Atheism, the absence of someone to pray to.

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  • Qcmbr

    There is no god.
    There is no magic.
    There are no supernatural laws.
    There is a gravitational effect.
    Evolution occurs at the genetic level.
    All living things must one day die.
    This earth is billions of years old.
    Mankind hasn't been around very long geologically speaking.
    Men and women make up religion to gain power and resources from others.

    It's not all that difficult. If any of the above truths were untrue it would be obvious. A god who existed would be plainly manifest in all evidence. It would be impossible to find evidence he/she/it didn't without lying.

  • new light
    new light

    Being too intelligent to believe a religion has no bearing on whether or not there are universal laws that govern our existence and enjoyment thereof. You can choose to live in accordance with these unchangeable concepts or not.

    We live in a world where there exists both good and evil and all shades in between. We have complete free will to either live in darkness serving our animalistic egos or to ask the Source to help us transcend these thoughts and live a loving, meaningful life. There is no religion needed to do this, only the honest desire to improve and align ourselves with the governing laws of the universe, or at least this planet.

    There is hope. There is no need to dumb yourselves down. In fact, smarten up! Immerse yourself in science and see all the wonders and then categorize and understand them! God does not mind. God wants us to advance, to be intelligent, to turn mysteries into understood facts, and to keep on searching for more as we improve our quality of life.

    Evolution and our Source are not mutually exclusive. Evolution is one of the unchangable laws governing our existence. Scientific discovery, to me, increases my love for, and wonder at, the amazing universe we inhabit.

    Trying to confine the Source to the box religion has attempted to build around it does a major disservice to oneself. There are overarching laws and a "presence" that govern this life, whether one chooses to see it or not. I have found that this Source wants us to learn, to prosper, and, perhaps most importantly, to love. I am more reasonable, logical, ambitious and aimed for worldly success than I have ever been. And I love God more than ever.

  • Robert7

    It's funny how you'd be considered insane to believe in Santa, who makes presents, knows if you're naughty/nice, flies around delivering presents.

    But belief in GOD? Of course it makes sense. He made all matter and life, knows if you've been naughty/nice, and is everywhere answering prayers.

  • xchange

    Atheists do not deny a supernatural deity nor do they choose to ignore the supposed manifestations of this alleged being around them. It's about the available evidence or insufficient evidence.

  • Satanus


    Perhaps, your view would be described as agnostic, ie, not knowing. Me, i'm not exactly atheist.


  • OnTheWayOut
    This issue always seems like semantics to me, and atheism seems to mean different things to different people.

    Yes. For the record, whether atheism means to one person, "There is no god" and to another person, "There is no proof of god" is totally semantics. The atheist who says "There is no god" would also be sure that "There is no Invisible Pink Unicorn" but if the IPU were to show up and absolutely prove his existence, then that atheist would be able to change his mind. But most atheists "KNOW" that IPU and the current monotheists' God will not show up.

    The problem is not within each person's definition of "atheist" or "believer." The problem is that so many people insist on putting everyone in a nice category (a box). I have been greatly benefited by eastern philosophy, but I don't accept the religious parts. When I read it, I can tell that many of the writers who pontificate on eastern thought also do not believe the religious part, but they wouldn't be selling as many books if they just admitted it.

  • cyberjesus
    A person who believes that their ancestors might help, he might pray to them, burn incense to them, etc. They aren't gods. The person also might not believe in god, thus, a praying atheist.

    Satanus: you actually make a good point. I agree. I should rewrite my statement to a believer like this: "you have someone you pray or you believe someone will listen to your prayers.... i don't.

  • cyberjesus

    TEC: i agree with your husband

  • cyberjesus

    qmbcr: agreed

  • cyberjesus
    God does not mind. God wants us to advance, to be intelligent, to turn mysteries into understood facts, and to keep on searching for more as we improve our quality of life

    and how do you know all of that?

    Satanus: an atheist doesnt claim knowledge of the non existance of God. he just dont have enuf evidence to believe on one

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