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  • Ding

    Some of the best evidence against the WTS' claims is their own literature.

    They condemn false prophets and then set a record for false prophesying.

  • pirata

    Former, welcome to the board and thank you so much for your experience. I hope you stay around here for a long time to come!

  • cabasilas

    As the work progressed, it became increasingly difficult to ignore that the history we presenting in the films was a "sanitized" version. Important events were skipped over or conveniently worded so as to misrepresent the facts. I spent my nights in the Family Library searching through C.T. Russell's Studies in the Scriptures, issues of Zions's Watchtower and Herald of Christ's Presence from 1879 onward, and the two historical volumes Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose and Jehovah's Witnesses: Proclaimers of God's Kingdom, all published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. I began to notice that there was a clear progression from the oldest publications forward: the organization's history was morphing slowly into a generic inspirational tale.

    First, welcome to the board! Fascinating how the real history made you start doubting.

    I also was struck by the disparity between the sanitized history we were taught and the reality when I was at Bethel in the 70s. I remember having conversations with a couple of friends about some of the odd incidents in Watchtower history. I was wondering, in your experience are there other Bethelites who spend time researching older publications? Also, do Bethelites have access to the Internet?

  • bohm

    Thanks for posting about your background, it was very interesting to read!

    By all standards, your parents are not being fair to you or your sister. I think your main priority should be to help her if you can in any way -- I think the first step would be to get in contact with her somehow, perhaps giving her a cellphone so you can get in touch with her and make sure she is doing okay?

    The therapist Steven Hassan has counceled many who's families has been divided by religion. I would warmly recommend either of his books:

    I would be careful about contacting authorities before you have established your parents are absolutely damaging her; It would fit with their image of what a "worldly" opponent of Jehovah would do and help to reinforce their image of being right. It might also have the same effect on your sister (but you know that better than I).

  • sabastious

    Tyranical household even for Witnesses.

    Welcome to the forum!


  • pirata

    Former, you have a PM. (You click on the envelope at the top right of the screen to read them). If you get an error page, so you just pres "back" on your web browser and re-click.

  • Former

    cabasilas, there appear to be two attitudes common within Bethel regarding reading older publications. The first is that older publications are dangerous because they contain information that could confuse one's thinking, almost akin to apostate literature. The second is that reading such things is a waste of time. If you've lived at Bethel yourself you'll remember what an emphasis was put on not pursuing anything frivolous.

    Regarding whether there is access to the Internet, yes and no. There is a connection, but many sites are blocked and it's impressed upon everyone that Internet traffic is monitored. Of course, one could use their personal smartphone to access the Internet in an unfettered way, but it's not every family member that can afford these. Further, some of the people I worked with were mostly unfamiliar with technology of the past decade or more anyway as they've not been outside of Bethel for anything but occasional field service.

  • Scott77


    Great to see you around. There are a dozens of Ex-Bethelites around this site and Iam sure, many will start sharing with you their own accounts. Some have already done long before you posted. There are several rich accounts of their experiences for which you will be so grateful to learn. Thanks for sharing. Hmmm...., Iam quiet curious. In 2007 around summer or like that time, I caught a group of NY Bethelites in New Britain, CT, about a dozens on a special mission to stalk me. Iam 100% obsolute sure they were Bethelites men. Many were wearing white shirts. As soon as I become curious, a few tried to distract or disguise their stalking and illegal surveliance mission by buying a galon of Milk in a Grocery Store. Here, they were posing as customers. But Iam a kind of guy who is less and less decieved. My question is, did you ever heard this kind of mission around that year and time? Or something in gravevine around Bethel on that issue? Over the coming years up to 2009, I caught ordinary JWs shamelessly stalking me even as they worked harder and harder to disquise their ill concieved mission of stalking and illegal surveilliance in the name of religion. True, the Watchtower is a man-made cult and very detructive. I hope your sister escapes as soon as possible. Your parents are unfortunate victims.


  • wasblind

    The WTS doesn't want anyone to dig through their old poop (literature)

    they know the more you stir it, the more stink you'll find

  • ziddina

    Former, welcome to the board!!!

    About your sister...

    Talk to a Child Protection worker about what is happening to her. You might be able to get her out of that abusive, painful and difficult - probably even illegal - situation.

    I emphasize that most urgently - they have NO RIGHT to treat her like a slave or prisoner...

    I was mistreated by my JW parents as I grew up. After I became an adult, and after I'd left the religion, I called a Social worker and described my childhood situation to her.

    Her response?? If someone had brought the abuses to their attention, I would have been REMOVED FROM THAT HOME and my parents WOULD HAVE BEEN INVESTIGATED FOR CHILD ABUSE...!!!

    Oh, if ONLY someone had called the authorities, for me!!!

    You are in a particularly effective position to make that call; you are more familiar with your parents' abusive behavior, than any 'outsider' would be.

    I wish you speed and effectiveness in assisting your sister to escape from a very nasty situation...


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