Moral Dilemma

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  • mamalove

    So does this elder know that you know he has this issue? If so, I am shocked he has not been squirming..

    If he is that awful of a person, and your goal is to humble him, then perhaps do some anonymous mailings, etc. What would his wife say? Would she hush hush it? What about some of the R&F that he has hurt? If he has power to hurt others, and you have power to take his power away, then I would make an effort to do that.

    I am not shocked that your IT department does not really care. That is commonplace. Many people think that you get fired over that stuff, but it happens so much. Our CIO found loads of porn on our shared drive! Someone loaded tons of it and took up so much storage he had to go tell him to get it off. He didnt care, he just wanted the space on the server.

    Back to the issue though, I think it is for the betterment of the "innocent" Jdubs for this jerk to be humbled a bit. That's all. Get creative.

    What is Oz? What is the overall Aussie JW attitude? Same as everywhere else? More strict? I always pictured it more low key. Sorry for all of the questions.

    Outlaw, I think it has been established there was no child porn involved.....Cofty

    Thanks Cofty!..I missed that..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • drewcoul

    Is looking through individual browser history part of your job responsibilities? I understand you are in IT, but that doesn't mean you are required to monitor everyone's internet usage does it? If it does, why not tell the MD that this guy is looking at porn (which you did) and then explain to him that this guy is an elder and you need to report it to the congregation. Not for work purposes, but for the congregation. You can do this to get cover from your employer......Then do as Georgie Girl suggests and meet with him and two other elders, and you might ask to do it at your office, and invite the Janitor to give his side, so that the elder in question can make the accusation of "It was the janitor" in front of the janitor.

    It seems you have the right and responsibility to do something, but be deliberate in what you do. Protect yourself and your job first.

    Just my opinion.

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask
    I would fire my IT guy if anything within my server or office was ever transmitted to someone not authorized to receive the information.

    Goes to what trumps what, treadnh2o. Confidentiality within law has limits. Some things kept confidential by your IT guy when he knows it is illegal could land him in the courts. That said, if nothing illegal has happened, then the answer may be found in your IT guy's job description. With deference to Blondie's statement, if the IT guy is empowered to monitor internet activity within the firm, finds a problem and reports it to the boss, then he has done his job and that is all he is empowered to do. It is up to the boss to enforce the company rules, not the IT guy.

  • drewcoul

    BTW......Elders love salatious wrongdoings of other elders, don't let them fool you.

  • treadnh2o

    Blondie, Mattieu claims he has done his job by reporting this to his superiors and that no laws have been broken that would require the authorities to be involved.

    Matthieu, I hope you are not working under a confidentiality agreement. If you are, you could be terminated for cause (Calling the WBTS) any this hypocrite could be reprimanded (in private) and deny any wrongdoing if the congregation was to investigate. In additon the company and you could be liable if this information was to cause any "harm" to this Elder.

    If you stir the pot, you may make his life hell, but you have nothing to gain and much to lose.

  • blondie

    So child pornography is okay in Mattieu's country? Hmmm. I hope you checked directly with the governmental authorities in that area not just the company authorities. Just don't use anyone's name or details, just general information. Try googling that government's website and see what the laws are.

  • treadnh2o

    Mattieu post 513

    "He is a hypocrite. not a pedo."

    Unless I am missing something, Mattieu is merely speculating and has nothing to indicate an inclination toward pedophilia.

  • Satanus

    I could see the wt top dogs covering their asses and going after you. If there was real child abuse going on, then i could see exposing him being worth the risk. But, since it seems that he's just doing regular, legal porn, it might be better to let it go. Hypocracy can really irritate a person, but it's not illegal. The decision is yours, of course.


  • cofty

    Its not child porn Blondie - just regular porn. The elder is a hypocrite not a pedophile

    Mattieu do you see what you have done by implying otherwise in your OP?

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