Brotherdan seems like he really DID leave

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  • ziddina

    Hey Shamus!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    (and a sneaky way to give you the 'raspberry'...!!)


  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    I felt for him at first......

    then he was very aggressive to some Newbies...

    Then he was almighty!

    Then ..................

    I lost intrest....

    if he was real.... As I said Before ....I know how you feel!

    If not .......

    GROW SOME BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wasblind

    Hey Darth, where you been

    I also felt for him and defended him too, you can read it in my post

    then I start havin' questions cause stuff wasn't

    addin' up. so I backed off from his post somewhat.

    We may be strangers on this board, and on the net people can make themselves

    out to be what ever they want to be, But words carry wieght, it's hard for a liar to

    keep his story straight, Bro Dan may have been psycologically compromised ( crazy )

    one thing about the mind, when you start losin' it, you see it in your words

    Bro Dan words were gettin' crazy in my opinion.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Wasblind yeah I agree....

    I think he was telling the Truth what happened.....

    but he went NUTS!!!!

  • wasblind

    " he went NUTS!!!! "

    Yea Darth, he crashed and burned right before our eyes

  • ziddina

    Personally, I think Bro Dan is a sociopath....

    I understand now, why his poor wife wants OUT of that marriage - and to take the kids with her... Frankly, I think the kids might be better off with her, even being raised in the "Truth" ™ than being raised with HIM around... He seems to ENJOY playing 'head' games... His personality seems innately deceitful. That personality type generates an environment that is NOT good for raising children!!!

    On the other hand, that may mean that he's "excellent" elder material.... [said with heavy sarcasm and irony...]

    Regarding the money I spent, shipping the books to Bro Dan, I really don't want to be "paid back"....

    What irks me the most about this situation, is that he ISN'T USING the library in the way he 'claimed' that he would...

    All I wanted was for my 'library' to be in the hands of someone who UNDERSTOOD the bullsh*t that the Watchtower spewed, and was willing to publish that... Like the inconsistencies of the Watchtower Society's past teachings, especially when compared with what they teach now... And the absolutely NUTTY crap that Russell and Rutherford - and Franz, just to name a few - came up with... Stuff like, "The distance from [some place in Brooklyn] to [some place in Pennsylvania, where the Watchtower actually originated] fulfills some bible chronology, but ONLY if you take the ferry..."

    Yeah, right...

    Instead, Bro Dan's blog sounds like he's IN AGREEMENT with that idiot Charles Taze Russell, and Bro Dan doesn't seem the LEAST BIT INCLINED to display the Watchtower's insanity for all to see...

    That's why I feel that giving him my library has been SUCH a WASTE. I really wasn't using the library myself; I wanted SOMEONE ELSE to get some good out of it.... And I thought that Bro Dan was sincerely interested in researching the bizarre teachings within Watchtower history, an EXPOSING them....

    From reading his 'blog', that has NOT been his focus, so far....

    Therefore, I feel that my library is WASTED on him.

    But, maybe he'll eventually get into the illogic of the Watchtower teachings.... I'll keep checking his blog.

    But if I SERIOUSLY wanted to get it back - well, hubby and I live in Colorado, which is just a few states away from Arizona. I could concievably even drive down there and show up unannounced, with a COPY of his letter stating that he'd RETURN THE LIBRARY TO ME WHENEVER I ASKED FOR IT, in my hand, and request that he turn the library back over to me...

    In the meantime, though, I may start re-building my library... I could hit all the thrift stores and garage sales here in Denver; I have a huge advantage in that I live in a LARGE metropolitan area... I worry that I couldn't replace some of the books, but who knows??? Maybe I'll find BETTER ones!!!

    I'm just p*ssed that Bro Dan seems to have been a deceitful sociopath who took advantage of me - and many others on this board. We were all trying so HARD to help him; I view him now as an 'attention' slut who over-dramatized his crises or even deliberately generated many of them.

    But there is something about being a Witness, that seems to generate that mentality in many people. The whole "if you're not being PERSECUTED, then you're not doing GOD'S WILL sufficiently to become SATAN'S TARGET!!!" mentality... Whatta buncha nuts....

    Hey, thanks for ALL the support, people!!! I'm just whining because I feel like I've been deceived - and will have to rebuild my library again, IF I feel that's valid for me, at this time. I have been 'out' for 25 years... There's really nothing holding me in the JW mindset, at this point...

    But, I DO ENJOY thrift-store shopping!!! So, if I do decide to rebuild my library, it'll all work out for the best...


  • wasblind

    Hey Zid,

    threaten to take him on one of the court TV shows

    and remind him that if he doesn't voluntarily give

    your books back you have documentation of his word

    to return it, serve him with a certified letter

  • poopsiecakes

    Well Zid, he may very well be a sociopath but I think he's just too self absorbed to even realize what your library represents to you. He made claims that he found more friends here than he ever has in his life and then was perfectly ok with tossing everyone aside who he claimed meant so much to him. It is the internet and as far as he's concerned we are all faceless here and he got the attention he wanted with no real sacrifice from him. The fact that you know that people who post here aren't, in fact, faceless and that friendship is a two way street is only something that makes you more admirable in my opinion.

  • ziddina

    Aw, gosh, thanks, Poopsiecakes!!!

    About the books - I'm going to bide my time. Either I'll try re-building the library; or pay a surprise visit to him in a year or so...


  • satinka


    Not everyone is who they might appear to be on the worldwide web, most unfortunately. Posters posing as men might be women, for example, but that is the least "threatening" of possible scenarios. I wonder when people pm me for information, if it is an elder from an old congregation fishing to see if I am someone they might know, for another example. I figure there are many jws on the forum just "fishing" for information about people in their congregations. If they indeed do find congregation members posting, how safe are the members after that?

    Or, what if bethel sends out differing letter content to different congregation elders, to see what information gets leaked onto the forum? Bethel could trace the information back to the source of the leak, could they not? Spying and counter-spying even on their own trusted elders...?

    I wonder if Bethel keeps lists of disfellowshipped names. I'm sure they do, and I'm sure they fish for information right here on this forum.

    If you can't afford to be without your resource books and literature, please don't let them out of your possession. That is my best advice.

    Maybe I'm paranoid, but I had to say it. It's one good thing my apostate father taught me... that appearances can be deceiving.


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