Brotherdan seems like he really DID leave

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  • wasblind

    " If Zid has his address, we could organize some of us to pay him a visit to remind him of his responsibilities."

    Hey Black Sheep,

    I gotta be honest with you, as a middle aged woman already accompanied by aches and pains, old Wuz

    can't be goin' in unfamiliar places tryin' to break bad, Bro Dan hit me one good lick and I'm out, as they

    say in the Carolinas " That was all she wrote "

  • clarity

    Ziddy, aww ... sorry

    A few months back with all his crying/drinking stories, my trust level got stretched when I felt my leg being pulled!



  • shamus100

    Oh, I'm sure Brother Dan will be back with another alias. Are you SURE it wasn't Yizuman? ;)

  • garyneal

    I don't know. A part of me still feels like maybe he is legit. Why would someone concoct an elaborate story of apostacizing from the faith, getting in contact with Raymond Franz (he even published Ray's e-mails), then maintaining a blog?

    I just hope he makes good on what he owes Zid.

    Appears he updated his blog at least...

  • tec

    I feel the same as you do, Gary.


  • ziddina

    Aw, tec, thanks for the flower and heart!!

    Shamus - yeah, you're absolutely right. We had no way to confirm the accuracy of "Brother Dan's" comments about himself - and I was a dummy to pass along that little library of mine to someone that "SEEMED" honest and truly in distress... Frankly, after seeing his strange about-face behavior, I began to see that his wife may have valid - VERY valid - reasons to just want out of the marriage... It's almost as if there's more than one personality rattling around in ol' Bro Dan...

    GL Tirebiter - Happy New Year right back atcha, man!!!

    Thanks, Scott77...

    I just console myself with the thought that I've got plenty of room on my bookshelves now for OTHER books, like "Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth" - and that is a SIGNED copy, with BOTH authors' signatures, especially that of Samuel Noah Kramer, who was one of the leading scholars of Sumerian civilization during his lifetime; "The Great Mother - An Analysis of the Archetype"; "The Golden Bough"; "The Roman Cult of Mithras - The God and His Mysteries" by Manfred Clauss; and one of my best acquisitions, "Pliny the Younger Complete Letters"...

    So my focus of research has shifted away from reading Watchtower literature from many different periods to researching the "heathen" religions active during the times of Christianity's origins...

    I didn't do much research in the books while I had them, which is why I offered them to people on the board at large - and when Brother Dan responded, I thought the books had found a good home...

    I miss them, now, even tho I didn't use them very often. I do love books, though, and would like to have them back. Frankly, I haven't asked for the books back; I'm very concerned that Brother Dan would completely ignore my request.

    I sure miss my little library...

  • shamus100

    Well, what goes around comes around, darling. :) I am a firm believer in karma, and he'll get his one day. Sounds like a total douchebag. Maybe he should be a nigerian scammer.

    did I mention Yizuman?

  • ziddina

    Yeah, Satanus....

    Black Sheep hit the nail on the head - as usual...

    "I got the feeling he wanted us to be his brothers ...........but he didn't want to be ours.
    Like with his family ... he didn't just want them out of the bOrg, he wanted to recruit them to his new beliefs. ..."

    And what WasBlind said, about his request for the books so that he could destroy them

    "...lets see what happpens give him a little time to set things right
    if he don't that means he was workin' to destroy evidence against the WTS. ..."

    - that is my worst fear... Her 'take' on the situation is the first thing that snapped into my mind, when Bro Dan became self-righteous towards the board - and seemed to be working himself into an even more extreme form of "Christianity" than that which he'd left... Or 'claimed' that he'd left...

    I'll say one thing, especially about Black Sheep's wish that he have a better year - if the behavior we observed on this board is any indication of his behavior towards people in general and especially people in his life, he WON'T have any improvement in his personal life in the coming year...

    Be upon his own head, the consequences of his actions......


  • ziddina

    Heeeeey, Shamus!!!!

    KISS the monkey!!

    OW ow ow ow ow ow!!!!

    Well, sweethart, I DO have Bro Dan's address, as it happens... I may still have his cell phone # in my phone, too... If he hasn't changed either, I SHOULD contact him and ask about my books...

    Frankly, I'm AFRAID of what I will hear.... What sort of reception I will get.... Besides, I gave them to him with the understanding that he'd post the discrepancies he found in them, on his blog...

    But, from what I've seen of his blog, he's gone off on his own personal Christian "Crusade" tangent, and has pretty much ignored - or [[shudder]] destroyed - my books...

    Possession is nine-tenths of the law, too...

    When the topic of Bro Dan came up, I felt it only right to let people know about the behaviors I'd observed... But I am being a coward, in not contacting him, too...

    His behavior - and attitudes towards people on this board - became so strange and so self-righteous and judgmental towards his last week on-board... So VERY strange...

  • shamus100

    Yes, he should be normal like a ravenous monkey that tears people's faces off.

    Let's talk about kittens now - something more positive. :D

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