Moral Dilemma

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  • Gregor

    The matter of revealing details of Judicial Committee matters is particularly offensive. You mentioned 10 cases in which you and others were privy to the matters and the JC's decision before it was 'official'. This might be of interest to the other elders who were on those JCs and hopefully one of them takes the responsibility for confidentiality seriously.

    He needs to be knee-capped.

  • jwfacts

    It seems that you are most upset by the hypocrisy of him being a prominent elder. There may not be much more you can do in that regard, since you have already alerted the elders and Bethel. It is unusual they did nothing; I know of someone put down from being an elder and kicked out of Bethel for pornography. Then again, he was not as prominent as your boss, so different standards apply.

    You need to think of yourself foremost. Do you want to risk loosing your job over this by pushing it further?

    In many cases where someone is zealous against some sexual sin it's because it is a particular vice of theirs.

    Too true. An elder in bethel counselled me for having a classical CD with a somewhat erotic cover. He was disfellowshipped a couple of months later for adultery.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Hmmm, I understand the dilemma you are in, and I'll try to look at it from an HR viewpoint:

    If there is someone above the MD to whom you can go, then I'd suggest that. Again, it's possible that they'll ignore it because of the MD's (apparently) known problem with porn.

    I would advise you that for legal reasons you need to be very very careful with the information you have on this guy's workplace transgressions. It should not be taken outside the workplace. It's basically to CYA should the guy get nasty.

    However, if you're careful, you could use generalities when speaking to the WTS or other elders.

    As for the WTS side of it, I am surprised that Bethel has ignored it. But then, it may be that they choose to place anything coming from an inactive/apostate person as being less reliable than coming from another elder or CO. Or it's the typical old boys' club mentality, and he'll be protected no matter what. Particularly if he hasn't actually committed an actual crime, nor has he acted on his sexual desires.

  • jamiebowers
    If he is that awful of a person, and your goal is to humble him, then perhaps do some anonymous mailings, etc. What would his wife say? Would she hush hush it? What about some of the R&F that he has hurt? If he has power to hurt others, and you have power to take his power away, then I would make an effort to do that.
    Can't remove the quote box, but the above quote is what I was thinking.
  • NVR2L8

    What would an active and zealous witness do in your situation? He would do research in the society's publications...and find that confidentiality can be breached even in situations where personal information is protected by law. Check the Sept 1, 1987 Watchtower article found here. So you could do like "Mary" ("Andre's" sister) and tell the porn-addicted elder that you are aware of his activities on the company's computer and that you are giving him some time to confess his sin...otherwise you will have to go to the congregation. Then it would be to the BOE to discipline the elder...or if the elder has a good reputation, his sin is not known to the congregation and that Jehovah is "evidently" blessing him with assembly parts and service privileges...spare him from discipline. Or you could just leave it alone if you don't want to be bothered, spyed on or interrogated by the elders in the future. Still I would use the information the way you did by posting it for all to see the hypocrisy of some prominent men in the organisation.

  • 3Mozzies

    WOW!!! This scum bag needs to be exposed but not at your expense Mattieu. I would love for you to expose him yet your job and your fading might be the price for exposing him . . . . tread carefully my friend.

    PS: This elder was also well known for advising his fellow workmates of Judicial Committee decisions even before they were made known at the judicial committee meetings with the sinning offender (pre judged) and yes have the proof!!If you have been d’fd in the Sydenham/Melton/Sunbury area the last 5 years, please let me know.... Not only do I know you, but know your circumstance...

    THIS is the real problem here!!! He has destroyed other people by prejudging them without even listening to them at the JC! The ones that were D'Fd because of this prejudging have had their world turned upside down! This has made me really mad!!!!

    I've sent you a PM Mattieu


  • Roski

    Aside from those issues involving the workplace - Boyzone made a good point, he is a deviant and therefore will be acting out in some form in his non-working life. From what you say it seems as if he is 'projecting' a lot and this may involve unjust JC procedures or it may involve his own behaviour with (young) women, and most likely women who are at risk in some way.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Mattieu maybe its the Jack Daniels talking but I think you should use him, mess with him a bit then blackmail him, give him a bit of his own medicine.

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