Please read and sign ... Grace had a scarey fall ...

by wannabefree 88 Replies latest jw friends

  • sd-7

    Oh my! Please do be careful. I wish you a quick recovery.

  • truthlover


    THe QVC or shopping channel have those cleats you can put on any type of shoe or boot.. I think Wal Mart have them too - they are cheap and help on ice and hard packed snow --

    Hope everything is fine - a fall like that can hurt for days

  • journey-on

    Take care of yourself, Grace! Extra precautions this time of year!

  • mouthy

    No I didn't get in touch with a DR!!I am just stiff for holding myself stiffly as I knew I was going down

    The post woman just showed me her shoes with all that "hardware" on em.No way could I walk in them.
    I have called about a "life line" I am considering it.
    The landlords of this apartment are 91 years old & 89 So they do the best
    they can in hiring folks to clear the snow but they have to wait for the guy to turn up.
    & the guy didnt turn up

    Thanks all of you for all your advice .....Will let you know when I have all I am going to get (HUG

  • wannaexit

    Gracie! take care Kiss Kiss

  • Violia

    Be careful out there. My mom fell many times before we had to put her in a a home. She once laid out in the backyard for hours before anyone was aware of it.


  • yesidid

    Although our Grace had a scary fall,

    It looks like she’s still not going back to the hall.

    Seems her body’s playing up,

    But her mind’s still the full cup.

    Best wishes, warm love, please be careful.


  • mouthy

    Hey your a poet
    did you know it LOL ???
    YesIdid is a real great kid

  • koolaid-man

    You can see you are well loved Mouthy,I hope you didn't do this for attention ........Only kidding, glad your ok.

  • mouthy

    But I have to be honestI LOVE the attentionThanks Koolaid

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