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  • flipper

    FORMER- Welcome to the board my friend ! Nice to have you here. I am so sorry your sister is being treated like this from your parents. Some good advice earlier from some posters ; however if your sister gets to the point of being unable to take the mental and emotional abuse from her parents - perhaps YOU may be able to give her a place to stay so she might get a therapist or counselor to assist her. I'm sure her mom & dad won't allow it due to the blackout on Psychiatrists by the WT society. Just a thought in a worse case scenario. Better for her to be with a loving brother who accepts her unconditionally than with parents who may drive her over the edge , perhaps without return. Believe me, that HAS happened to people after exiting the Witnesses.

    I'm glad you have your freedom my friend and look forward to hearing more from you. Please know and be aware you are among friends here who have been through injustices as well from the organization. I could write a book if I had the time or money ! LOL ! Anyway- great having you, please take care of yourself and sis ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • mochamint22

    Hey Guys!

    Quick question came to my mind, Mr.Flipper, as I was reading your post. You mentioned the "blackout on Psychiatrists by the WT society." I was talking to my mom, an active JW, about me seeing a Psychologist and she made this comment that it's recently been said by the society that it's ok now to go seek professional mental health treatment and that it's now been left up to conscience. Anyone know when this "new light" --LOL, i had to do it---was announced? It never ceases to amaze me how things change at the drop of a hat. Things before that were unacceptable are deemed acceptable and encouraged. LAME

  • flipper

    MOCHAMINT 22- Yes Mocha, in the recent new elders manual released it mentions that it is up to a JW's conscience and is a personal decision to seek professional help from a therapist. But they qualify that by telling elders that they CANNOT RECOMMEND a particular therapist to a witness, just tell them it's a personal decision. The WT society probably allows elders to do this now to avoid lawsuits if one of their members commits suicide so families can't come back on the society saying " our family members were prevented from going to a therapist " . So WT society is covering their legal backside.

    Also - In the info in the new elders manual it advises elders to ONLY give Biblical counsel to depressed or down and out witnesses or info from their own publications. That's a good thing because God knows, elders aren't qualified to be psychiatrists for sure ! So people are allowed now to see a shrink, but it will still cause rumors among witnesses and elders will stereotype people for doing it - instead of following THEIR counsel. Hope that clarifies a bit

  • Scott77

    @Broken promise:s No, I have never heard of Baloney


  • OnTheWayOut

    Welcome, Former. Please forgive the board for suspicious accusations. We've heard many stories of people in impossible situations where they turned out to be all lies. Yours is a similar difficult sitation to many of those, (although it is extremely believable) so some minds tuned in to the non-JW language. I hope you will stick around and not let that "stumble" you.

    Your life was a bit similar to the main character of "1984" where he participated in changing/re-inventing/re-writing history then was expected to believe that same change.

    Strength to you and I hope you are there for your sister.

  • Scott77


    Let me point out, its more likely that a poster posing as someone else will be caught over the time as long as he or she continues to post here. We can compare past and present postings for inconsistencies. Alot of us here are experts by virtue of the many years we have been in the WTS. Many of the themes that runs throughout newbies's experiences, can be compared and contrasted in light of on going situations as presented. Therefore, its not a big issue to me.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Not to derail the "Thank you for sharing your thoughts" to Former, let me just say:

    Sure, time will tell. You can all say "I told you so" if you are right. I used to do that, but would rather welcome people and not jump on the troll bandwagon until it's sure. That way, if a wonderful poster happens along that needs our help or can help others, I haven't chased him away.

  • tec

    I would just like to say (besides welcome ) that if you think your sister is in danger from your parents, then please do call social services. Even kids help phone or something like that... and then take their advice from there. (I know you're not a kid, but someone can direct you in what to do, at least. Kids help phone would be good for your sister if she could access a phone... you could even just speak to the principal at her school.)


  • mamalove

    Interesting thread. I say church sometimes too. Depends who I am talking to and what my mindframe is at the time. My heart breaks for your sis. When she is old enough, she will be out. There is no way she will recoil and enjoy it the way your parents are forcing it down her throat so harshly.

    Be there for her! I know you will in any way you can. Help her to be shrewd.

    I am guessing you are a younger man, in your 20's still. So what are you doing now if you don't mind me asking, still working in film/editing? Did you find it difficult to get a job, and support yourself after moving away from the mother ship? Is the congregation Karen spelled right? Just wondering about that so I can look it up, sounds interesting.

    Looking forward to more posts~!

  • tenyearsafter

    Welcome Former!

    As in every other facet of life, we have all types of individuals on this forum. Some are open and welcoming, while others are suspicious and the end, you will be accepted based on your time and contribution to the forum. My thoughts are with your sister and I hope you can help her cope with the challenges of her situation.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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