Moral Dilemma

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  • Mattieu

    Excuse me so called holy spirit directed governing body; What do you do when you discover that a long term Hospital Liaison Committee elder who gives talks at all1 day ASSemblies, 2 day ASSemblies & district ASSemblies and is quite prominent n the Victorian/NSW circuit, is addicted to pornography, particularly under age and bestiality porno? And oh, if you have print outs of his internet log in’s and internet history fully detailing his log ins from his work computer??? And I’m not talking breach of privacy, I’m talking his breach of work usage of computers, of which I’m in charge of the IT

    Hmmm, suppose you ring up the Sydney bethel the day before he is giving a talk at the 2 day ASSembly in Melbourne and they don’t want to know about it? Then you ring Brooklyn, only to be told "leave it in Jehovah’s hands"

    The funny thing is, the next day he is giving the baptism talk, dedicating the lives of 6 new J Dubs (yes numbers are getting low each year)

    So, Sydney & Brooklyn Bethel, my moral dilemma, do I give away the initials or name of this fraudulent elder of which you knew about here in Melbourne and what does it say about the last 5 baptism talks in a row he has given (you really should rotate boys)

    Yes, this will really rock the boat on VIC & NSW where this bro and his family are really well known...

    PS: This elder was also well known for advising his fellow workmates of Judicial Committee decisions even before they were made known at the judicial committee meetings with the sinning offender (pre judged) and yes have the proof!!If you have been d’fd in the Sydenham/Melton/Sunbury area the last 5 years, please let me know.... Not only do I know you, but know your circumstance...

    Actually, the most blatant misuse of his power as an elder; he delayed the disfellowshipping of a family member, so they could have a “family farewell” as there national background dictates they are a close family. So they had a family send off, knowing they couldn’t talk to him for at least 6 months due to his drug issues...... Then the next week they disfellowshiped him.......

    So, bethel boys, do I name and shame this serving high profile elder? Or do you use this opportunity to pronounce “Jehovah cleans things up in his own due time....”

    Keep in mind, I have taken notes of at least 10 judicial committee meetings that he has blabbed about, including his predetermination of guilt before they even met....

    Blah blah balh yours in the truth....... whatevs, Trev..........PS - Moral dilemma feedback from other apostates would be appreciated ;=)

  • bohm

    uhhh, interesting!

    "under age" <--- if this is true, i say hang him out and call the police!

    otherwise, if its just ordinary porn, write him a letter and say he is a hypochrit.

  • wasblind

    Call the police, tell them your concerns, children are at risk

    when the WTS say wait on Jehovah they really mean shut the fuck up !!!!

  • DaCheech

    I say the same.......... if it's regular porn, then let it slide.

    If it is bestiality and/or children (not 18 year olds) then let the whole wrath of the system hit him!

  • Mattieu

    Thx bohm, I looked at option 1 - All the web links showed "legal cheerleaders/college girls/babysitters" so hard to prove that a father of 3 kids, 46 y/old father/husband (oldest kids 15 y/o) is actually turned on by underage chicks/boys......

    option 2 - Don’t want to put my name to a letter for obvious legal reasons...... Though happy to pm his name to legitimate queries.....

  • finallyfree!

    blow his sick cover!! first off, child porn is a federal offense! it is illegal!!

    second, who knows, he's probably a pedophile. you may end up having something bigger than you thought. id write a letter to a local newspaper or radiostation after notifying the police. you can be sure that jehovah will not take care of this. the whole "leave it to jah" bs line is getting old and used up. the wts must learn to "take it like a man" so to speak and stop shifting responsibility to jehovah everytime they fuck up with their shite.

  • Mattieu

    Was Blind (and I hope it’s not a result of you being told to stop it or will go blind) & Dacheech, From the websites the IT dept looked at, yes, not an obvious abuse of minor websites, but a lot with the headings “barely legal” “underage babysitters”

    Not my cup of tea, though regardless, this dude is the most self righteous elder with responsibilities in Oz with good connection, here and in Brooklyn.....

    If it was you or I, yeah no probs mate, let it slide, but this is one hell of an arrogant prick....

  • wasblind

    " Was Blind (and I hope it’s not a result of you being told to stop it or will go blind)"

    OMG Mat, you got me ROFL !!!!!

    from the titles of the websites alone should give a clue to what he was lookin' for.

  • cofty
    addicted to pornography, particularly under age and bestiality porno

    All the web links showed "legal cheerleaders/college girls/babysitters

    This is the crux of the matter. Is it underage, child porn or not? If so its a legal matter you don't have a dilemma. If not then you have a lot of power, how will you use it?

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    There is only one thing to do (given that it is not child porn, otherwise turn the bastard in).

    Ask for a meeting with him. Be pleasant, chat up your usual goings on at the Kingdom Hall, the newest Watchtower or Awake! and then

    "By the way, brother hospital liaison, are you aware that internet anonymity is an illusion? Did you know that internet usage in work computers is routinely and legally monitored? Does your wife and family know about your underage pornography habit? No? What about the Society? Ok, well, they're about to, unless you have some other suggestion?"

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