometimes myself. But I usually find ways to entertain myself. Looking at blogs on the internet about comics, toys, etc. Looking at the Real Doll website and pining...Setting up my toy shelf, working out, watching movies, playing video games. There are LOTS of things to do.

  • boyzone

    Yeah, I can relate Miz. I reckon FHN got it right when she said it'll pass. It does - honest. Could it be the weather like you describe? Lots of people suffer from SAD this time of year and need a boost of daylight. Try a bit of exercise if you can, that often gives you the feel-good factor. Or try getting the latest holiday brochures and book a break somewhere - it'll give you something to look forward to.

  • Curtains

    If you told the title of this thread to a professional they would recommend therapy just in case you are in the doldrums and in over your head. So do see someone.

    On the other hand the world can be bright and sparkling and it can also be very nihilistic and often in between. If I'm trapped inside like you are then I would probably feel like you. It would not worry me then because I'd know what steps to take. Like you I'd probably come here too - but (in a worst case scenario) I'd go out in the snow and come back feeling refreshed.

  • aquagirl

    Im going to get slayed and fileted for this,but ever try cannibis? Um,not for everyday,but it helps once in a great while and if you find someone to do it with,it can lift yer mood and at least see some humor in it.I know EXACTLY how you feel.Really.Even the food tasting like crap thing.I dont drink,too many empty calories and the morning after ukkkkkk. Hey,The great spirit gave us all of the grasses of the field to use{not abuse}whatever that means.When my dad died last December,09,I was truly ready to "check out' too.Drugs are not the answer long term,but one can not deny that they sometimes help short term...Please dont be mean to me everyone,its just my humble opinion and experience.And it has worked for me.Pm me if you wanna talk,ok?..

  • aquagirl

    Just noticed the Xanax and Abien.I need xanax to sleep,but Ambien make me do reeeeally weird stuff,like wake up everyone and notify them of "gator attacks that are coming,and painting my face up KISS style. Xanax makes me be able to stop running the world enough to sleep,its an antianxiety med,but if you stop using it suddenly,it can cause some bad effects.Especially if you were using it a lot.Be careful sweetie,we need you here.ok? Cannibis elixer has no after effects and is 100% natural.Most pharmaceuticals are not.

  • aquagirl

    You have a PM!

  • wobble

    Dear MLE,

    I can empathise with your feelings, and your situation. For many years I have suffered on and off with a severe attack of ennui, and also with depression almost culminating in suicide.

    I too advise getting professional therapy more than a medical solution, though diagnosis is all, sometimes a simple med. solves all, sometimes a combination. I know too that you may ignore all the advice you have had on here as your mood or situation changes, do not do so, you do have an underlying problem, which if addressed will make for a happier life, worth going for !

    Being still in the Borg is a struggle no doubt, the feeling of freedom, hope, opportunity and happiness that I had on leaving is still with me, and sustains me, that is denied to you until you are able to leave.

    What kept me going for 58 years while I was in though, was as Brotherdan says above, I firmly believed that I was serving God and He was with me, a sinner yes, not a good Jehovah's Witness,(by their lights) but one who wanted to serve a God of love and justice with or without the WT, I just stayed through the old "Where else is there ?" thought, but faith in God kept me going, and kept me from deep depression until the later years.

    I wish you well, remember, all on here, believers or not, are your friends and want what is best for you, so I hope your present difficulty is soon over, we want the old Misery back !

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