Are they really that bad???

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  • isaacaustin

    Wow, I am really feeding the swine here.

  • debator

    Hi bohm

    Prophecy interpretation is an easy target and you know it. The Jews interpreted prophecy wrong all the time but it did not stop them being God's people. Jesus himself had to explain which prophecies he fulfilled concerning the Messiah, hundreds of them.

    In fact the one basic truth about prophecies is that they never happen as imperfect humans expect them too but we are still meant to use them so we can at least be prepared "keep on the watch" even though we know we will not know 100% until after fulfilment.


    The Bible doesn't say God's people will be faultless only that they will be easily recognisable
    as his people by what they believe, teach and do.....debator/Reniaa

    JW`s constantly change their beliefs,or risk disfellowshipping..

    JW`s constantly change what they teach,or risk disfellowshipping..

    JW`s do what ever the WBT$ says,or risk disfellowshipping ..

    With their hopscotching back to the hebrew scriptures the greek scriptures would lose validity by your words......debator/Reniaa

    You have no education in Ancient Greek Language..

    I`ve read your debates with people that do..

    Your not smart enough to be quiet,when you don`t know what your talking about..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • isaacaustin

    Reniaa said:

    The Jews interpreted prophecy wrong all the time but it did not stop them being God's people. Jesus himself had to explain which prophecies he fulfilled concerning the Messiah, hundreds of them.

    My reply: LOL Sure. They didn't publish it, claim it was God's words and then demand everyone agree with it and preach it. The WT has. Even though you are not a JW Reniaa you are a false prophet, defending the world's biggest false prophet. And, by the Acts 1 they asked Jesus a question- they did not insst they knew the answers like the WT does.

  • bohm

    Debator: Your answer surprice me in its honesty. Can we go so far as to agree that the person who wrote that particular article in the Awake was misinterpreting prophecy, ie. he was expecting the end to come much sooner than it has turned out to be the case?

  • miseryloveselders

    Be easy on her Isaac, its the holidays man.

  • debator

    Hi jookbeard

    What you talk about is a world-wide problem! If you look at the stats you cannot walk down any street, or building or organisation without someone of that type being among them such is the world we live in.

    Jehovah can get rid of what our governments can only imprison or try to catch and that does not happen until after Armageddon!

    If you also want to blame God for this you forget the point of freewill. Humans cannot be forced to be good they have to come to understand why they have to live by God's standards of love otherwise all you are asking is that God just manipulates us like puppets and we will never learn.

  • isaacaustin

    My question remains I will answer it for you Reniaa.

    I asked why Jesus chose the WT in 1919 to be his earthly channel when they were still celebrating Christmas and using crosses (assuming they are wrong).

    The answer? He didn't! The WT claims that 2 of the facotrs that caused them to be allowed to be sent away into Babylonish captivity in 1918 were:

    “celebrating pagan holidays such as Christmas;”

    and use of the cross is mentioned. These are listed in Jehovah's Witness in the Divine Purpose, page 91. So Reniaa , since the Wt claims this made them unclean and got them sent away, they obviously were not then released from captivity and appointed earthly steward of God’s belongings in 1919 when they stayed unclean for at least 10 more years IN THE SAME ACTS THAT GOT THEM SENT AWAY. Fleshly Israel was freed from Babylonish captivity AFTER they gave up their wrong and idolatrous practices.

  • jookbeard

    but it's how the particular organization deals with the abuser, churches around the Globe are making extreme efforts in rooting out this problem yet The WTS almost welcomes them and uses an unbiblical 2 witness rule, your own GB had 2 homosexual members who abused and sodomized for decades in the house of jeehovah and were quietly shipped to the UK to continue their perverted lust until their deaths, if your God had ever chosen your organization he certainly would have removed himself from their favour decades ago. The WTS cant make the rules up as they go along it's either 1 rule for yourselves and all the "churches of Christendom" or none at all.

  • debator

    Hi bohm

    I am not going to quote a watchtower but when they are interpreting already written Bible prophecy They use the words "current understanding " which shows that the current understanding could change as time goes on because prophecy is the only Bible area where we have to look outside of the Bible for fulfilment.

    To say "mistake" is to say they put these down as absolutes but they have never made that claim on prophecy understanding.

    We as God's people agree on the current understanding as a people because we are simply told too by the Bible (Paul was specific on this). Division over intepretation would simply be going against the rule of non-division and to be in agreement that we have been given.

    I think that anyone that has left Witnesses over prophecy disgreement is foolish to say the least! given the Bible history on prophecies.

    Prophecies prepare us for Armageddon but there is no perfection of understanding expected of us on them. But to avoid using prophecies is suicide as Christendom shows because they lose the whole point of why we/mankind are given God's word and what our future is.

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