Moral Dilemma

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  • GLTirebiter

    Do what is appropriate under local laws and company policies. Granted, you are in Australia where the laws will differ from ours...

    In the US: (1) possessing "underage", i.e. child, pornography is a crime; (2) it would be appropriate for the employer to discipline (suspend or fire) an employee for policy violations, assuming there is a business-use-only policy for company equipment and internet usage, (3) the employer should present evidence of criminal acts to the police (you said that as part of your duties, you have legitimate access to what you found), because (4) knowingly witholding evidence of criminal activity from the authorities may make the company--and you!--liable for enabling the criminal acts to continue.

    Give your findings to the company management, so they can take appropriate action. Forget about Bethel and the branches, it's time for this hypocrite to "Render unto to Caesar"!

  • Qcmbr

    What happens at work - as long as it is legal - should never, ever leave the workplace. Your job, the knowledge and responsibility it brings end once you leave at 5pm(if only :)) If your boss doesn't want to act case closed.

    If you care about this guy (suspect not!) then a private word will do. If you can't stand his WT life then there is almost nothing you can do nor should do since watching porn is a 'sin' most men do, whether religious or not. No-one would be overly interested in pursuing this - unless they are porn addicts themselves - since they will feel it is a little close to the knuckle. In many cases where someone is zealous against some sexual sin it's because it is a particular vice of theirs. You'll probably only get action against this elder from other hidden porn addicts. The casual surfers won't touch it with a barge pole.

  • drewcoul

    There is probably no liability on the company for him to go to the elders with it. The company owns all data transmitted through their server. The elder in this case cannot sue them because they own his computer and have a right to the information he transmits and receives. The only issue would be if they do not want anyone else knowing about this. The elder has absolutely no standing with regard to what anyone knowing and having information about his web activity so long as his company approves of the giving of the information. He doesn't own the information, the company does.

  • Satanus

    As far as morals go, they are subjective, ie they depend on the view of each individual. By 'worldy' standards, the guy isn't doing anything wrong. By wt standards .....well, you have gotten word that the higher up management in the wt corp doesn't care. The average rank and file would care, of course, because they don't percieve that it's just a large publishing company w brainwashed, drone salepeople. The drones think, feel and say what they are told to think, feel and say.

    That is the bigger picture, imo.


  • sooner7nc

    Much good advice on this so far and not really much to add my friend but I do wish to support you in your dealing with this issue. I know it's probably not easy to figure out what to do with the knowledge that you have but, if I may, please let me say this. We have a saying here in the good ol' rural USA..."Stick it up his ass"...meaning, use it as a club and do as much damage as possible. Sorry to let this get emotional like that but I wish so badly to hurt them in any way possible. Be careful.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Is underage porn invovled or not? If no underage porn, he's just the regular Joe Blow at work looking at porn and thinking nobody knows. (I'm not sure of the bestiality laws, but would imagine if persons of legal age....legally nobody cares) Both of you are JW's, except you are inactive and Him an elder that is used at all levels of activity.

    Did you discover his internet transgressions by singling him out? Is there other transgressors you know of, but haven't reported? You mentioned the MD guy and his porn. Do you have an HR rep who handles this type stuff? Usually they or a management level boss takes the steps to discipline or terminate someone. While he might be an arrogant prick, it is an entirely different matter to cost him his job and ability to support his family over something that the MD guy himself is doing.

    If you want to bring him down, find an elder in his cong that doesn't like him. That should get the ball rolling. Don't know if your obligation to reveal JW sins to the elders over-rides not revealing his personal work info to people outside of his work superiors.

    Think About It

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    This has been an interesting conversation. If I might summarise the facts and suppositions:

    The man in question is a Watchtower elder who looks at pornography. Some of that pornography has been of younger people, but there is no child porn involved. The elder has broken no laws or statutes and in all probability constitutes no threat to children, youths and adults in his congregation. If he is guilty of anything it is hypocrisy. He says words and represents himself in ways that are inconsistent with this secret side of his life.

    I might have a personal inclination to expose this man, but in the end I would suppress it. At its worst, public exposure will cause him to be disciplined by the WTS, certainly not DFed but perhaps demoted for a time, and it will damage his marriage and relationship with his children. But there will be no damage, none whatsoever, done to the WTS itself. In the meantime, you expose yourself to damage in some ways. So, then, what's the point?

    I come full circle to my original piece of advice. Talk to him one on one. Let him know what you know without being judgemental and that should be sufficient to frighten the wits out of him. If he asks what you will do tell him you want only to give him a chance to end his hypocrisy but he must desist his activities because it will otherwise be a matter of time before he is exposed, and then the consequences could be considerable to him personally.

    Do this, Mattieu, and you will be the better man, and both you and he will know it.

  • Mattieu
    Talk to him one on one.............Do this, Mattieu, and you will be the better man, and both you and he will know it.

    Will do Lion Cask, will let you know how it turned out in a weeks time when he is back from holidays. Cheers.

  • Scully

    If you know that he is involved in child pornography, a chat with your superior will launch an investigation and notification of his superior.

    I suspect that your jurisdiction is similar to others in the Commonwealth, in that everyone is mandated to report someone they suspect of participating in child sexual abuse (which includes viewing child pornography) to the authorities. You can likely remain anonymous, and let the branch of the police dedicated to investigating child pornography take care of the details.

  • Bryan

    If you have facts... you send a manilla envelope containing these records to an Investigative Reporter at a local TV station, and let him do his job....

    *Not sure if you company or local law requires you to report to police the under-age pornography....


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