Moral Dilemma

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  • Mattieu
    It sounds like there may be a little personal vendetta here

    Just a tad...

    If it is your job to report him to his superiors, do so,

    Did that....

    If there is real evidence of child porn, there should be no "moral dilemma

    Thats the hardest thing to prove. The moral dilemma is to whether I not I spread the word about this guy. I have done the professional thing and contacted the "spiritual channels".... Though do I now play his game and spread the word, something which he is very good at, slander....

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask
    Is there anything at all that gives you reason to beleve he has viewed under-age porn (ie sex or nudity involving persons below the age of consent, not 18, 19 year olds)

    The laws in Oz might be different from elsewhere, but in order for an image of a naked child to be considered to be child pornography there generally needs to be a depiction of certain orifaces or sexual activity itself. Videos of nudists engaged in non-sexual activities, including children, are (again, generally) not considered to be pornography - even if it is clear the people who enjoy looking at naked children may have some agenda other than art appreciation. All of which to say, be careful about the legal aspect of things, because they can backfire on you. But the man's wife will not be swayed by legal hair-splitting, if you really want to take this guy out and you think you can successfully expose him with evidence.

    In your place, I would go for the juglar, but that's just me.

  • SixofNine

    Anything you can do to expose his hypocrisy to the people he hurts or will potentially hurt as an elder, is the moral thing to do. Anything you can do to expose the hypocrisy of the Branch office and Brooklyn to the people hurt by those leaders, is the moral thing to do.

    That said, don't do anything that will backfire on yourself, because if that happens it means the hypocrites will undoubtedly win the perception war and few or no people will benefit.

    I think you have a strategic dilemma, not a moral one.

  • treadnh2o


    Please do not take this statement as anything but objective, but the moment you spoke to anyone outside of the workplace concerning this matter, you failed to keep it "professional". You may want to think about yourself and your career and let this go. The rumor mill spins both ways and it would be a drag if you were ever labeled as being an individual that can not keep matters confidential within the workplace. I would fire my IT guy if anything within my server or office was ever transmitted to someone not authorized to receive the information.

  • cofty
    So personally, I dont know why you are defending this guy, or why you think Im posting this for entertainment.

    What gives you the idea I am defending him? From what you have said he is a hypocrite and a bully, the borg is full of them. I am trying to clarify whether or not he is a danger to children. Your opening post clearly implied he was - apparently he is not.

  • tec

    Well, the moral dilemma is whether or not you expose him for hypocrisy. Because from what I've read here, he isn't doing anything illegal... just watching porn. (at work where I'm sure its against the rules, but so are a lot of other things that most people have done at one point or another in their own lives)

    Someone suggested going to him directly, and I think I second that. Ask him to consider his own hypocrisy, and that he can't hide that from God - especially if he is 'beating' those he should be caring for. Tell him that he can step down or he can stop condemning people when he obviously has no right or ability to do so.

    Then make your next step from there.


  • The Finger
    The Finger

    Ask him to consider his own hypocrisy, and that he can't hide that from God

    I have often wondered if those in higher positions actually believe in God and if that is not the reason there are so many atheists on this board who served in positions as JW's

    You really have to wonder, this notion of "victims of victims" sounds awfully like an excuse for people who liked to dominate other people claiming they were doing it for God. Then when they can't get their own way they leave. Some are repentant, others show their love of God by their total rejection.


    What do you do when you discover that a long term Hospital Liaison Committee elder who gives talks at all1 day ASSemblies,

    2 day ASSemblies & district ASSemblies and is quite prominent n the Victorian/NSW circuit, is addicted to pornography,

    particularly under age and bestiality porno? And oh, if you have print outs of his internet log in’s and internet history......Mattieu

    Child Porn=Call the Police!..


    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • cofty
    I have often wondered if those in higher positions actually believe in God and if that is not the reason there are so many atheists on this board who served in positions as JW's - The Finger

    Not in my experience. I just think that elders c/o and d/o are no different from anybody else, they just have more reasons to pretend they are. Why so many become atheist is another topic.

    Outlaw, I think it has been established there was no child porn involved

  • blondie
    And I’m not talking breach of privacy, I’m talking his breach of work usage of computers, of which I’m in charge of the IT

    So it is part of your job or a company policy to report offenders? Why treat him any differently that any other employee breaking company policy and local felony laws? Wouldn't that put your job at risk and make you part of his crime?

    Where I work, the work rules clearly spell out that employees cannot access such sites at work (and local laws say you cannot not do that from your own or a public computer). This particular rule is reviewed with each employee every year and we have to sign off that we read it, understand it, and will abide by it or suffer the consequences after review.

    Since you are "in charge of the IT," legally, morally, and ethically you really don't have choice unless you want to be a participant.

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